Adhesive Vinyl Sheet Tenders

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Ref. No #25611555 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply of Pipe And Fitting, Pipe Clip, Pipe Clip Jointer 1 Inch And Half Inch, 100 Mm Pipe Clip, 100 Mm Single Door, 100 Mm Single Tee, 100 Mm Socket Plug, 100 Mm Swr Coupler, 100 Mm 10 Ft Pipe D Socket, 100 Mm 45 Bend, 100 Mm 75 Mm 100 Mm Jwd Red Tee, 1000 Mm Solvent Bottle, 100 87.5 Bend, 110 Mm 10 Ft Pipe Socket Jmt Upyc, 110 Mm 10 Ft Pipe Socket, 2 Core Flesible Copper Wire 5 Mtr, 240 Amps 4 P On Load Changeover Switch Inco, 250 Amps 40 Mccb 36Ka, 45 Degree Elbow Pvc 1 Inch, 45 Degree Elbow Pvc 2 Inch, 75 Mm Pipe Clip, 75 Mm X 10 Ft Pipe S. Socket Jmt Upyc, Acid Proof Flooring, Adopterbrass 1 Inch, Adopter Pvc 2 Inch, Adopter Pvc1 Inch, Adopterbrass 2 Inch, Angle 1 And Half Inch One And Half Inch 3 Half Sixteen Ms Iron, Angle 1 Inch Into 1 Inch Into 1 Bta 8 Inch Ms Iron, Angle 2 Inch Into 2 Inch Into 3 Batta 16 Inch Ms Iron, Ball Cock Set, Ball Valves 15 Mm, Ball Valves 20 Mm, Ball Valves 25 Mm, Basin Coupling, Bathroom Fittings, Box Water Pump, Brush For Flooring, Bush One Inch To Half Inch, Bush Two Inch Into One Inch, Bush Two Inch Into Half Inch, Carpenter Set, Cement, Cement White, Concealed Valve, Elbow 1 Inch Pvc 90 Degree, Extn Nippal 1 Inch, Fate Wall 2 Inch 1 Inch And One And Half Inch Plumbing, Gym Solution For Flooring, Hard Wood Floor 5M5m, Helipad Lighting Assy Consisting Of Base, Hex Stainless Steel Trus 1235Mm, Kt Hand Ware Solution, L Joint 1 Inch Pvc, L Joint 2 Inch Pvc, Packing Tape, Pendent Holder And 2 Pin Plug With Holder, Pick Axe, Pipe Clip N Pvc, Pipe Clip U Pvc, Piler Cock, Pipe Fitting Kit, Pipe Joining Glue, Plain Tape For Wash Basin Tape, Pop 10 Bag, Pvc Pipe 1 Inch Dia 20 Ft Length, Pvc Tank Nipple 1 Inch, Pvc Bends And Joints, Pvc Drain Pipe And Urinal Pot, Pvc Drain Pipe 2 Inch, Pvc Elbow 4 Inch, Pvc Gate Value 1 Inchdia, Pvc Insulated Wire 90 Mtr Green Or Black, Pvc Insulated Wire 90 Mtr Red, Pvc Joint 1 Inch, Pvc Pipe 2 Inch Dia 20Ft Length, Pvc 6 Ft Into 4 Ft, Pvc Tank Nipple 2 Inch, Pvc Union 2 Inch, Sink Ss, Rivets, Fubber Pipe For Jointing, Screw, 2 / 104, Bhalf Inch 100 Pc In A Packet, Screw 2 Inch 50 Pc In A, Packet, Screw 1 Inch 100 Pc In A Packet, Ms 8Ft Into 4Ft Into 18 Swg, Ms 8Ft Into 4Ft Into 22 Swg, Shower Arm, Shower Hand, Shower Head, Socket 1 Inch, Socket 2 Inch, Solvent Cement, Spade With Handle, Stainer For Wash Basin, Sut Gola, Taps Top Quality, Tee For Joining Pipe Two Inch, Teflon Tape, Tin s 6X4 Into 8X4 Ft, T-Iron Angle 12 Ft For Fancing, Token Box, Touch Wood Polish, Urinal Pot, Vintl Flooring, Cutter, Wash Basin, Wash Basin Piller Cock, Wash Basin Ss M, Washer, Waste Coupling, Waste Pipe For Wash Basin, Water Connection Pipe, Water Pipe For Urinal Pot, Water Pump Electrical 1 Hp, Water Tape Steel, Water Tape Plastic, Triple Layer Pvc Water Tank 500 Ltr, Triple Layer Pvc Water Tank 1000 Ltr, 20 Mm Dia Pvc Float Value, Cpvc Tank Nipple 20 Mm, Cpvc Union 20 Mm, Cpvc Ball Value 20 Mm, Cpvc Tee 20 Mm, Cpvc Socket 20 Mm, Cpvc Bend 20 Mm, Cpvc Reduction Tee 20 Mm To 15 Mm, Cpvc Brass Elbow 15 Mm, Cpvc Brass Tee 15 Mm, Cvpc Union 15 Mm, Cvpc Tee 15 Mm, Cvpc Socket 15 Mm, Cpvc Bend 15 Mm, Ms Iron Hook For Pipe, Cpvc Brass Socket 15 Mm Female Thread, Cpvc Brass Socket 15 Mm Male Thread, Conclead Stop Value For Shower, Shower Rose 100 Mm Dia, Shower Arm 300 Mm Long Stainless Steel, Bathroom Mixer, Angle Value 15 Mm, 450 Mm Long Pvc Connection, Wall Hung Wash Basin, Wash Basin Mixer, Looking Mirror 450Mm 550Mm, Stainless Steel Soap Dish, Ewc Super Constellations With Cistern, Lid, Seatcover, Helath Faucet, Pvc Waste Pipe 32Mm Dia, Mild Steel Brackets For Whb Cistern, Cp Extension Nipple 150Mm Eh, Bib Tip Long Body, Cp Toilet Paper Holder, Stainless Steel Six Peg Hook, Cp Towel Rod 600Mm, Cp Towel Rack, Pvc Cabinet, Stainless Steel 100Mm Dia Floor Jali, Tumbler Stand, For Cpvc Pipe, Cpvc Pipe 20 Mm, Cpvc Pipe 15 Mm, Sink Mixer, Stainless Steel Sink With Drainge Board, 400Mm Coupling With Pvc Waste Pipe, 300450 Wall Tiles, 400400 Non Skid Tiles, Pipe Swr 100 Mm, Pipe Swr 75 Mm, Pvc Pipe Bend 90 Degree 100Mm Dia, Pvc Pipe Bend 90 Degree75 Mm Dia, Pvc Pipe 100 Mm T, Pvc 75Mm Dia Floor Trap, Pvc 75 Mm T, Pvc Pipe 100Mm Clamp, Pvc Pipe 75 Mm Clamp, Pvc 75 Mm Cowl, Pvc 100 Mm Cowl, Pvc Septic Tank For 50 User, Pvc Pipe 150 Mm, Iron Pole 2 Inch Dia Of Height

Due Date
03 Oct, 2022
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