Air Release Valve Repair Tenders

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Ref. No #31886105 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Vehicle Spare Parts And Fitment Items - Bty 12V 150Ah Amron Buy Back Offer, Bty 12V 100Ah Amron Buy Back Offer, Bty 12 V 75Ah Amron Buy Back Offer, Jack Gear Box Trolly, Battery Greavity Meter, Rim Paint, Black Paint, Red Paint, White Paint, Yellow Paint, Lt Wire 01Mm, Fog Light, Nut Bolt 8 No, Nut Bolt 10 No, Chinese Screw, Insulation Tape, Thimble, N C Putty, Body Solder, Anabond, Tubeless Puncture Rep Kit, Silicon Tube, Clutch Plate Tata Bus 1512, Fly Wheel Assy Tata Bus 1512, Pressure Plate Tata Bus 1512, Clutch Bearing Tata Bus 1512, Fly Wheel Bearing Tata Bus 1512, Oil Filter 252518130164 Tata Bus 1613, Oil Filter 252518130145 Tata Bus 1613, Fuel Filter 220747709902 Tata Bus 1613, Filter Tata Bus 1613, Clutch Cylinder Tata Bus 1613, Brake Shoe Tata Bus 1613, Indicator Assy. Front Tata Bus 1512, Side Parking Assy Tata Bus 1613, Oil Seal Outer Tata Bus 1613, Wiper Arm Tata Bus 1613, Fuel Filter F002422095 Truck 1212, Oil Filter Brither Truck 1212, Side Indicator Assy Truck 1212, Hand Control Truck 1613, Fuel Filter 5403508 Truck 1613, Oil Filter Seprator 5620615 Truck 1613, Fuel Filter 252509120239 Truck 1212, Fuel Filter 5027054 Truck 1212, All Complete Copper Bush 24V Truck 1212, Solonoid Switch 24V Truck 1212, Armature 24V Truck 1212, Starting Relly 24V Truck 1212, Oil Seal Inner Truck 1212, Accelator Cable Stallion, Speedo Meter Cable Stallion, Oil Filter Stallion, Heal Light Stallion, Cabin Shocker Stallion, Hub Oil Seal Rear Stallion, Hub Oil Seal Front Stallion, Stop Wire Ashok Leyland, Heal Light Assy Ashok Leyland, Side Indicator Assy Ashok Leyland, Side Indicator Assy Tata 407, Tie Rod End Tata 407, Wheel Cylinder Tata 407, Brake Select Adjuster Tata 407, Wheel Bearing Front Inner Outer Tata 407, Main Leaf Spring Tata 407, Feed Pump Tata 407, Head Light Relly 12 V Sml T 3500, Main Leaf Spring Tata 712 Bus, Fan Belt Tata Safari, Brake Shoe Rear Tata Safari, Wind Screen Front Scprpio S4 And S11, Front Disc Pad 29932574 Scorpio S11, Rear Brake Shoe Scorpio S11, Oil Filter Scorpio S11, Fuel Filter 1001Cav0001kt Scorpio S11, Ac Filter Scorpio S11, Filter Scorpio S11, Wiper Blade Scorpio S11, Silencer Tail Pipe Scorpio S4, Oil Filter 90915Yzzd2 Innova, Fuel Filter 233901Ol041 Innova, Filter Innova, Ac Filter Innova, Disc Pad 04465Yzzs7 Innova, Brake Shoe Innova, Oil Filter 16510M65l10 Maruti Ertiga Petrol, Fuel Filter Maruti Ertiga Petrol, Filter Maruti Ertiga Petrol, Ac Filter Maruti Ertiga Petrol, Brake Shoe Maruti Ertiga Petrol, Clutch Plate Maruti Ertiga Petrol, Pressure Plate Maruti Ertiga Petrol, Bearing Maruti Ertiga Petrol, Pilot Bearing Maruti Ertiga Petrol, Oil Filter P1191000 Tata Sumo, Fuel Filter Tata Sumo, Filter Tata Sumo, Brake Shoe Tata Sumo, Upper Arm Bush Tata Sumo, Upper Ball Joint Tata Sumo, Front Brake Pad Tata Sumo, Lower Ball Joint Tata Sumo, Tie Rod End Set Tata Sumo, Oil Filter P1191000 Tata Di 207, Fuel Filter P13969 Tata Di 207, Filter Di 207 Tata Di 207, Door Handle Front Tata Di 207, Door Regulator Machine Tata Di 207, Disc Pad Tata Di 207

Due Date
29 Jun, 2024
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