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Ref. No #32081149 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Items -Wonder Tape 2 Inch, Wiper Long Handle, Wet Surface Putty, Varnish Touch Wood, Tube Florescent Led Cfl, Torch Cell 1 And Half V Medium Size, Teflon Tape, Tape Transparent 2 Inch, Tape Transparent 1 Inch, Tape Insulation 25 Steel Grip, Spray Hand Liquid Insecticide, Soap Toilet Liquid, Scrubber With Handle, Safety Gloves Cloth, Room Freshener Room Spray, Metal Polish Brass 100 Ml, Photo Copier Paper 210 Mm X 325 Full Scape, Photo Copier 210 Mm X 297 Mm A4, Paper Napkin, Paint Roller 7 Inch, Paint Roller 6 Inch, Paint Roller 4 Inch, Paint Brush 4 Inch, Paint Brush 2 Inch, Naphthalene Balls, Plastic Mug, M Seal, Lamp Cfl Led, Hand Wash Liquid, Hand Towel, Glass Cleaner 500 Ml, Fibre Dust Brush, Feather Broom Phool Jhadu, Envelope Size 6 X 12, Envelope Size 4 X 10, Envelope Size 10 X 14, Envelope Cloth Coated 12 X 16, Envelope Cloth Coated 10 X 14, Envelope Cloth Coated 9 X 12, Duster Cloth, Dustbin, Door Mat Floor Mat Mat Floor Synthetic Size Small 18 Inch X 24 Inch, Distilled Water, Disinfectant Fluid White Black Phenol, Detergent Powder, Deodorizer Refill For Ship Head 8 X 3 Cm, Cotton Waste, Cotton Rags, Corrosion Inhibitor, Cloth Stockinette Mutton Cloth, Cloth Sponge, Jubilee Clip 3 Inch, Cleaning Liquid For Utensils, Cleaning Bar For Utensils 500 Gms, Cleaner White Toilet, Can Plastic 10 Ltrs, Candle Wax, Brush With Long Handle, Brush Sweeping Hand, Brown Sheet Laminated, Broom Country, Battery Aa One And Half V, Bag Gunny, Biodegradable Garbage Bag Gash Bags, Antirust Spray, Paper 230 Mm X 280 Mm, Cleaning Pad Scrubber Pad

Tamil Nadu
Due Date
16 Jul, 2024
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