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Ref. No #22131181 State Government Live

Sale Of Unused Items – Tractor, Rajdoot Motorcycle, Mounted Leveler Light, Harrow, Diesel Pump, One Way Harrow, Cage Wheel, Sprayer Tank, Jack, Harrow, Drill Machine, Hand Driven Mower, Grease Gun, Steel Plate, Kv Harrow, Pot Stand, Cultivator Garden, Hazara With Shower, Foot Pump, Typewriter, Exhaust Fan, Aspee Spray Gun With Ass., Bucket Iron, Lopper, Tractor Mount Sprayer Plastic Tank, Diesel Pump Set, Harrow Trailing Type, Grass Cutter, Seed Drill, Tanker, Scraper, Dunnlop, Cage Wheel, Patellar, Leveler, Welding Machine, Mountain Harrow, Diesel Pump, Harrow, Cultivator, Valve Guide, Lulet Valve, Valve Cover, Push Rod, Valve Tappet, Piston Ring, Butlers, Tension Spring, Tr Ret Fuel, Hose, Section Tube, Hose, Section Tube, Disengaging Big, Spring, Radiator Hose, Ring, Ext. Clip, Break Lining, Wheel Cyl Rep Kit, Locking Washer, Ring Nut, Oil Seal, Thrust Bearing, Ring, Pivot Assy, Oil Seal, Tight Nut, Lh – Rh Head, Rubber Dumper, Oil Seal, Oil Pressure Pipe, Fuel Filter, Cp Assy Kit, Cyl Head Gasket, Eoh Gasket, Engine Valve Kit, Engine Valve Guide, Cr Bush, Mb Kit, Be Kit, Thrust Bearing, Rear Main Oil Seal, Oil Seal, Mobil Oil Filter, Delivery Hose Wing Nut, Cutter Pin For Crank Lever, Gasket, Blower Cupling Nut, Oil Spoon, Filter Hose Cap, Axle, Travel Limiter, Crank Lever, Body Assly, Valve Pin Plug, Packing Retainer Collar, Valve Pin, Gland Nut, Spring, Opining Lever, Pressure Vessel Brass Ring, Plug, Washer Upper Valve Spring, Gland Nut Washer, Upper Valve, Gland Packing, Gasket, Ball Joint, Upper Valve Spring, Upper Valve Pin Spring, Boom Union, Gasket For Plug, Gasket, Piston Check Nut, Tiller Hole Filter, Valve Box Brass Ring, Operating Handle, Cutter Pin Metal Washer, Nozzle Cap, Cleaner Assly, Lower Link Ball, Fuel Assly, Hose Pipe, Spring Cap, Cup Leather, Strain Tube, Nozzle Dise, Nozzle Cap Gasket, Nozzle Cap, Gland Nut, Connecting Rod, Lever Connecting Pin, Valve Hosing Union, Cone Nozzle, Barrel Cup, Stainer, Buster Jet- Arm, Stainer Cover, Adopter, Stainer Element, Gasket, Valvem Deaphram Upper Valve, Deaphram, Adjusting Screw, Fuel Tank Cap Gasket, Inlet Tube, Filter Hole Stainer, Stainer Bolt, Wheel Valve, Booster, Section Hose Pipe, Dynamo End Plate, Bush Spindle, Dip Stick Oil Gauge, Gear Box Spring And Ball, Gear Box Packing, Bearing, Bearing Outer, Cup Front Wheel, Seal F/W Old, Lever Rod Assly Hydrolic Rep Kit, Front Hub, Seal Pto, Bush Centre Pin, Bearing Rear Axel, Seal Front Wheel Hub, Spindle Washer, Cup, Hose Fuel, Steering Wheel Assly, Clamp Radiator Clip, Hose Fuel Retmp, Arm Stearing Spindle, Shaft, Injection Pipe, Radiator Hose, Fuel Top, Hose, Cluch Pendle, Hose, Tank, Seal Staring Arm, Front Bearing, Coupling Diesel Pump, Front Bearing Outer, Seal Break Paddle, Spring Rear Axil, Spring, Seal, High Pressure Pipe, Head Light Bulb, Washer Spindle, Tube Bulb, Nut Spindle, Hose Cleaner, Spring Base Presser Plat, Hose Cleaner, Beating, , , Seal Front Wheel, Chain Control, Bushing Sell, Tube Assly, Oil Pressure Pipe, Lock, Chuck Nut, Clains Chain, Nut, Hose Pipe Kite, Bolt Rear Axel – Wheel, Oil Filter Hmt, Caller Nca, Clamp Assy Along Link, Radiator Cap, Boul Glass, Seal, Cap, Clamp, Spindle Spring, Hydrolic Pin, Road Assy Hinge, Banjo Bolt, Nut, Ford, Seating, Over Flow Pipe, Gaskit, Roker Arm Assly, Oil Presser Pipe, Anchor, Bushing Break, Nut Bolt, Bearing Clutch Paddle, Oil Presser Pipe, Pipe Oil Pump, Water Pump Gange, Spring Redol/Rotun, Sleve Set, Tube Assly, Clamp Assly, Nut, Stearing Oil Filter, Clutch Rep Kit, Pipe Clamp, Clamp, Pin Control Chain, Frunt Hub Seal Ford, Elbow Hyd, Bolt R Rod, Fuel Filter, Bush Hyd, Seal Staring, Bush Staring Assly, Spe, Presser Plate, Disc, Gaskit, Sp Kit, Bearing, Microscope, Slide Scope Micro, Physical Balance, Thermos, Slide Boxes Wooden Empty, Brass Scrap, Iron Tray, Belcham, Typerigher, Iron Plate, Spray, Spade, Ch, Stool, Cultivator Fall, Plate, Tub, Board, Iron Net, Rack Wood, Tailer, Wooden Cupboard, Iron Cupboard, Old Scrpe, Type, Mobile Oil Etc

Due Date
26 Oct, 2021
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