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GeM Registration

GeM Registration for tender Supply of Naval Store Items, 5023 Brush Sweeping Hand Soft Broom Cloth Stocknite Or Mutton Cloth Broom Country Supper Mop Refils Cleaner White Toilet Polish Metal Brass Duster Cloth A Cloth Sponge 14 Inchx16 Inch Feather Broom Phool Jhadu Grease Ep 2 Corrosion Inhibitor Nalcol 2000 05 Ltrs Pack Polythene Film Length 12 Inch Width 18 Inch Thk 0.007 Jerry Cans 20 Ltrs Cans Plastics 10 Ltrs Torch Case Plastics 2 Or 3 Or 4 Cells Varnish Bag Gunny 27 Inch X 21 Inch Dura Cell 1.5 Alkaline Battery Ncml Solution Oxalic Acid Hand Wash Liquid Steel Cleaning Liquid Spin Mop Set Wiper Long Handle Brush With Long Handle Scrubber With Handle Abrasive Cleaning Pad Or Scrabber Pad Envelope Cloth Coated 12 Inch X 16 Inch Envelope Cloth Coated 10 Inch X 14 Inch Envelope Cloth Coated 9Inchx 12 Inch Envelope Size 10 Inch X14 Inch Envelope Size 6 Inch X12 Inch Envelope Size 4 Inch X10 Inch Mosquito Repellent Gel Mosquito Repellent Machine With Liquid Refill For Automatic Air Freshner 250 Ml

» Get complete Support to submit Tender Bid.
» Support in Bidding Online and upload your Bids on the department Portal.
» Support in documentation and Vendor Registration.
» Checking Eligibility Criteria
» Support in Technical as well as Financial Bid.
» Tender Document.

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