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Ref. No #28060016 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Dental Materials - 6 Percent Gutta Percha 35 Nos, Root Canal Sealer With Base And Catalyst, H File Stainless Steel Size No 45-80 Length 31 Mm Set Of 06, Gutta Percha Point 4 Percent Assorted, Pathfinder Rotary Files 21 Mm, Pathfinder Rotary Files 25 Mm, Hero Shapers Rotary Niti File Assorted 4 Percent 25 Mm, Miracle Mix Restorative Material, Hyflex Niti Rotary File 25 Mm 4 Percent Assorted, Hyflex Niti Rotary File 21 Mm 4 Percent Assorted, Neo Endo Flex Rotary Files 21 Mm Assorted, Protaper Gold Niti Rotary File 25 Mm, Hand Protaper Manual Operated Assorted Sx-F3 21 Mm, Neoendo Flex Glide Rotary Files Assorted, Hero Shapers Rotary Mannual Files Sx-F3 21 Mm, Paper Point F1-F3 Assorted, Hero Shapers Mannual Files Sx-F3, 21 Mm With Corresponding Gp, Calcium Hydroxide With Iodoform Pkt Of Two Syringe, Start-X-Endodontic Ultrasonic Tips, Rubber Dam Sheet 6X6 Medium, Protaper Gold Niti Rotary File 21 Mm, Oral Seal Putty Tube, Benzocaine 20 Percent, Pectin Based, Oral Tube Of 5 Gm, Abrasive Mounted Diamond Fig 805. Inverted Cone, Abrasive Mounted Diamond Fig 835 Cylindrical, Abrasive Mounted Diamond Fig 837 Cylindrical, Consumables For Thermal Root Canal Obturation System, Gutta Percha Pkt Of 100 Pellets, Mirror Mouth Plain Glass, Handle For, Pit And Fissure Sealant Syringe Of 1-3 Ml, Suction Cleaning Solution Bott Of 1 Ltr, Inj Hydro Cortisone Sodium Succiniate, Gauze Ribbon, Set Of Six Hand Niti Tapered Files 31 Mm Length With Corresponding Gp Pp, Tab Paracetamol 500 Mg, Pad Abdominal Swab 40 X 25 Cm With Tape, 30 Cm, Point Absorbent Root Canal Assorted, Tab Tinidazole 500 Mg, Pantoprazole 40 Mg Tab, Self Etching Bonding System, Medicaments Root Canal, Fiber Reinforced Composite Strip For Splinting Light Cure 22Cms In Length In Asscrted Sizes Of 2, 3, 4, Mm, 4 Percent, 6 Percent Gp Points Greater Taper Gp Pack Of 120, Desensitizing Tooth Paste, Material Restorative Glass Ionomer Type Ii For Filling Containing Powder Liq, Glass Dappens Medicament Assorted Colours, Rvg Sensor Sleeves Pkt Of 500, Surface Disinfection Solution Bott Of 1000 Ml, Disposable Patients Bibs, Hand Piece Lubricant Spray Bott Of 500 Ml, Amalgam Polishing Kit, Disposable Shoe Cover, Disposable Head Caps, Hand Gloves, Size 7 Pair Of, Facial Tissue Napkin Pkt Of 100, Autoclavable Pmt Set, Front Surface Mouth Mirror, Tip Saliva Ejector Pkt Of 100, Articulating Paper 40 Microns Red, Anti Microbial Hand Wash Bott Of 500 Ml, Sodium Hypochloride 5 Percent, Sodium Hypochlorite 2 Percent Bott Of 500 Ml, Hydrogen Peroxide Solution Bott Of 500 Ml, Syringe Hypodermic Cartridge Type Needle 35 Mm, Mouth Mirror Top, Anti Fogging Mirror Top, Clotrimozole Mouth Paint, Ibuprofen 400 Mg Tab, Povidone Iodine Solution 10 Percent Bott Of 100 Ml, Normal Saline, Syp Amoxycillin 200Mg And Clavulanic Acid 28.5Mg, Tab Amoxyillin And Clavulanic Acid 1000 Mg, Sodium Lactate Compound Solution Ringer Lactate Solution, Antimicrobial Hand Gel, Bur, Tapering Fg Diamond For Crown And Bridge, Abrasive Mounted Diamond Fg Round 1.8Mm, Gum Paint Bott Of 15 Ml, Unifloss Dental, Oint Betadine Tube Of 15 Gm, Dental Floss, Periodontal Pack Non Eugenol Two Paste System Of Base And Catalyst 90Gm Each, Interdental Brush Pkt Of 05 Narrow Space, Antibacterial Antiplaque Mouthwash Bott Of 160 Ml, Post Extraction Dressing Containing Idoform 15.8 G Butylparaminobenzoate 25.7 G Eugenol 13.7 G, Penghawar 3.5 Gm Exciepient Per 100 Gm, Jar Of 12 Gm, Amoxycillin For Oral Susp Containing Amoxycillin Base 125 Mg Per 5 Ml ter Reconstitution Bott Of 30 Ml, Lignocaine Hcl 2 Percent Without Adrenaline 30 Ml Inj, Antiseptic Oral Pain Relieving Toipical Gel In Gm Or Ml, 4 0 Prolene 13 Mm Reverse Cutting, 4 0 Nylon 20Mm 3 By 8 Circle Cutting, Bur Surgical Falt Fissure Crosscut For Straight Handpiece, Bioactive Synthetic Bone Grt Dental Putty, Surgical Bp Blades Carbon Steel Size 11, Arch Bar, Betadine Mouthwash Bott Of 100 Ml, Mersilk Non Absorbable Suture 3-0 Cutting Body 26 Mm Ethicon Pkt Of 12, 3 0 Polyglactin Vicryl Half Circle Round Body With 20 Mm Needle Pkt Of 12, 4 0 Polyglactin Vicryl Half Circle Round Body With 16 Mm Needle Pkt Of 12, Prolene Suture Double Ended Reverse Cutting 6 0 With 12 Mm Needle Pkt Of 12, Disposable Shoe Cover For Shoe Cover Dispensor Pkt Of 100 Re 2 For Cmdc Nc Out Of Dglp Fund For Fy 2023

Jammu And Kashmir
Due Date
05 Jun, 2023
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