Acetylene Gas Cylinder Tenders

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Ref. No #25550681 State Government Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Cotton Cloth Various Colour, Printed Cloth Vari0us Colour, Sifon Cloth Chiffon Cloth, Sotton Clothred And Black, Faal Various Colour, Reel Various Colour, Needle Threder, Argandi Cloth Red Green Yellow Pink, Show Butten, Cloth For Pant, Cloth For Shirt, Chain, Las 5 Inch, Febric Colour, Poster Colour, Chart Paper Pink Black Blue Yellow Green, Pesting Bukrum, Pencil Rubur Cutter, A4 Size Paper, Machine Oil, Bobin Case, Fur Cloth Brown White Red, Fint Cloth Brown White Red, Balti, Tub 50Ltr, Jug Mug, Dustbin, Towel, Pen Red Blue Black, Colour Sketch, Pilot Pen Blue Red Green, Marker Permanent, White Board Marker, Pendrive 32Gb, Stepler Big Small, Febric Glue 500Ml, Kadhai Wala Dhaga Mix, Net Cloth Designed, Febric Glue, Patch Different Size, Non Dust Chalk, Duster, Scale 12 Inch, Whitener, Cello Tape, Dusting Cloth, Short Hand Pencil, Shot Hand Note Book, Eraser, Sharpner, Scale, Pilot Pen Blue, Parda Blue Colour 4X5, Parda Blue Colour 6X4, Table Cover, File Cover, Extension Board, Corbon Paper, Ross Water, Cotton, Astrigent, Massage Cream, Telcom Powder, Threding Dhaga, Wax Strip, Hot Wax, Detol Liquid, Handwash, Mild Shampoo, Hydrogen Paroxide, Pumic Stone, Ditergent Powder Ariel, Manicure Tub, Padicure Tub, Porlour Ammonia, Bleeching Cream, Hair Remover Cream, Facial Band, Facial Kit Lotus Vlcc, Aroma Gold Facial Kit, Anti Aging Kit Melasma, Skin Brightening Cream, Clinsing Milk, Scrub Cream, Face Pack Neem Rose Sendal, Suns Cream Lotus Mamarth Volamena, Under Eye Dark Circle Cream Damituch, Telcomb, Stylish Comb, Small Bowl Glass Plastic, Nailcutter, Towel Long, Bleech Brush, Manicure Kit Vlcc, Padicure Kitvlcc, Kumkum Bindi Different Colour, Bindi Sticker Different Size, Hair Serum Garniar, Hair Oil Amla 500Ml, Alovera Gel 200Gm, Makeup Kit Water Proof Lipstick Maskaralinear, Nail Polish Remover, Thred Different Colour, Melton Chalk, Scissor Plastic Handle, Water Colour, Legel Size Paper, A3 Paper, Towel Big, Use And Throw Pen Blue Black, Gel Pen Blue Black, Register 3 Quire, Pendrive 16Gb, Pendrive 64Gb, Ups, Calculator Big, Correction Pen, Marker Pen Black Blue, Dot Pen, Gum Bottle Camel 100Ml, Gum Tube Camel, Envelope A4 Size, Envelope Small Size, Pencil, High Lighter Green Red Yellow, Inkpad, Paper Basket, Scale Plastic, Scale Steel, Computer Key Board Hp, Plastic Chair, Wall Watch, File Folder, Blank Cd, Plastic Sutali, Dormet, Tag Lachchhi, Usb Mobile Lead, Suja With Handle, Old Dhoti, Lock, Mota Dhaga, Register 6 Qouire, Knife, R 22 s, R 134A , , Condenser 50 Uf 40Uf 4Uf 6Uf 2.5Uf, Pcb Kit Window Ac, Pcb Kit Split Ac

Uttar Pradesh
Due Date
27 Sep, 2022
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