Abutment Ring Tenders

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Ref. No #31805038 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Spares - Assembly Front Sp, 89517 Clip Sp, 97932 Sp Pivot Pin, 912593 Bush Pivot End, 6116220 Plain Washer M16, 27524 Wheel Bea Spindle, 27525 Bush Frt Axle Shaft, 27526 Oil Seal Front Axle Shaft, 82597 Disc Brake, 0502Ca0080n Oil Seal Wheel Hub, 19407 Kit Brg 0052880 0917773, 29976 Spacer Wheel Bea 27 Point 600, 0703Dad06340n Shim 2 Point 20, 19406 Kit Brg 925446 925447, 000A865 Wheel Brg Lock Washer, 649778 Axle Shaft Snap Outer, 97877 Front Wheel Hub, 99825 Toothed Lockwasher, 0401Ba1550n Bushing Stabilizer Bar, 97964 Bushing, 27532 Dust Shield Front Axle 4Wd, 27510 Upper Ball Joint, 27511 Lower Ball Joint, 0603Baa01381n Caliper Assy Front Rh, 0603Baa01391n Caliper Assy Front Lh, 29726 Leaf Sp Assy Rear, 0502Ca0070n Dust Shield Hub Rear, 0502Ca0180n Oil Seal Axle Shaft Outer, 0603Baa0026kt Brake Pad Assy Kit, 0602Bab05700n Wheel Cylinder Assembly 25 Point 4 Mm, 0602Bab06380n Kit Lined Shoe Without Hbl, 0602Ba3301n Push Rod Assy Rh, 0602Ba3291n Push Rod Assy Lh, 0602Bb1700n Sp W C End Lh Upper, 0602Bb1710n Sp W C End Rh Upper, 0602Bab03480n Sp Shoe Return End, 0602Bab03490n Sp Auto Adjuster Lever, 0607Aab02231n Brake Booster With 254 Standout, 0605Aa0220n Cable Parking Brake Frt, 0605Ba0341n Cable Parking Brake Rear, 11631 Brake Hoseassy, 89458 Tube Rear Tee To Wheel Lh, 97639 Brk Tube Rr Tee To Wheel Rh, 11639 Tee Rear 3 Way, 28630 Brake Hose Frt, 0606Caa18720n Tube Sec To Rear Hose Part Ii, 0801Caa01541n Clutch Cover Assembly, 0801Baa01891n Clutch Disc Assembly, 0802Caa03740n Clutch Release Bea, 0315Bab00151n Spacer Speed Sensor, 0802Ca0861n Assy Clutch Slave Cylinder, 0802Caa07860n Clutch High Pressure Pipe, 0606Daa00101n Switch Stop Lamp Brake Actuation, 99806 Tie Rod Socket Assembly Right M18, 99998 Stee Dampner, 0501Caa00161n Universal Joint Assy, S0305d020021n Filter Element Catridge With O , 1001Dab01380n Main Line Fuel Tank To Filter, 1001Dab01440n Return Line Fuel Tank, 1001Dab01430n Fuel Line Filter To Fip, 0305Dab00660n Leak Off Assy Fuel Contr Unit, 0305Dab00630n Leak Off Pipe Fuel Injection Pump, 1001Faa00611n Feed Pump Fuel Tank Module, S1001c050101n Fuel Level Sensor, 0903Baa00951n Gasket Exhaust, 0305Gab00210n Gasket Turbocharger Outlet, 0315Cbf00121n Sensor Temperature T5, 0309Gab00261n Hose Delta Pressure Line Downstream, 0309Gab00010n Delta Pressure Line Upstream Assembly, 0315Cau00211n Sensor Lambda, 0315Cau00241n Sensor Temperature T4, 0313Aab03061n Air Filter Element, 0315Cab00061n Hfm Sensor, 0303Bam00350n Oil Filter Sogefi, 1801Faa04271n Fuse 10A, 1801Faa04261n Fuse 15A, 1801Faa04281n Fuse 30A, 1801Faa04291n Fuse 60A, 1801Faa04301n Fuse 100A, 1801Daa01641n Starter Relay, 1801Daa01631n Ecu Main Relay, 1801Daa01651n Fuel Pump Relay, 17000A0060n Bulb H4 12V 55 60W, 1701Aa2071n Assy Head Lamp Lh, 1701Aa2081n Assy Head Lamp Rh, 17000A0090n Bulb 12V 5W, 17000A0070n Bulb 12V 21W Amber Colour, 17000A0281n Rear Combination Lamp Rh, 17000A0291n Rear Combination Lamp Lh, 17000A0011n Bulb 12V 21W, 17030A0080n Bulb 12V 5 21W, 0302Dam0021kt Kit Gasket Overhauling, 0304Aab01151n Radiator Assy, 0304Fab00720n Shroud Radiator, 1102Dcc00011n Power Stee Pump Assy Hyd, 93811 Insulator Muffler Mtg, 98776 Stee Gear Assy, 0501Aaa05381n Propeller Shaft Assy Rear, 0501Aa1641n Prop Shaft Assy Front, 0307Cb0471n Starter Motor Bosch Gear Reduction, 0703Aa0580n Tf T18 Assy Ngt520 Speedo 6 X 18

Himachal Pradesh
Due Date
17 Jun, 2024
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