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Check Eligibility Criteria

Check your eligibility criteria for tender Supply of 636 Inj Aciloc Inj Vetalgin Inj Ammoxirum Fort 300 Inj Prednisolone 10 Ml Tab Cflox Oz Drip Set Superior Spray Alluspray Inj Intacef Tazo 562 Dispovan Syringe 10 Ml Dispovan Syringe 5 Ml Dispovan Syringe 2 Ml Liq Gripptol Tab Ezypet Liq Butox 1 Ltr Inj Neomac 100 Ml Inj Normal Saline 500 Inj Dns 500 Inj Rl 500 Bandage 6 Inch Inj Enrocin Long Acting Inj Tribivet M Inj Tribivet Liq T T Oil Powder Potassium Permanganate D Mag Spray Alluspray 210 Ml Liq Betadine 10 Percent Powder Betaidine Neosporin Inj Dcr 20 Lakn Unit Ointment Betadine Surgical Mask Examination Glove Surgical Gloves Surgical Draped Green Cloth Hand Sanitiser Superior Savlon Hand Wash Sachet Ors Cotton 500 Gm

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