Air Conditioner Bracket Tenders

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Ref. No #29503431 State Government Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Contactor And Auxiliary Contacts 3 Phase, 415 Volt, 25 Amp With 2 No And 2 Nc, Contactor And Auxiliary Contacts. 3 Phase, 415 Volt, 32 Amp With 2 No And 2 Nc, Limit Switch Limit Switch, Liver Operated 2A 500V, 2-Contacts, Rotary Switch 16 Aor440v, Relay, Pin Type, Shackle Type, Egg Type And Suspension Type Insulators Including Hardware Fitting, Hydrometer, Hand Drill Machine 0-6 Mm Capacity, Load Bank Lamp Or Heater Type 6 Kw, 3Ph, Brake Test Arrangement With Two Spring Balance Rating 0 To 25 Kg, Laboratory Type Induction Coil, Out Side Micrometer 0-25 Mm, Thermometer Digital 0 C - 150 C, Series Test Lamp 230V, 60W, Knife Switch Dpdt Fitted With Fuse Terminals 16 Amp, Knife Switch Tpdt Fitted With Fuse Terminals, Miniature Circuit Breaker 16 Amp, Earth Plate 60Cm X 60Cm X 3.15Mm Copper Plate As Per Given, Earth Electrode Primary Electrode 2100X28x3.25Mm Secondary Cu Strip 20X5mm, Elcb And Rccb - 25Amps, Double Pole And 25Amps, Double Pole, Fuses Hrc Glass Rewire Type, Rheostat Sliding Type 0 - 25 Ohm, 2 Amp, Rheostat Sliding Type 0 - 300 Ohm, 2 Amp, Rheostat Sliding Type 0 -1 Ohm, 10Amp, Rheostat Sliding Type 0 -10 Ohm, 5 Amp, Capacitors Electrolytic Ceramic Polyester Film Variable Dual Run, Various Electronic Components Resistors, Diode, Transistor, Ujt, Fet, Scr, Diac, Traic, Igbt, Small Transformer Etc., Mercury Vapour Lamp With Fitting, Flood Light, Sodium Vapour Lamp With Fitting, Plug Socket Piano Switch Lamp Holder 230 V, 5 A, Bus Bar With s- 1 Mtr Each, Electrician Helmet Yellow Colour, Safety Belt- Standard Quality, 3- Point D.C. Starter -For 2.5 Kw Dc Motor, 4- Point D.C. Starter- For 2.5 Kw Dc Motor, Single Phase Variable Auto Transformer- 0 - 270 V, 10Amp Cooled, Phase Sequence Indicator- 3 Phase, 415 V, Tower Ladder 16 To 30, Ohm Meter Series Type Shunt Type, Portable Box Type -50 2000-Ohm Analog, Digital Multi Meter- Dc 200Mv -1000V, 0 10A Andac 200Mv- 750V, 0- 10A, Resistance 0-20 M And 3 12 Digit, Ammeter Mc Analog, Portable Box Type Housed In Bakelite Case - 0 - 500 Ma, 0-5 A, 0-25 A, Ac Ammeter Mi, Analog, Portable Box Type Housed In Bakelite Case- 0 - 1 A, 0-5 A, 0-25 A, Magnetic Flux Meter- 0-500 Tesla, Scriber, Hammer Claw, Portable Electric Hand Drill Machine, Sink Stainless Steel H 250Mm X W 450Mm X L 600Mm., Scissors 25Cm, Pinking Shears, Leg Shaper Wooden, Garment Hangers, Screw Driver Set, Blanket For Padding Of Pressing Table As Per Requirement, Pattern Punch, Pattern Notcher, Pattern Hanging Stand, Stand For Hanging Dresses, Electric Automatic Steam Press, , Dummy Lady Different Sizes, Dummy Men Different Sizes, Hard Disk Drives Q2

Due Date
02 Oct, 2023
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