Air Circuit Breaker Repair Tenders

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Ref. No #31870387 Central Government/Public Sector Live

Supply Of Spares -Z3/Tung-Aes-15-Tu16-526-015-73 Automatic 15 Amp, Z3/Tung-Aes-10-Tu16-526-015-73 Automatic 10 Amp, Z3/Tung-Aes-20-Tu16-526-015-73 Automatic 20 Amp, Z3/Tung-Aes-5-Tu16-526-015-73 Automatic 5 Amp, Z3/Tung-Aes-50-Tu16-526-015-73 Automatic 50 Amp, Z3/Misc-Tung-Biyun-526266-003 Generator, Z3/Misc-Tung-Biyun-656121-034-01 Rectifiers Unit Biyun-656121-034-01, Z3/2S6m-Tsa3-031-139-01 Simulator, Z3/Tung-2A40m-11-00-090 Switch Unit, Z3/Tung-569A-1464-95 Control Unit With Seding Units, Z3/Tung-Pb2-336-117 Receiving Device Gn, Z18/Misc/Tung/Pb-2-393-006-02 Angle Multiplexer, Z18/Misc/Tung/Pb-2-393-006-03 Angle Multiplexer, Z18/Misc/Tung/Pb-2-393-007-01 Angle Multiplexer, Z3/Misc-Tung-Pb3-622-091-01 Z6 Elevation Distribution Box, Z3/Misc-Tung-Pb3-622-110Z6 Transverse Distribution Box, Z3/Misc-Tung-Biyun-656121-028-417853 Frequency Regulator Unit Brch-114, Z3/Misc-Tung-Biyun-656141-012 Contractors Unit Bk-114, Z3/Misc-Tung-Biyun-656141-016 Conversion Unit Bp-114, Z3/Misc-Tung-Biyun-656141-018 Voltage Controller Rn-24, Z3/Tung-Bk2-957-045-1-No-2-5-11M Hydraulic Motor, Z3/Misc-Tung-Biyun-656141-017 Voltage Controller Unit Brn-112, Z3/Misc-Tung-Pb2-390-299 Traverse Control Unit, Z3/Misc-Tung-Biyun-656121-025 Voltage Regulator Measuring Member Unit Birn-114, Lv1/Tung-352-1030050 Bellows Compensator, Lv1/Tung-352-1110050 Transmission, Lv1/Tung-569-1314250 Valve Low Gear Box With Automatic Smoothness Device, Lv1/Tung-569-1314010 Valve Reversing Gear Box Blocking Box, Lv1/Tung-Npn-160 Hydro-Cyclone Filter, Lv1/Tung-352-2202050D Power Reduction Gear, 11-50X70-4 Gost-8752-79 Gost 3805146-78 Collar, Lv1/Tung-569-1119020 Collar, Lv1/Tung-Npn Distance Transmitter Cable, Lv1/Tung-Npn-193 Pump Control Hydraulic Steering Gear, Lv1/Tung-Npn-233 Valve Box Of Pchsg, Lv1/Tung-Npn-178 Oil Cooler, Lv1/Tung-352M-2103015 Distributor Box, Lv1/Tung-352-2103450-V1 Over Running Clutch, Lv1/Tung-Npn-174 M/Eng Branch Over Running Clutch, Lv1/Tung-352-1030853 Insert, Lv1/Tung-352-2302110A Insert, Lv1/Tung-352-2013510-V1-01 Cone Reduction Gear, Lv3/Tung/Gte/91156-9/21-00-10 Gte Assy 9A56-9-000-1, Lv1/Tung-Npn/81 Friction Clutch Assy, Lv3/Tung/Gte/Npn/246 Booster Pump Assy With Motor, Lv3/Tung/Gte/Npn/266 Torsion Bar Of Reducer Driving Gear, Lv3/Tung/Gte/Npn/256 Out-Put Shaft, Lv3/Tung/Gte/Npn/254 Oil Cooler, Lv1/Tung-352-1220100-A3 Guiding Wheel With Curve Stud, Lv1/Tung-569-1151179-01 Sprocket, Lv1/Tung-352-1230100 Track Support Roller, Lv1/Tung-569-1210970A Road Wheel, Lv1/Tung-352-1215010A Hydro Pneumatic Spring, Lv1/Tung-352-1215010-A-01 Hydro Pneumatic Spring, Lv1/Tung-352-1215071-A Membrane, Lv1/Tung-Npn/187 Pilot Controlled Checked Valve, Lv1/Tung-Npn/68 Charging Valve, Lv1/Tung-Npn/204 Safety Valve, Lv1/Tung-Npn/161 Hydro Motor With Drive, Lv1/Tung-352-1162450 Generator Starter Reduction Gear, Lv1/Tung-352-1620700A Valve, Z3/Misc-Tung-123-Autoeqpt Matching Device 15-2S Auto Eqpt Matching Unit Pas-15-2S, Lv1/Tung-Starter Starting Device Pus-15R Starter Starting Device Pus-15R, Z3/Misc-Tung-5945-006994 Relay Rsg 10M1 Relay Electro Magnetic, Rsg 10M1starter Generator Relay Rsg 10M1, Lv1/Tung-Starter Switchhing Un Bsp-1M Starter Swithching Un Bsp-1M, Lv3/Tung/Gte/51-09-13-000-3 Starting Box Gtd-Sknd-E-1A, Lv3/Tung/Gte/Npn/265 Tempo Switch, Lv3/Tung/Gte/Npn/247 Current Limiting Unit, Lv3/Tung/Gte/Npn/253 Ignition Unit, Lv3/Tung/Gte/Npn/264 Thermo-Couple, Lv3/Tung/Gte/Npn/260 Solenoid Operated Valve 228 Chp-110, Lv3/Tung/Gte/Npn/263 Tacho-Generator 228-Chp-110, Lv3/Tung/Gte/Npn/257 Pressure Switch, Lv1/Tung-Npn/89 Gte Exhaust Gas Temp Gauge, Lv1/Tung/Npn Gte Rotational Speed Indicator, 172-44-001 Sending Unit Electric Speedometer Model Me-301B, 6625-019627 Techometer Sending Unit D4 Drg No Mp2-320-010Sb`, 6685-005004 Pressuer Indicator Id It-15 Set K1 Spcn No Tu-25-02-110461-85, Em74m000sb Electromagnet 3M-74M, Lv1/Tung-Pb4-030-056 Clutch Control Mechanism, Lv1/Tung-Npn/218 Speedometer Cii-106, Lv1/Tung-Npn/236 Volt Meter, Lv1/Tung-Tu25-04-1250-76 Temperature Detector Tue-48, Lv1/Tung-Npn/168 Fuel Level Indicator Sending Unit, Lv1/Tung-Npn/198 Rt&Lt Turn Indicator Sw Ii 2T, Lv1/Tung-Npn/93 Hmt Indicator Of Oil Pressure Ed-1, Lv1/Tung-Npn/231 Type Of Motion Selector Sw Pku-3-11C 3033U3, Lv1/Tung-Pb4-282-037-01 Angle Limiter, Lv1/Tung-Pb2.960.191.03 Pump , Lv1/Tung Nk Fuel Regulating Pump, Lv1/Tung-Nkms-872 Hmt Oil Pressure Sending Unit 6Kg Cm2, Lv1/Tung-352-1465-100 Bunched Conductor No 100, Lv1/Tung-Nkms-874 Pressure Gauge Hprs, Lv1/Tung-Nk Gauge Pressure Elect Model Tem-15 0.6Kg/Cmˆ2, Lv1/Tung-Nk Temp Sending Unit , Lv1/Tung-Nk Enging Oil Pressure Sending Unit 15Kg Cm2, Lv1/Tung-Nkms-871 Switch Contactor Unit Bkt-112, Lv1/Tung-352-2103220-G1 Shaft Intermediate Shaft, Lv1/Tung-352-1601200-Visg-168 Spring Balance Wrench, Lv1/Tung-Pb2-960-006 Isg/Ms-170 Hand Pump, Lv1/Tung-569-1131170B2 Ms-117 Carden Shaft, Lv1/Tung-Npn/64 Ms-266 Correcting Throttle, Lv1/Tung-Npn/158 Ms-216 Hydraulic Booster, Lv1/Tung-Npn/163 Ms-237 Idler Wheel With Bearing Rt Side, Lv1/Tung-Npn/164 Ms-236 Idler Wheel With Bearing Lt Side, Lv1/Tung-Npn/199 Road Clerance Regulator, Lv1/Tung-352-1025100 Clamp, Lv1/Tung-Tu37-003-940-79 Sending Unit Me 302B, Lv1/Tung-Tu37-003-457-73 Oil Emergency Pressure Sending Unit Mm #, Lv1/Tung-352-2307042-B Seal Seal, Lv1/Tung-Npn/82 Ms-161 Fuel Cock, Z3/Misc-Tung-Pb2-390-278-01Z6 Elevation Control Unit, Misc/Tung/Pb2-390-278 Hmt Control Unit, Nk Pchsg Ceramic Filter, Tung/Gte Starting Generator Gte Starting Generator Gte, Lv3/Tung/Gte-Npn/261 Starting Generator, Lv3/Tung/Gte-Npn/259 Rep Set Of Spares For Fuel Regulating Pump, Tung-Br2-390-069 Digital Servo System Unit, Lv1/Tung-Pb-2-957-068-05 Hydraulic Motor, Z3/Misc-Tung-Pb2-336-130 Receiver Device, Lv1/Tung-Pb2-960-191-03 Traverse Hyd Pump Hyd-1M, Pb2-960-197-01 Elevation Hyd Pump, Lv1/Tung-T52-082-006Ces 13 Unit Shal Coder, Lv1/Tung-Npn/186 Pnemo-Hydro Accumulator, Lv1/Tung-Npn/229352M-122-0600-01 Track Tensioning Mechanism Lt Side , Lv1/Tung-Npn/228352M-122-0600 Track Tensioning Mechanism Rt Side , Lv1/Tung-Bk5-886-191 Filter, Z3/Misc/Tung/B1yun-656121-034 Rectifier Unit +28.5V, Ld 343680008 Squib Ppm-2, Lv1/Tung-Tachometer Indicator Te-4B Tachometer Indicator Te-4B, Nk Oil Primimg Pumpmzm-2 With Electric Motor Mn1-2S Dgr No 346-00Sb, Lv1/Tung Nk Ms871 Switching Contractor Unit Kp-112, Nk Fuel Priming Motor, Lv3/Tung-Npn/245 Ms-164 Pump With Electric Motor, Lv1/Tung-Npn/173 Ms-263 Manual Hydro Pump, Lv1/Tung-352-1040010 Water Radiator, Z7/Rus-Tung-Esv-3 Electric Time Meter Esv-3, Z7/Rus-Tung-Pb2-390-272-01 Control Unit, Z7/Rus-Tung-Yu46-19-366 Eye Shield Rim, Z7/Rus-Tung-Ia29-03-00-000 Coordinate Discriminantion Unit, Z3/2S6m-Tung-Tsa3-034-029-01 Unit Vuds-M, Z3/2S6m-Cb3-312-138Ty1 Tube Gmi-42B, Z3/2S6m-Tung-Dp3-360-004-Tu Micro Wave Diode 5V Ch D603, Z3/2S6m-Tp3-360-085Ty Micro Wave Diode Svch 2A107ar, Z3/2S6m-Tung-Oodo-331-019Ty Tube Gmi-46B, Z3/2S6m-Tung-Pba2-393-002 Unit Pd, Z3/2S6m-Tung-Pba3-083-041-01 Panel P8, Z3/2S6m-Tung-Pba3-083-06-02 Panel P3, Z3/2S6m-Tung-Pba3-083-047-02 Panel P5, Z3/2S6m-Tung-Pba3-083-053-02 Panel P6m, Z3/2S6m-Tung-Pba3-083-054-01 Panel P7, Z3/2S6m-Tung-Pba3-083-066-03 Panel P9m, Z3/2S6m-Tung-Pba3-083-067-02 Panel P11, Z3/2S6m-Tung-Pba3-083-068-01 Panel P10, Z3/2S6m-Tung-Tsa2-035-060-02 Sub Unit Sg 1-1, Z3/2S6m-Tung-Tsa2-242-016-01 Unit Oa9, Z3/2S6m-Tung-Tsa3-320-009 Article 178 Vr, Z3/2S6m-Tung-Tsa3-620-119-01 Unit R Sh Im, 6365445710-07 Device Mi-411 , Z3/Tung-2A-40M-23-00-000 Automatic Control Unit, Z3/Tung-Oyai-700-026-2 Article-A-15-09A Oyai-700-026-Tvu, Z3/Tung-Pba3-083-040-01 Panel P1, Z3/Tung-Pba3-083-048-02 Panel P2, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-026-005-02 Unit Op2m, Z3/Tung Tsa2-026-025-01 Unit Sp2m, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-027-012-01 Unit Sg 13, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-027–030-01 Unit Op1ea, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-030-026-20 Unit Og 5Ye, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-040-007-01 Unit Sf 1, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-043-008-02 Unit 011, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-043-012-01 Unit S11m, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-043-016-01 Unit S12m, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-072-006-01 Unit Sf2, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-075-042-01 Unit Ss1m, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-076-026-01 Unit Sd 1M, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-081-078-01 Unit Og4, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-087-108-01 Unit Oye 3, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-087-112-01 Unit Oye5, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-087-114-01 Unit Sye 5, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-087-116-01 Unit Sye3, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-087-117-01 Unit Oye 2, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-087-123-01 Unit Og2, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-087-127-01 Unit Sye2m, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-087-134-01 Unit Sye1, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-087-137-01 Unit Oa13, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-087-154-01 Unit Og7, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-087-176-01 Unit Sye 4M, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-087-177-01 Unit Sye6, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-092-050-01 Unit Oa3, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-205-040-01 Unit Sp3e, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-243-131 Unit Oa10, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-244-042-01 Unit Oa 12M, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-249-052-14 Unit Og13, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-378-001-01 Unit Ots2, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-390-308-01 Unit Sk 1M, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-549-005-01 Unit Og3, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-558-004-01 Unit Svu3, Z3/Tung Tsa2-558-005-01 Unit Suv2, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-558-010-01 Unit Oa 11, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-558-012-01 Unit O15, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-595-007-01 Unit Od2, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-595-008-01 Unit Od1, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-702-505-01 Unit Ok 1M, Z3/Misc-Tung-Tsa2-739-022-01 Unit Sf3m, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-960-000-02 Unit 12D, Z3/Tung-Tsa3-215-055-01 Unit Og8, Z3/Tung-Tsa3215-111-01 Unit Sg2m, Z3/Tung-Tsa4-029-011 Scanning Mechanism, Z3/Tung-Tu-16-527-291-84 With Electric Motor P8ot2, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-084-033-01 Unit Og6, Z3/2S6m-Tung-Pb2-390-224 Control Console, Z3/Misc-Tung-2A40m-24-00-000Z6 Commander Panel, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-068-076-01 Unit Sa3 Mea, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-390-283-01 Unit Csyu5m, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-092-034-02 Unit Sa1, Z3/Rus-Tung-Af5-149-050 Illuminator, Z3/Tung-Easv-226-029 Electric Time Meter, Z1/Misc-2T5202etp3-362-079Tu Diode Rectifier Stack, Z1/Misc-Tsa2-003-010-01 Unit Spa-1E, Z1/Misc-Ta114-220-400 Transformer Ta-114-220-400, Z1/Misc-Ta-227-220-400 Transformer Ta-227-220-400, Z1transistor 2T-908A Transistor 2T-908A, Z7/Rus-Tung-Af3-819-027 Article Yusk-1, Z3/2S6m-Tung-2-087-065 Vp-45, 2S6m-Tung-3-057-057 Unit-Vchu-13M, Z3/2S6m-Tung-3-061-012 Unit Dzus-3M, Z3/2S6m-Tung-3-061-06126P-1- 09A Unit Dzu-26P-1-09A, Z3/2S6m-Tung-3-061-01626P-2-09A Unit Dzu-26P-2-09A, 2S6m-Tung-3-061-01626P-3-09A Unit Dzu-26P-3-09A, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-390-311-01 Unit Pvu1m, Tung-1K29-Fu4a-11Tu4u-4Af-V2a-77 Indigenous Compressor Model Tm16a, W18/Tung/1K28/Mk-5T2-01-04-01-00-00 Condensor, Z3/Rg-06-70Yu-1000Khz-W Resonator, Z3/Tsa2-242-033 Wave Guide Switch, Z3/2S6m/Tung-Tsa-2-081-069-01 Modulator Node, Z3/Tung/Tsa1-640-005-02 Radar Sys Article 1R1 144M Tgt Tracking Rdr, 2S6m-Tung-Sch2-210-175-Tu Module M41123-01, 2S6m-Tung-Sch2-210-175-Tu Module M41123-02, 2S6m-Tung-Sch2-210-175-Tu Module M41123-03, 2S6m-Tung-Sch2-210-175-Tu Module M41123-04, 2S6m-Tung-Sch2-210-175-Tu Module M41123-01, 2S6m-Tung-Sch2-210-175-Tu Module M41123-01, 2S6m-Tung-Sch2-210-175-Tu Module M41123-07, 2S6m-Tung-Sch2-210-175-Tu Module M41123-08, 2S6m-Tung-Sch2-210-175-Tu Module M41123-09, 2S6m-Tung-Sch2-210-175-Tu Module M41123-10, 2S6m-Tung-Sch2-210-175-Tu Module M41123-11, 2S6m-Tung-Sch2-210-175-Tu Module M41123-12, Z3/2S6m-Tung-Tsa2-092-103-012 Unit Oa2, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-558-018-01 Unit Oa 4M, Z7/Rus-Tung-Pb2-323-008 Commands Transmitter, 2S6m-02-00-000 Matching Device, W18/Tung/1K28/Mk-6-02-13-0000-00 Evaporator, Z3/Tung-Tsa2-092-084 Radome Ttr, Z7/Izg/Rus-1102 Gunners Sight Poo 2, M2rus/Tung/2A38m.00.000 30Mm Modernisation Two Barrel Anti craft Automatic Gun 2A38m, M2/Rus/Tung/2A38.02.004 Striker, M2/Rus/Tung/2A38.04.040 Cable, M2/Rus/Tung/2A38.01.031 Packing Ring, M2/Rus/Tung/2A38.01.058 Packing Ring, M2/Rus/Tung/2A38.01.078 Packing Ring, M2/Rus/Tung/2A38.01.023 Packing Ring, M2/Rus/Tung/2A38.03.000 Contactor, M2/Rus/Tung/2A38.05.005 Packing Ring, 9-A-623-01-109 Lock Pin, M2/Rus/Tung1 2A 38M 06 000 Muzzle Velocity Indication

Due Date
05 Aug, 2024
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