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Tender Bidding Support

We provide Tender Bidding Support for Supply of Industrial Natural Safe Hand Cleaner In 200Gms. Packing Either Plastic Can Or Refill Pouch With Screw Cap With The Following Specification: 1 Easy To Use. 2 It Should Be Non Flammable, Solvent Free, Non Abrasive And Non Toxic, 3 No Hazards To The Environment, 4 To Remove Various Substance Like Solvents, Thinner, Petrol, Diesel, All Types Of Enamel Paints, Red Oxide, Resins, Dust, Adhesives, Lubricating Oils, Dirt, Varnish, 5 Odour-Orange Flavour, 6 Products Should Have Minimum Shelf Life Of One Year At The Time Of Supply, 7 Manufacturing Date Must Be Within One Month Before The Date Of Supply. Make: Reinol, Mokleen Or Safe & Clean Only. Note: 1 One Sample To Be Got Approved Before Effecting Bulk Supply. 2 Item To Be Supplied Within 20 Days From The Date Of Issue Of Purchase Order. Warranty Period: 12 Months After The Date Of Delivery

» Get complete Support to submit Tender Bid.
» Support in Bidding Online and upload your Bids on the department Portal.
» Support in documentation and Vendor Registration.
» Checking Eligibility Criteria
» Support in Technical as well as Financial Bid.
» Tender Document.

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