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Tender Bidding Support

We provide Tender Bidding Support for Supply of Medicine, 1545750 Amoxicillin A Clavulanic Acid B Oral Liquid 200 Mg A 28.5 Mg B5 Ml Amoxycillin 250 Mg Dt Tablet B Complex Syrup Bromhexin Hydrochloride- Oral Syrup 4 Mg5 Ml Calcium With Phosphorus Oral Liquid Carbamazepine Tablet 100 Mg Carbamazepine Tablets 200Mg Cefixime Oral Liquid 100 Mg5 Ml Cefixime Tablet 50Mg Dt Chlorpheniramine Tablet Ip 4Mg Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride Tablets Ip 500Mg Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride Tablets Ip 250Mg Dicyclomine Hci Drop 10 Mg Ml Domperidone 10 Mg Tablets Dried Aluminium Hydroxide Magnesium Hydroxide Activated Dimethicone Antacid 250 Mg250 Mg 50 Mg Per 5 Ml Levothyroxine Tablet 25 Mcg Mefenamic Acid Oral Liquid 100 Mg 5 Ml Mefenamic Acid Tablet 500 Mg Metformin Immediate And Controlled Release Tablet 1000 Mg Cr Metformin Immediate And Controlled Release Tablet 500 Mg Cr Metronidazole Tablet 200Mg Metronidazole Tablets Tablet 400Mg Montelukast Tablet 10 Mg Paracetamol Oral Liquid 250 Mg5ml Sodium Chloride Nasal Drop 0.9 Percent Ww Clotrimazole Ear Drop 1Percent Wv 5 Ml Moxifloxacilin Eye Drop 0.5 Wv

» Get complete Support to submit Tender Bid.
» Support in Bidding Online and upload your Bids on the department Portal.
» Support in documentation and Vendor Registration.
» Checking Eligibility Criteria
» Support in Technical as well as Financial Bid.
» Tender Document.

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