Agriculture Work Tenders

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Ref. No #22528929 State Government Live

Supply Of Raw Material - Ms Angle Flange, Ms Flat Width, Ms Square,   Ms Round, Hc Flat, Hc Iron Sheet, Leaf Spring Scrap, Gi Pipe, Ms Conduct Pipe, Ball Bearing With Bracket, V-Belt, M-Seal, Safada, Hg Mild Steel Nuts, Counter Sunk Bold, Hexogonal Round Ms Bold, Washer Assorted, Rubber Wheel, Galvanized Locking Bolt, Ms Rivets, Metalic Handle, Hasps And Staples, Hinger, Rubber Plastic Handle, Scissors Katera, Welding Set Lead Copper, Drill Bit Tapered Sleeve, Grinding Goggles, Hand Goves Leathe, Welding Glass White And Black Pair Drill Chuck 8Mm With Spindles Drill Chuck 1/2With Spindles Boring Tool Bit 4Mm/5Mm For Lathe Machine Steel Scale For Lathe Machine 12 Wheel With Outer Dia 26Cm With 3 Jaw Chuck Of Lathe Machine Chaff Cutter Components, I. Ci Flywheel Dia 40 +/-4%, Weight 16.5 Kg Min, Fitted With Cutting Blade And Handle, Ii. Ci Feeding Unit: Head, 8 Wide, Complete In All Respect With Worm And Feeding Gears 8-10 Teeth/Row, Weight 30Kg Min Kanali For Spade Weighing Approximately 0.70 Kg +/- 10% Gci Sheet 0.5Mm 8 Length Gci Sheet 0.5Mm 10 Length Gp Sheet 0.63 Mm/24 Swg 900 Mm Width Sail Make Gp Sheet 0.63 Mm/24 Swg 1000 Mm Width Sail Make Ms Welded Wire Mesh 1X1 Size 50 Length, 3/4/5 Width 10Swg/12Swg/14Swg Ms Square Conduit Pipe 1.5X1.5 16Swg Ms Square Conduit Pipe 2 X 2 16 Swg Sickle Old File Fine Serrated With Wodden Handle, About 22 Serrations Per Inch Blade 250Mm 160G ± 5% As Per Sample Sickle Captain Type With Plastic Handle, Blade 250 Mm 160G ± 5 % Sickle Hp Fine Serrated With Wodden Handle, Blade 270 Mm 150G ± 5 % As Per Sample Sickle Local With Wodden Handle, Blade 250Mm 160G ± 5 % As Per Sample Kanali For Kassi Weighing Approx 0.35 Kg ±5 % Bosch /Tata Agrico Make Cut Of Saw/Angle Cutter Blade Of Size 14 Dia 1 Bore 1/8 Thickness A30r Bf For Government shop, Talab Tillo

Jammu And Kashmir
Due Date
06 Dec, 2021
1.00 Crore