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Check your eligibility criteria for tender Supply And Installation Of Lab Equipments And Material -Vernier Caliper Digital , External Micrometer Digital, External Micrometer Rangemanual , Internal Micrometer Rangedigital , Dial Gauge Metric Systemwith Magnetic Stand Plunger Type , Telescopic Gauge Set , Bore Gauge, Feeler Gauge Metric , Straight Edge, Divider, Inside Caliper, Outside Caliper, Torque Wrench Set , Digital Multi Meter- 0 To 1000 Ohms, 2.5 To 500 V, Hydrometer, Depth Gauge Range, Bevel Gauge , Battery Charger - 6 Amp 12 Volt, Tyre Pressure Gauge Hand Held, Digital - 0-120 Psi , Hydrolic Jack Trolley Type - 2 Ton, Maintanance Tools Fasteners , Nuts- Hex Nut, Castle Nut, Wing Nut, Locking Nut, Lug Nut, Speed Nut Suitable Size, Studs, Screws- Machine Screws, Sheet Metal Screws, Washers - Flat Washer, Lock Washer , Roll-Pins/Spring-Pins, C - Clips- Internal And External , General Purpose Tools - Double Ended Spanner Set, Ring Spanner Set- General Purpose Tools - Double Ended Spanner Set , Socket Spanner Set With, 20 Sockets , T- Handle , Extension Rod, Ratchet Handle , Rotating Union - Universal Joint, Side Cutting Plier , Round Nose Plier , Flat Nose Plier, Ball Peen Hammer With Handle- 500 Grams, Cross Peen Hammer With Handle - 200 Grams, Screw Driver, Phillips Screw Driver, Hacksaw Frame Fixed, Hacksaw Blades , Cold Chisel Flat , Allen Key Set, Oil Cane - 500 Ml, File Flat Bastard, File Square Rough , File Flat Smooth 2Nd Cut, File Rasp Cut- 300 Mm, Emery Paper/Cloth , Chassie Frame Lmv Olddiesel - With Cross Members. Mounted With Engine, Clutch, Gear Box, Rear Axle, Front Axle, Propeller Shaft And Steering Gear Box With Wheels, Motorized , Cut Model Of Any Engine Mpfi Old, Motorized - 4 Cylinders, 1.2 L Cap, Power Approx. 80 Kw, With Electronic Fuel Pump, Impeller Type, Water Pump, Catridge Type Filters, Alternator, Self Starter Compressor Thermostat , Live Axle Assly With Differential And Final Drive / Cut Model Of Same, Mounted On Stand - Differential Bevel Geared, Trunion, Tail Pinion, , Crown Wheel Splined Axle Shaft, Hub Assly, Opposed Type Taper Roller Bearing, Dead Axle Assly With Stub Axle Mounted On Stand , Components Of Suspension System - Leaf Spring Front And Rear, Centre Bolt, Shackle Bracket, Hanger Bracket, U Clamp, Shackle Pin, Cut Model Of Shock Absorber - Telescopic Type, Components Of Steering System. , Air Brake System With Compressor , Mechanical Brake Assembly - Pedal, Linkage, Cam & Brake Shoe, Mounted On A Board, Hydraulic Brake Assembly - Master Cylinder, Servovacuum/Pressure, Wheel Cylinder, Pipe Lines, , Components Of Automobile Electrical System , Different Coloured Automobile Cables- Brown, Yellow, White, Green, Blue, Black , Cooling System Components Mounted On A Board - Radiator, Water Pump, Cooling Fan, V – Belt, Thermostat Valve And Hoses., Lubrication System Components - Strainer, Oil Pump, Prv, Compressor , Gearbox Old And Clutch Assembly Cut Section - Synchromesh, 5 Speed , Fuse - 5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, Projector With Screen With Usb Port, Working Bench , Bench Vice , Table , Chair , Almirah Steel , Hand Grinder 5 - 5000 Rpm, Grease Gun- Small, Mallet Hammer- 500 Grams, Screw Gauge, Center Punch, Automotive Puncture Repair Kit , Alignment Gauge Manual , First Aid Kit - With General First Aide Things , Fire Extinguisher- Abc Type For Vocational Education Lab Automative

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