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Check your eligibility criteria for tender Supply of Fd Warming Sys,Supply of wall mounted steel panel radiators of Heat output of 3200 kcal per hr , Supply of vertical fire tube boilers Heat output of 50000 kcal per hr , Supply of anti freeze coolent , Supply of Fuel Burner wth the heat out put of 35KW per hr , Supply of expansion tank PVC 200Ltr capacity , Supply of Single phase monobloc or Gland less pump , Supply of Chimney of MS which will be of a dia of 4 inch , Supply of fuel tank of PVC having the capacity of 200Ltr , Provision of PPR pipe of different diameters 20MM and 32MM of Pn16 , Supply of 25 mm thick glass wool , Supply of vertical fire tube boilers with and incl burner having capacity of 5 KW per hr , Supply of Service cable PVC insulated aluminium conductor 10 Sqmm 2 Core , Distribution box 4 way SPN , MCB SPN 240 Volts 32 Amps , MCB SP 6 to 32 Amps , PVC tape 19mm wide 5 m long , Cable PVC insulated electric cables 1.5 Sqmm single core , Cable PVC insulated electric cables 4 Sqmm single core , PVC casing capping of size 3 by 4 Medium Grade , Switch Piano 5 Amp 230 Volts Flush type one way , LED Tube light fittings 15W 230V box type 4 feets , Screw full thread 6 x 19 mm ISI , PVC switch board 7 inch x4 inch , PVC switch board 10 inch x 8 inch , PVC L bend and T junction joint , Switch socket combination15 Amp 230 Volts , Service bracket 40mm dia , Cement 43 Grade OPC packed in HDPE bag each 50 Kg , Coarse sand free from vegetative materials , Coarse aggregate 20mm graded , Coarse Aggregate 40mm graded , Hardcore 63 to 90mm , Mild steel framed work , Mild Steel Bars of size 6 to 8mm dia , Mild Steel Bars of size 10 mm and above dia , Pre painted galvalume aluminium zinc coating of size 10 feet x 3 fet , Pre painted galvalume aluminium zinc coating steel sheet 0.50 mm thick , Mild steel self drilling screw , Synthetic Paint enamelled Black , Painting Brush 3 inch , MS nut and bolt of length 100 mm fully thread suitable for 10 mm dia nuts and washers , MS nut and bolt , Iron welding rod confirming , MS Binding Wire

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