Air Valve Scrap Tenders

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Ref. No #25610498 State Government Live   GeM Tender

Supply of Iti Trainee Tools Equipments , Caliper Inside Spring 6 Inch Or 15 Cm, Caliper Hermachrodite.Spring 15 Cm, Caliper Outside Spring 6 Inch Or 15 Cm, Divider Spring 6 Inch Or 15 Cm, Scriber Double Ended 150 Mm Size, Engineers File Flat 2Nd Cut 250 Mm, Engineers File Flat Smooth 250 Mm, Engineers File Half Round 2Nd Cut 150 Mm, Straight Edge Engineers 300 Mm Or Abovec Size, Combination Set 300 Mm Rule Complete Set In Box, Universal Scribing Block 220 Or 225 Or 250 Mm. Pillar., Taps And Dies Complete 5, 6, 8, 10 And 12 Mm Standard Set Of 5 In Box, Engineers File Triangular Smooth 200 Mm, Engineers File Round 2Nd Cut 200 Mm, Engineers File Square 2Nd Cut 250 Mm, Engineers File Triangular 2Nd Cut 200 Mm, Engineers File Flat 2Nd Cut 300 Mm Safe Edge, Engineers File Flat Bastard 300 Mm, Engineers File Half Round 2Nd Cut 250 Mm, Engineers File Half Round Bastard. 250 Mm, Engineers File Round Bastard 250 Mm, Engineers File Hand 2Nd Cut 150 Mm, Card File Steel Wire Brush 3 Inch X 5 Inch, er Flat 12 Mm X 150 Mm., er 3 Corner 15 Cm., er Half Round 15 Cm., Temperature Gauge Range 0 - 150C, Lapping Plate 6 Inch Diameter, Caps Screws M6, M8, M10, M12 Set In Box, Drift Drill 200 Mm Hardened And Black Finish, Puller Set Universal Bearing And Bushes In Box, Snip Straight 300Mm, Stake Hatchet With Leg. 300 X 200 X 20 Mm, Stake Grooving. 100 X 100 X 300 Mm, Gauge -Snap Go And No Go 25 To 50 Mm By 5 Mm., Gauge Plug Single Ended 5 To 55 By 1 Mm., Sine Bar 125 Mm., Carbide Wear Block 1 Mm-2 Mm., Spark Lighter, Tip Cleaner For Welding Torch, Allen Key Set Hexagonal 2 To 14 Mm 12 Pieces In Box, Philips Screw Driver Set Of 5 Pieces 100Mm - 300Mm In Box, Spanners Socket With Speed Handle, T-Bar, Ratche And Universal Upto 32 Mm Set Of 28 Pieces With Box, Steel Tool Box With Lock And Key Foldind Type Size 400 X200x 150 Mm, Ac Alternator Slip Ring Puller Variable, Blow Gun With Standard Accessories Trigger Operated With Interchangeable Nozzles, Ratchet With, Bstandard Accessories, Impact Wrench With Standard Accessories, Battery Charger 6 - 24 V Wih 5 Mtr Cable Capable To Charge Up To 150 Ah, Blow Lamp 1 Litre, Guage-Belt Tensioner Gauge, Chain Puller Block 3 Ton With Tripod, Cylinder Bore Gauge Capacity 20 To 160 Mm, Different Type Of Engine Bearing Model 10 Different Types On Board, Different Type Of Piston Model 5 Different Types On Board, Engineers File Flat Bastard 200 Mm, Engineers File Square 2Nd Cut 200 Mm, Engineers File, Triangular 2Nd Cut 150 Mm, Engineers File Flat Bastard 350 Mm, Mallet Hard Wood 0.50 Kg., Injector Two Types, Multi Hole Type, Pintle Type, Injector Testing Machine, Spanner -Megneto Set Of 8 Spanners, Oil Pump For Dismentling And Assembling, Ring Groove Cleaner, Radiator Pressure Cap, er Triangular 10 Inch 25 Cm, Die And Stock Complete Metric Set In Box, Straight Edge Gauge 2 Ft., Extractors -Stud Set Of 3, Stud Remover With Handle, Timing Lighter, 3 Leg Universal Puller For Removing Pulleys, Bearings 300Mm Or 12 Inch With Flexible Arms, Block -Vee 75 X 38 Mm P With Clamps, Vacuum Gauge To Read 0 To 760 Mm Of Hg., Spring Compressor Universal, Plier Vice Grip, Automotive Water Pump For Dismentaling And Assembly, Tubed Tyre Of Cars Tubed, Tubed Tyre Of Motorcycle Tubed, Tubeless Tyre Of Cars, Tyre And Split Rim Wheel Assembly, Plumb Bob 115 Grams, Small Crimping Tools Assorted 10 100 Mm 5Nos Set, Spanner D.E. Set Of 6X7mmto 16X17 Mm Set Of 6 In Box, Screw Driver Set Of 5 Pieces 100 - 300 Mm, Twist Drill Bits 6, 8, 10, 12, Mm, Wall Jumper Octagonal 37Mmx450mm And 37X600 Mm, Engineers File Flat Rough 300Mm, Spanner Double Ended 1819, 2022, 2123, 2427, 2527, 3032 Set In Box, Foot Print Grip 250 Mm, Rubber Gloves 5000 Volts For Elecrician, Field Regulator 0 1000 Ohmic, 2 Amps, Automatic Reverse Forward Starter, Two Point Starter For Dc Series Motor, Soft Starter Single Phase, Spanners Double Ended Open Set Of 12 Metric Sizes 6 To 32 Mm In Box, Engineers Stethocope, Glow Plug Tester, Grease Gun Heavy Duty Trolley Type 10 Kg Capacity, Punch Hollow 6 Mm To 15 Set Of 7, Snip Left Cut 250 Mm, Piston Ring Compressor, Piston Ring Expander And Remover, Rivet Sets Snap And Dolly Combined 3 Mm, Rivet Sets Snap And Dolly Combined 4 Mm, Rivet Sets Snap And Dolly Combined 6 Mm, er Half Round 10 Inch Or 25 Cm Size, Universal Scribing Block 12 Inches Or 30 Cm, Shear - Tinmans 450 X 600 Mm, Gauge -Imperial Sheet., Shear - Tinmans 300 Mm, Soldering Copper Hatchet Type 500 Gms, Spanner T.Flex For Screwing Up And Unscrewing Inaccessible Position, Straight Edge Gauge 4 Ft., Telescopic Gauge, Temperature Gauge Range 0 - 100C, Trammel 30 Cm, Tyre Pressure Gauge With Accessories Holding Nipple Type, Bench Lever Shears 250 Mm Blade X 3 Mm Capacity, Pneumatic Rivet Gun, Screen Welding Helmet Type Fiber, Screen Welding Hand Fiber Or Hand Shield, Hammer Chipping 0.25 Kg With Metal Handle, Divider Spring 20 Cm, Engineers File Half Round Bastard 300 Mm, H.P. Welding Torch With 5 Nozzles Set, Pressure Regulator Oxygen Double Stage, Pressure Regulator Acetylene Regulators Double Stage, Pressure Regulator Co2, 2 / 102, Regulators Double Stage, Pressure Regulator Co2 Bgas With Flow Meter, Flash Back Arrester Torch Mounted, Flash Back Arrester Cylinder Mounted, Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Type, Oxygen Cylinders For Welding, Acetylene Cylinders For Welding

Due Date
03 Oct, 2022
7.93 Lacs