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Ref. No #31832831 Central Government/Public Sector Live

Supply of Traction Electrics For Memu. Pneumatic System Comprising Of Main Compressor Set Splash Lubricated/Oil Free Along With Mounting Frame Assembled With 3 Phase Induction Motor, Filters, And Pressure Switches, Control & Dryer, Filter S Etc., As Per Clause 4.14.17 Of Rdso Specification. The Bidder Should Indicate The Type Of Compressor Offered In This Bid. One Set Per Basic . Parking Brake Equipment Complete With Control, Associated Valves & Wiring Etc. As Per Clause 4.1 2.8 Of Rdso Specification One Rake Set. Auxiliary Converter Igbt/Sic Based, Complete With Associated Cables, Cooling System, And Acces Sories For Power Supply To Auxiliary Machines Including Auxiliary Motor - Compressor Set 110V Dc Operated, Ba Ttery Charging, Lighting And Ventilation Of 4 Car And Lighting/ Ventilation Of Adjacent 4 Car In Case Of Extende D Auxiliary Load Termination Crimping Lugs, Cable Markers With Heat Shrinkable Sleeves For Power And Control Cabl Es, With Accessories Such As Equipment Anchoring Arrangement To Coach Body, Equipment Mounting And Earthin G Hardware And Accessories Including Auxiliary Machines As Required As Per Clause 4.14 Except 4.14.14 One Set Per Basic . Inter Vehicular Coupler Assembly Complete With Connectors As Per Clause No. 4.17.4 Of Rdso Spec Ification Including Crimping Lugs, Cable Markers With Heat Shrinkable Sleeves And Mounting & Earthing Hardware A Nd Other Associated Accessories. One Rake Set . Set Of Potential Transformer, Current Transformer And Matching Overload Relay As Per Clause No. 4.1 .8 Of Rdso Specification One Set Per Basic . Auxiliary Compressor Along With Governor Including Mounting Frame, Anti-Vibration Mountings, Mou Nting Hardware And Accessories Etc. As Per Clause 4.14.14 Of Rdso Specification. One Set Per Basic Main Compressor Splash Lubricated/Oil Free With Three Phase Induction Motor Including Pressure S Witches, Controls & Dryer Etc., As Per Clause 4.14.17 Of Rdso Specification. Offered Type Of Compressor Shall Be Supplied One Set Per Dmc/Ndmc. Supply Of Set Of Couplers For Formation Of Head On Coupling For Expansion From 12 Car To 16 Car And Its Associated Accessories One Set Consists Of Couplers Required For Converting 4 Rakes Of 12 Car Memu Into 3 R Akes Of 16 Car Memu. Pantograph Complete Suitable For Ac Application With Mounting Insulators And Necessary Control Va Lves And Isolating Cocks Including Interconnecting Bus Bars And Associated Hardware For Roof Equipment As Per Cl Ause 4.18 Of Rdso Specification. One Set Per Basic Note: Quantity Includes 17 Sets As Spares . All Control, Power, And Communication Cables, Fire Survival Cables Including Wiring Of Lights, Fan S And Papis Along With Terminal Equipment For Proper Working Of Entire System And All Accessories. Cables Shall Be Supplied As Harness Duly Cut To Size, Marked Along With Protective Accessories For Protection Against Abrasion And Grouped According To Area Of Use. Pl Refer Clause 4.17 Including Cl 4.17.1 - 4.17.2 Except Cl 4.17.2 Xii Of Rd So Specification In This Regard. Design And Supply Of Trays And Its Accessories Are Excluded From The Scope Of S Upply.One Rake Set Led Lights Including Emergency Lights, Disaster Management Light, Ac Fans/Bldc Fans For Passe Nger Area And Bldc Fans For Drivers Cab/Shunting Cab And Ht And Lt Compartments As Per Clause 4.14.15 Of R Dso Specification Including Alarm Mechanism Having Self Illuminated Push Button With Transparent Poly Carbonat E Enclosure & External Led Indicator Pail - Passenger Alarm Indication Light With Release Push Button With Ss Enclosure On Either Side Of The Coach, Modular Type Switches For Fans, Including Mounting Hardware And Accesso Ries. One Rake Set

Tamil Nadu
Due Date
24 Jun, 2024
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