Air Shower Repair Tenders

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Ref. No #31879739 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Led Security Light Luminous With Single Pieces Die Cast Aluminum Housing, Desert Cooler Of Size 4Ft X 2Ft X 3Ft 230V 500Mm Sweep With Stand, Wall Mounting Fan 230V And 450Mm Sweep With Inbuilt Regulator, Ceiling Fan 1200Mm Sweep With Electronic Regulator And Hanging Hook, Fan Room Heater Model Cista2000w, Exhaust Fan 300Mm Sweep, Cfl Bulb 20W, Cp Tap, False Ceiling Panel, Head Change, Soap Dish Stand Plastic, Mirror Cabinet, Aluminum Window With Glass And Fitting Accessories, Steel Tap, Motor Rep 1 By 2Hp Winding, Mcb 2Pole, 4Ltr Olive Green Paint, 5Amp Ss Combination Box, 15Amp Ss Combination Box, 1Point5 Sqmm Copper Wire, 2Way Modulor, 5Amp Switch, 32 Amp Isolator, Isolator Box, Tape Roll, Capping Casing, Roof Ridge Cover, Door Stopper, Mcb 40Amp 3Phase, Self Starter For 20Kva Genr Set, Fip Injector For 20Kva Genr Set, Battery 12V 180Ah, Alternator For 20Kva Genr Set, Panel Board Wiring Change, Hrs Meter For 20Kva Genr Set, Volt Meter For 20Kva Genr Set, Amp Meter For 20Kva Genr Set, Oil Pressure Gauge For 20Kva Genr Set, Temparature Gauge For 20Kva Genr Set, Starter Switch For 20Kva Genr Set, Silencer For 20Kva Genr Set, Fuel Filter For 20Kva Genr Set, Oil Filter For 20Kva Genr Set, Fan Belt For 20Kva Genr Set, Over Flow Line, Fuel Lines 1 By 2Meter, Fuel Lines 1 Meter, Aluminium Flooring Sheet And Accessories For Fd Mobile Toilet, Cutting Wheel 5Inch, Grinding Wheel 5Inch, Star Tapping Screw 1 By 2Inch, Star Tapping Screw 1Inch, Tapping Screw 1Inch, Tapping Screw 1Point5 Inch, Wood Cutting Blade, Tile Cutting Blade, Iron Cutting Bushes, Tiles Cutting Bushes, Carbon Bushes, Eye Glass Black And White, Ro Jumbo Filters, 1Hp Motor Winding Bearing And Seal, 1Inch Multi Pot, 1Inch Upvc Pipe And Accessories, Hdpe Jerrican 35Ltr, Water Camper 20Ltr For Hot And Cold Make Milton, Security Light With 9W Bulb Bulk Head Light, Main Switch 63Amp 415 Volts, Main Switch 32Amp 210 Volts, 30W Led Street Light With Single Pieces Die Case Aluminum Housing Model No Ssk Slf F, Steel Table Of Size 1360Mm X 750Mm X 725Mm Made Of Prelaminated Particaleboard 18Mm Thick, Wash Basin Wastage Pipe, 36W Led Tube Light 4Ft Long With Fittings, 18Watt Led Bulb, 0 Point 5Hp Pump, Upvc Union1inch, Mcb 32Amp, Mcb 6Amp, Cpvc Solvent 200Ml, Pvc Pipe 100Mm, Cp Pillar Tap, Cabinet Mirror, Cfl 18Watt, 12Watt Led Bulb, 200Ltr Sintex Tank, Tyre With Tube For Trolley, Ro Jumbo Filters 500Lt Per Hr, Membrane For 500Ltr Per Hr Ro, Servicing Charges For Ro Rep, 1 By 4Inch Small Pipe With Tds Adjuster, Fan Belt For 62 Kva Genr Set Spax1185 310 319, 63Amps 4 Pole Mcb 40Kva Genr Set, C32 Amp Single Pole Mcb For 30Kva Genr Set, Fan Belt For 40Kva Genr Set Avx10x1135, Fan Belt For 40Kva Genr Set Avx10x1265, Exhaust Fan Reping 40Kva Genr, Emergency Stopper For 15Kva Genr Set Make Cummins, Fuel Level Sensor For 62.5 Kva Genr Set, Canopy Lamp Switch With Control Switch For Genr Set, Change Over Switch 100Amp, Coolent For Diesel Genr Set, Distilled Water, Bearing For Genr Set Wheel, Control Board Reping Work 40Kva And 15 Kva Genr Set, Fuel Return Pipe For 40Kva Genr Set, Filter Cat Part No 4H 1198 02 0 00, Filter Cat Part No 04 586 03 0, Filter Cat Part No 02 542 05 0 00, 1Ltr Cloth Filter For 62 5Kva 40Kva Genr Set, Fuel Filter Cat Part No F002h24468, Lub Oil Filter Cat Part No Kfo 03 01 2436, Lub Oil Filter Cat Part No 6 054 18 80009, Lub Oil Filter Cat Part No Lf 16098

Due Date
29 Jun, 2024
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