Air Heater Element Tenders

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Ref. No #32263795 Central Government/Public Sector Live

Procurement Of Main Engine Spares-Helicoflex Sealing Joint, Gasket For Injector, B.S.Ring C20, 60C7, Gasket/Joint, Injector Nozzle Assembly, O Ring Gf 600 Filtno 2091P, Starting Valve Assembly, O Ring, Washer Copper, Conical Spring Washer M14, O Ring, An 21, 60C7, Nse 6.5, Oring An No 27, Nse 6.5, 60C7, Copper Washer 8X22x1.5, Indicator Cock Assembly, Loctite 242, Loctite 549, Bearing Unit, Ring Saftey, Piston Ringp3712, O Ring, Bush, O Ring, O-Ring, Nse-6.5 An80, 60C7, Hylomar Paste Sq-32, Piston Ring - Top, Scraper Ring Assembly, Inlet Valve, Seat Inlet Valve, Valve Exhaust, Exhaust Valve Seat, Washer Copper, Gasket Cylinder Head, Valve Guide, Oring, Ball, Metafram Bush Bp25-16/20X20, Oil Seal 25X42x8, Copper Washer 18X24, Joint, Flexible Sealing Joint, O Ks 240 Copaslip-250 Gm Upto 1100Degc, Oks 200-Molykote, Oring, Joint, Joint, Gasket, O Ring Bush, Loctite 641, Bearing Roller, Bearing Roller, Oring, Punched Joint, Joint Pn 6. No 175, Nse 6.551, Class 22, Sleeve Dn 100, Pn 16, Sleeve Nt1-Cc-Pn16-Dn40-Av-Cb, Valve Feed, Barrel Cap, Oil Filters, Locking Wire Imm Dia; L 1 Mtr., Banjo Bolt, O Ring 15X204 Viton 20209, O Ring 5X589 Viton 20312, Con Rod Brg P, Exp. Bellow, Cyclam Seal Assy, Elastic Mountings Tsc T140/70 D, Seal Kit Fw Thermo Valve For Naval Opv, Gasket For Glacier Filter Gf600-11, Bearing Shell, Barrel Plunger Assembly- 23 Dia- Grad, Bush Bar, Bolt, Bolt, Cylinder Liner, Screw With Expanded Tappet, Collar Split, Spring, Connection Bar, Valve Rocker Bridge With Pin, Nut, O Ring - Exh. Valve Guide-60 C7, Id18x2.5, Circlip, Circlip, Set Bolt M12x1.75X130-8.8, Screw Set, Shim Injection, Hex Socket Countersunk Flat Head Cap Screw M6x16 Din7991, Nut For Speed Set Screw, Serrated Pin, Positioning Pin, Coupling - Holder, Injector Tappet, Spring, Plunger Spring, Clamping Collar, Couping Flex Mast 10011-4, Locking Plate, Hex Headed Screw, Locking Plate, Hex Headed Screw, Locking Plate, O-Ring 4X22.5 Perbunan, Piston O Ring, Set Bolt M27item No 203, Gfl Nut, Washer, Set Bolt-M12x1.75X65-8.8, Slotted Csunk Head Screw -M6x, Socket Head Cap Screw M12x55-12.9, Allen Screw, Circlip 148, Circlip, Spring Dowel Pin, Spring Dowel Pin, Hose Pipe 1M Id 22 Nitrile No, Rocker Arm Bush, Disc Spring, Reinf. Thrust Brg., Bearing, Eccentric Shaft, Pinion, Oil Pump Brg. Shell, L.O.P. Gear, Flexmast Coupl Pipe 88.9Mm-O.D096500v3.650, Flexmast Conn Gm10006 - 038 38 Od Pipe, Damping Bush, Flex. Hose Dn8 L 1000, Sleeve Dn 65, Pn 16, Sleeve Dn32, Pn16, Sleeve Dn80 Pn16, Breather O/L Conn-Bank A/B I.D. 75X4l 0.3M, For Lo Thermostat 63/71 Deg C, Set Of Full-Flow s Fms01 Lo Filter, Set Of Diversion For Fms01 Lo, Spring Collar, Spring Seat, Main Bearing Assly, Sealing Cord, Valve With Pneumatic Control, Main Bolts, Thermostat For Naval Opv, Circulation For Ktmi Opv, Thermostat For Circulation For Ktmi Opv, O Ring An51, 21A7, Nse6.5, Screw Hm8-16. St. Steel, Spacer, Gasket, Addesive Super Cyano 495, Silastic Black-Rtv-732-5368, Regu Valve 6436-1C-25-20-32Pa, Filter , Special Seals, The Rod Nut, Lgc Pin, Lgc G5 8X30, Rocking Arm Assly*, Copper Washer, Rocker Guide, Screw M12-40Nse.12 G10.9, O Ring Nse6.5, An9, 60C7, Pin For Rack Bar, Link For Rack, Thrustdv Stopper-Bar, Distributor Disc, Sealing Joint, Oring 151I.D.3D Nse6.531, 21A7, O-Ring For Particle Detecting Filter, O-Ring For Particle Detecting Filter, O-Ring For Particle Detecting Filter, Viton Oil Seal15x30x10, Seal-Joint, Seal-Joint, O-Ring, O-Ring, O-Ring 162X8, Piston Ring, O Ring, Joint, Dia 184X240xep.2, O Ring No18 Nse6.5 60C7, O Ring An24, Nse6.5, 60C7, Gasket, Washer Copper, Gasket, Oval Joint, O Ring-An73, Ball Bearing 6308, Oring, O Ring, O Ring Idp 130 X 3Up, Set Of Gaskets For Hyd Motor Mh-114A, Non Return Valve, Dn150, Pn16, Rk 86A, Gauge Glass, Flex Hose, Rubber Compensative Sleeve Dn150 Pn16, Flex Hose Dn 8 L 1 M, Flex Hose Dn25 L 1 M, Flex Hose Dn20 L 1 M, Flex Hose Dn 13 L 1 M, Flex Hose Dn 6 L 1 M, Flex Hose Dn 32 L 1 M, Flex Hose Dn 6 L 1 M, Set Of Gaskets For Lub Oil Filter, Ball Bearing For Lub Oil Filter, Ball Bearing For Hyd. Motor, Dumb Bushes 25-25 Du, Ball Joint Sfg 12 Uniball, Joint, Coupling Ring, Mb 25X20 Du Bush, Mb 25X30 Du Bush, Ring Ba 25X35x7-72 Nbr902 Simrit, O Ring Viton - An65, 60 C7, Gasket, O-Ring, Joint Dn 150, Joint Dn 150, Gasket, Joint Pn6 Dn 50, Pressure Switch, Xml Bso4b2s11, Sleeve Spring, Ball Bearing Skf 6212, Ball Bearing Skf 3208, Roller Bearing Skfnj 213, Seal Ring A 40X55x7 60C7, Ball Bearing Skf 6209, Internal Circlip Dia 120 X 4, Roller Tappet Assly, Damper Key, Bearing Assly

Due Date
31 Jul, 2024
4.96 Crore