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Check your eligibility criteria for tender Supply Of Store Items - Room Freshener, Colin, Black Hit And Red Hit Lime Fresh, Handwash Liquid, All Out Refill, All Out Machine With Refill, Odonill, Naphthalene Ball Pack, Phenyl Plastic Bottle, Eveready Cell Aa, Eveready Cell Aaa, Sik Jhadu, Phooljhadu, Cotton Towel White, Cotton Hand Towel White, Borosil Glass Medium 6 Glass Set, Borosill Glass Cut Glass Set, Door Mat 2X3, Tea Thermos, Cello/Milton, Electric Tea Kettle Cello/Milton, Computer Mouse Intex, Computer Kay Board Intex, Mosquito Bat Rocket Rechargeable, Wireless Bell Cona/ Anchor, Extension Board 3 Meters, Anchor, Crompton, Bajaj, Calculator Casio, Electric Bell Ding Dong Anchor/Crompton, Handwash Soap, Tea Tray White, Big, Tea Tray White, Medium, Wall Watch Ajanta/ Orpad, Door Stoper Steel, Plastic Balti, Plastic Mug Medium, Tea Coaster Set Of 5 Nos, Door Closer Lron Body, Tea Setborosil 6 Cup With Plate Tea Kettle Glass, Spoon Medium Size Set, Chini Cup Plate Set Chini Cup Plate Set, Dishwash Cleaning Powder 01 Kg., Mouse Pad, Plate White Quarter, Plate White Half, Plate White Full, Tissuepaper/Boxorigaml, Daffodil, Care, Premier, Century, Lieora, Sugar Bowl, Sugar Tongs Steel, Lock, Key Medium Silver, Automatic Room Freshener Machine With Refill Godrej Aer, Automatic Room Fresheners Refill Godrej Aer, Room Freshener Jaismin Liquid, Rechargeble Cell Rechargeble Cell, Alkaline Battery 23A 12V., Cr-P2 Lithym Battery, 9 V. Lithym Battery, Electric Tap Black, 100 Volt. Bulb Bajaj, Switch 5 Amp., Socket 5Amp., Power Palak 15 Amp. Combined Board, Modular Switch 5Amp., Modular Switch 15Amp., Modular Socket 5Amp., Modular Socket 15Amp., Bouquet 35 Rose Wrapped With Silver Foil, Name Plate Acp Sheet Black And Golden Colour, Adopter Mobile, Led Bulb 9 Watt., Led Tubelight Complete Led Tubelight 20 Watt., Water Bottle Hot And Cold 1 Litre Cello/ Miltom

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