Aircraft Seat Spares Tenders

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Ref. No #29520283 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of - 130 X Air Rear Wheel Complete, 114 X Air Tension Leg Complete, 123 X Air Fuselage Fitting Set, 129 X Air Front Wheel Complete, C024250 Saddle Large, C05064 Saddle Medium, C02325 Saddle Small, 10119A Hinge Female, 10119B Hinge Male, Vc05047 Hinge Nut And Bolts, 104013B Trailing Edge Hinge, 115 Long Jury Stud, 116 Short Jury Stud, 161 Center Jury Stud, Pn08 Pulley With Bearing Assy, Pitot With Hose Set, 130261 And 129262 Tyre And Tube 350X8, 129259 And 129270 Front Wheel Bearing, Complete Nut And Bolt, 124 Fuel Tank, Fuel Line For Complete Ac Orange Colour Compatible With Rotax 582Cc Engine, Set Of Hoses, 143 Under Tube, 151 , 127 Choke And Throttle Cable, 128 Brake Cable L And R, 13107B Trim Tab, 201B And C Keel Front Part And Rear Part, 202A Keel Rear Part, 223010 Fuselage Fitting Plate, 223009 Fuselage Fitting Plate, 223 Fuselage Fitting, 204 Trailing Edge L And R Complete, 114166 Main Gear Tube Attachment, 203R Leading Edge Complete, 213 Tension Leg, 214 Main Gear Tube, 215 Long Jury Strut, 216 Short Jury Strut, 227 Choke And Throttle Cable, 228 Brake Sleeve And Cable, 229 Front Wheel Complete Assy, 230 Rear Wheel New Model Ss Frame, 232 Rudder Without Sailcloth, 233 Set Of Webbings, 236 Complete Sail Cloth For X Air F, 239 Front Roll Bar, 240 Rear Roll Bar, 242 Floor Tube, 251 With Harness L And R, 252R Stabiliser Without Sail, 252L Stabiliser Without Sail, 261 Flap Control L And R, 312 Wing Root L And R, 346 Fork Mobile Part, 354 Front Wheel, 355 Rear Wheel, 357 Trim Sleeves And Cables, 358 Throttle And Choke, 360 Fuel Hoses, 366 Brake Sleeves, 381 Fuel Tank, 3890 Door Set L And R, 374 Wind Screen, Bungee Cord, Clipper Wing Complete, 410004 Wing Batten Elastic Coord, 410005 Wing Elastic Rivets, 432003 Rear Wheel Tyre And Tube 350X8, Rear Wheel Complete Tyre Including Tube And Drum Set 350X8 L And R, Eng Mtg Bush Male, Eng Mtg Bush Female, Moonopole Lock With Safety Pin, 424004 Trike Bearing 6201 Front Wheel, 421002 Trike Fuel Line Rotax 503Cc Engine In Orange Colour, Trike Bearing Rear Wheel, Prob Mounting Nut And Bolts With Set Of Six, Exhaust Mounting Rubber Bush, C0506y Saddle Medium, One Side On And Off Switch Ignition Switch, 265262 Connector Housing 4 Pole, 265260 Connector Housing 4 Pole, 265200 Connector Housing 2 Pole, 265205 Connector Housing 2 Pole, Engine Mounting Nut And Bolt, For X Air X Air F And X Air H Airframe

Madhya Pradesh
Due Date
03 Oct, 2023
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