Air Extractor Tenders

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Ref. No #31963601 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Spanner Ojde 13 X 17Mm, Fde Ball Bearing Inner, Banjo Bolt Fuel Tank M12 X 1.5, Copper Joint Banjo Bolt14 Idx20cdx15mm Thick, Fuel Pipe Filter To Pump, Spanner Wrench 50.8Mm 2 Inch, Ring Set Piston Std, Cap For Inlet Valve, Element Filter, Joint Filter Intake 1.0Mm Thick, Pilmoid/Flexo, High Pressure Pipe Fuel, Hammer Engineers Ball Pane 200 Grm With Handle, Gun Grease Hand Pcm Type Capacity 150 Cc, Spanner Open Jaw Fixed Double Ended 13 X 17 Mm, Wrench Key Socket Allen Key 2.38Mm, Gasket Joint Copper 6.2 X 10 Mm X 1 Mm Thick, Gasket Asbsestos Oil Resistance 1Mm Thick, Capsule Ether Alu 5Ml, Dia 25Mm X 45 Mm Length, Filter Fuel Assembly, Element For Fuel Filter, Spnr Wrench 50.8Mm 2 Inch, Nuts Hex 5/16 Inch Bsw, Terminal Socket 17.5Mm Flexible Shaft, Terminal Spigot 22Mm Flexible Shaft, Valve Foot 38.1Mm, Bush Oillite Top Flange, Packing Top Cover, Packing Pump Casing, Bush Oil Lite Bottom, Packing Bottom Cover, Washer Leather, Branch Pipe 50.8Mm 2 Inch Type A, Tool Forcing Off 9.52 Mmx140 Mm Long Ms3/8 Inch Bsw, Tool Withdrawing Impeller, Coupling Assembly Quick Disconnect Fde, Adaptor Straight Pipe To Hose Rod Anti Twister, Valve 50.8Mm Fullway, Valve Stop Lift Check 50.8Mm 2 Inch Full, Washer Flat Annealed Copper 12.5X18x1mm Thick, Gasket Joint Copper 3.5 X 12 X 1 Mm Thick, Spanner Double Ended 3X9.52Mm, Starting Rope 7.5X1550mm Long Nylon Cord, Spnr Tubler 17 Af 115 Mm Long, Spnr Deouble Ended 8Mm X 9.52 Mm 5/16 Inch X 3/8 Inch, Rpm/Hour Meter, Oil Temperature Gauge, Funnel 150Mm, Assy Start Pilot, Tommy Bar 9.5 Dia X 125 Mm Long, Steel S-258, Filter, Nut Hex 5/8 Inch Bsw, Nut Hex 5/16 Inch Bsw, Washer Thrust Oilite, Pressure Gauge, Pad Rubber, Plier Side Cutting 150Mm, Strainer Sunction Hose Frame Type, Plug Starter/Plug Special, Sleeve Rubber Bottom &Top, Spanner Open Jaw Fixed Double Ended 10 X 11 Mm, Screw Driver Engineers Flat Point Size 150 Mm, Breather Assy With O Ring, Gasket Asbestos Oil Resistant 1 Mm Thick, Banjo Bolt Filter 1/4 Inch Bsp Thdx27 Long, Copper Joint Banjo Bolt Id13.2/13.3Xod20x1.5Thk, Pad Lock Ig 4 Lever 40Mm, Banjo Bolt M6 X 18 Long, Spnr Ojde 10X11 Mm, Pulley Starting, Gasket, Lever, Fuel Pump Rack Control

West Bengal
Due Date
05 Jul, 2024
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