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Ref. No #25101443 Central Government/Public Sector Live

supply of Gypsum Dewatering Equipment -Hydro-Cyclone Isolation Valve, Hydro-Cyclone, Hydro-Cyclone Rubber Lining - Feed Chamber And Overflow Chamber, Vortex Finder And Apex Inserts, Vacuum Belt Filter, Filter Cloth, Belt, Vacuum Box Seals, Drive Motor, Vacuum Pumps, Pump Impeller Assembly, Pump Bearing, Seals, Motor, Vacuum Breaker Valves, Valve Assembly, Actuator, Slurry Pumps, Impeller Assembly, Complete Casing, Casing Liners Where Replaceable Liners Are Provided, Bearings, Gear Box, Motor-Pump Coupling, Slurry Valves, Slurry Line Bends, Sump Pumps, Complete Impeller Assembly, Casing Liners, Pump Discharge Valve Assembly, Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps, Complete Impeller Assembly, Casing Liners, Pump Discharge Valve Assembly, Measuring Instruments -, Transmitters Of All Types, Temp Elements Along With Thermo Well, Process Actuated Switches Pressure, Differential Pressure, Flow, Level, Temp, Limit Switches, Local Gauges, Valves Of All Types And Models, 2 Way, 3Way, 5Way Valve Manifolds, Fittings, Purge Meters, Filter Regulators, Pneumatic And Electro-Hydraulic Actuator Assembly, Valve Trim Including Cage, Plug, Stem, Seat Rings, Guide Bushings, Diaphragms, O’ Rings, Seals Etc. Of All Types, Pressure Gauges Of All Types, Solenoid Valves, Positioner Units Complete Unit And Accessories Link Assembly, Pneumatic -Filter/Regulator, Relays, Electrical Actuators -, Actuators, Electronic Pcb Of All Types, Absolute Encoder Replaceable Part, Electronic Torque Sensor, Vfd System -, Electronic Cards, Control Modules, I/O Module, Power Supply Modules, Gate Module Including Gate Transformer, Power Device Thyristor, Igbt Bridge Leg, Over Voltage Limiter And Surge Suppressor Network, Semi Conductor Fuses , Power And Control Fuse, Control Transformer, Contactor/Breaker, Ct/Vt, Indicating Lamps, Auxiliary Contactors And Relays, Indicating Lamp Holder Full Set, Panel Mounted Meters

Due Date
24 Aug, 2022
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