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Ref. No #31693191 State Government Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Manikins And Simulators - Adult Male Manikin, Adult Female Manikin, Cpr-The Manikin, Ivarm , Im Injection - Designed To Demonstrate And Practice Intramuscular Injection With Accessories., Id Injection Designed To Demonstrate And Practice In Intradermal Injection., Catheterization Male Designed To Demonstrateand Practice Male And Female Catherization., Ostomycare Simulator Colostomy Gastrostomy- Designed To Demonstrate Andpractice Patient Care Simulator With Ostomy Male And Female., Suction - Designed To Demonstrate And Practice, Intubation, Ventilation And Suction Techniques., Chest Tube Manikin-Designed To Demonstrate Chest Drain Insertion Techniquethoracostomy And Thoracentesis., Lung Examination Auscultation -Designed To Demonstrate And Practice Lung Sound Auscultation., Nasogastric Tube Feeding Simulatorfull Functional Nursing Manikin With Nasogastric Tube Feeding, Gastric Lavarge Gavage., Simulator- Man Witbasic Bls Training Manikin, With Realistic Training Of Chest Compression, Mouth To Mouth, Bag Mask Ventilation, Nose Ventilation., Pediatric Training Manikin, Infant - For Demonstrating Intubation Ventilation Ansuction Technique, Child - For Demonstrating Intubation Ventilation And Suction Technique, Infainject Able Head-It Is Used For Demonstrating And Practicing Infusiand Injections In The Temporal And Jugular Veins Of A New Born To02 Month Old Infant., Infant Auscultation Simulator -It Is Used Fordemonstrating And Practicing Infusion And Injections In The Temporal And Jugular Veins Of A New Born To 02 Month Old Infant Ng Tube Pediatric-It Is Used To Identify The Correct Auscultation Sites I.E Heart, Bowel, And Lungs Sounds Practicingng Tube Irrigation, Insertion And Removal, Gastric Lavage And Gavage., Pediatric Multi Venous Training Arm Kit-, Female Catheterization Manikin-, Manikin For Simulation And Managemeof Pph Mama Natalie-It Design To Teach Vaginal Delivery Postpartum Complication And Neo-Natal Resuscitation, Adult Cpr Manikin, Abdominal Antenaral Palpation Manikin With Leopoid Manoeuvre -, Child Birth Advanced Birthing Simulator With Episiotomy Repair Attachments -, Essential New Born Care 10-Anew Born Resuscitation Manikin And Kit Neo Natalie-, Zoe Modelwith Post Partum Uterus For Iucd Insertion Gynecological Simulator -Demonstration Of Iucd Insertion

Due Date
31 May, 2024
2.93 Crore