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Supply Of Spares - Add on Block 2 NO, 2NC, URV Contactor 9 Amp. , SMPS 24V DC , SMPS 5 V DC, BMO PCB, 7 Segment Display Relay Board , 7 Segment Display Relay Board, VMVF2 , Transformer T 500, Brake Liners for TM 40 Machine (Set), LOP Button UP with PCB Industrial Type, LOP Button DN with PCB Industrial Type, LOP Button UP with PCB Slim Type, LOP Button DN with PCB Slim Type, Acralic film for LOP display, COP button Industrial Type mark G, COP button Industrial Type mark G, COP button slim type mark G, DO DC button Industrial type, DO DC button slim type, Fan Switch Industrial type, Fan Switch slim type, Auto / Attendant key switch slim type, Door Track Roller, Eccentric Roller , Door guide shoe, Reed Switch fin type, Door Sensor Complete Set , DBR , Guide Shoe Liner - 16 MM, Guide Shoe Liner - 10 MM, CWT guide Shoe - 10 MM, LOP double digit pcb, Alarm PCB, Coupler Sket LH , URJV Relay with Base , Relay base , Capacitor 470 mfd , D locking key, PFARD , CT Contactor -18 Amp., VFVR2B ASSY, APCLD , Brake Coil TM40 , Door beak roller, Fermator Drive , APEX-1 , APEX-2 , Fermator motor , Fermator door drive Belt, Car Fan, Door Lock contact female, Door lock contact male, Limit Switch (ECE) 2A, hoist way limit switch , Door drive Pully (single tooth), Synchrimision rope 1000 MM Opening, Synchrimision rope 800 MM Opening, CT Contactor- 22 Amp., VFVR1 , Inverter Board for on ARD, KDS Controller mother board, CT Contactor -22 Amp., Coupler Sket RH, PU 10 , WDT , DI D1, 3, 4, DO 1,2,3, VFVRM Relay , For 6 Nos. Ece Make Elevators Installed In Main Plant For Unit 5 And 6 Csctpp, Chhabra

Due Date
29 Sep, 2022
20.46 Lacs