Accelerator Wire Tenders

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Ref. No #31736894 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Itbp Govt Vehicle Spare Parts - Axle Oil Seal Front Tata 1212 Truck, Front Hub Bearing Spacer Sim Tata 1212 Truck, P No 275225400110 Clutch Release Bearing Tata 1212 Truck, Bonnet Catch Rubber Tata 1212 Truck, Door Trim With Butten Tata 1212 Truck, Cable 1212 Truck, Part No 263243910174 Brake Chamber Kit Rear Tata 1212 Truck, Water Pump Tata 1212 Truck, Brake Light Switch Tata 1212 Truck, Fuel Pipe Filter To Pump Tata 1212 1613 Truck, Roof Parking Light Assy Tata 1212 Truck, Side Parking Light Tata 1212 1613 Truck, Fuel Flexible Pipe Tata 1212 Truck, Part No 2806 4371 0102 Brake Chamber Kit Front Tata 1212 1613 Truck, Part No 275225200106 Clutch Plate Tata 1212 Truck, Part No 275225400105 Pressure Plate Tata 1212 Truck, Booster Pipe Tata 1212 Truck, Outer Roof Parking Light 1512 Bus, Check Nut Rear 1512 Bus, Air Filter Tata 407 Truck, Water Pump Assy Tata 407 Truck, Brake Shoe Rear Tata 407 Truck Lining With Rivets, Center Bolt Front Tata 407 Truck, Center Bolt Rear Tata 407 Truck, Fan Belt Tata 407 Truck, Check Nut Patti Rear Tata 407 Truck, Check Nut Patti Front Tata 407 Truck, Check Nut Rear Tata 407 Truck, Check Nut Front Tata 407 Truck, Bonnet Cable Tata 407 Truck, Tie Rod Tata 407 Truck, Brake Master Cly Tata 407 Truck, Clutch Master Cly Kit Major Tata 407 Truck, Part No 264142100148 Brake Booster Front Tata 709 Truck, Part No 270742300101 Brake Booster Rear Tata 709 Truck, Clutch Cly Upper Tata 709 Truck, Part No 252313105302 Compressor Head Plate Packing Tata 709 Truck, Fan Belt Tata 709 Truck, Master Cly Tata 410 Ambulance, Brake Master Cly Sml Bus T 3500, Brake Lining Sml Bus T 3500, Wheel Cly Assy Front Right Sml Truck, Wheel Cly Assy Front Left Sml Truck, Brake Master Cly 4 By 4 Sml Truck, Brake Vacum Booster Sml Truck T-3500, Side Mirror Sml, Front Indicator Assy Sml, Head Light Relay 12 Volt Sml, Brake Light Switch Sml, Wheel Bearing Inner Sml, Wheel Bearing Outer Sml, Head Light Assy Sml, Brake Master Cly 4 By 4 Sml Bus, Trim Head Light Assy Sml, Brake Master Cly 4 By 4 Sml Bus, Trim Pad With Button Sml Truck T3500, Brake Booster 4 By 4 Sml T 3500, Ingnation Switch Sml T 3500, Wipper Motor 12 Volt Sml Truck T 3500, Wipper Linkage Sml Truck T 3500, Flexible Pipe Sml Truck T 3500, Thermostat Valve Sml T 3500, Clutch Release Bearing Mahindra Bus, Air Filter Mahindra Bus, Wiper Blade Mahindra Bus, Diesel Filter Mahindra Bus, Oil Filter Mahindra Bus, U J Cross Mahindra Bus, Diesel Filter Mahindra Scorpio S10, Oil Filter Mahindra Scorpio S10, Diesel Filter Body Assy Mahindra Scorpio S10, Brake Dick Pad Mahindra Scoripo S10, Brake Shoe Raer Mahindra Scorpio S10, Front Wheel Hub Bearing Mahindra Scorpio S10, Brake Disc Pad Front Tata Safari, Brake Disc Pad Rear Tata Safari, Suspension Bush Kit Mahindra Bolero, Cliper Assy Maruti Gypsy, Brake Master Cly Maruti Gypsy, Brake Pipe Front Maruti Gypsy, Injector Maruti Gypsy, Spark Plug Maruti Gypsy, Oil Filter New Holand Tractor, Diesel Filter New Holand Tractor, Sky Blue Paint 01 Ltr Pack, Red Oxide Paint 01 Ltr Pack, White Paint 01 Ltr Pack, Chassis Paint 01 Ltr Pack, Red Paint 01 Ltr Pack, Screw 01 Inch, Writing Bursh, Painting Bursh 2 Inch, Siron, Grey Putty, Body Sholder, Police Sticker Heavy Vehicle, Police Sticker Light Vehicle, Police Sticker Meduim Vehicle, Tectical Number For Vehicle, Formation Sign Heavy Vehicle, Formation Sign Light Vehicle, Formation Sign Medium Vehicle, Bridg Classification Sticker Heavy 12, Bridg Classification Sticker Medium 5, Bridg Classification Sticker Light 3, L T 1 Mm, L T One Point Five Mm, Bulb Single Filament 12 Volt 1141 No, Bulb Double Filament 12 Volt 1016 No, Parking Bulb 12 Volt 67 No, Bulb Single Filament 24 Volt, Bulb Parking 24 Volt, Fog Light Bulb 12 Volt, Fog Light 24 Volt, Head Light Bulb 12 Volt 100 110 Wat, Head Light Bulb 24 Volt, Reflective Tape Yellow 50 Mtrs Each Roll, Reflective Tape Red 50 Mtrs Each Roll, Reflective Tape White 50 Mtrs Each Roll, Pipe Connector, Plastic Tripal 18 Feet By 20 Feet Hdp, Plastic Rope 8 Mm, Flasher 12 Volt, Flasher 24 Volt, Thimble Male And Female

Due Date
01 Jun, 2024
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