Airway Pressure Machine Tenders

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Ref. No #32283590 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Leaderflex 22G 8Cm, Single Line Disposable Transducer Kit, Flo Trac Sensor, Needle Free Connectors Double Lumen, Needle Free Connectors Triple Lumen, Iv Kit For Peripheral Lines With Dressing Chg Impregnated, Disposable Video Laryngoscope Blades Assorted Sizes, Microcuff Endo Tracheal Tube Assorted Sizes, 4 Percent Chlorhexidine In Soap Based With Emollient Moisturiser, Endotracheal Tube Cuffed Coated With Noble Metal Alloy Assorted Sizes, Et Tube Evac Cuffed Coated With Noble Metal Alloy Assorted Sizes, Gastric Tube Guide, Nasopharyngeal s Assorted Sizes 5 To 8, Disposable Et Tube Introducer With O2 Connector For Adults, Tracheostomy Tube With Subglottic Suction Line Cuff Assorted Size, Ung Povidone Iodine, Chemical Indicator To Verify All Parameters Of Eto Sterilization, Chemical Indicator Tape To Monitor Eto Sterilization By A Colour Change, Sticker With Eto Chemical Indicator For Documentation 30 Per Box, Eto Gas Cartridge 40 Gm, Heat Sensitive Chemical Indicator Class I Self Adherent Tape, Bowie Dick Test Pack Class 2 Chemical Indicato, Rapid Readout Biological Indicators For Steam Sterilization, Chemical Indicator Class V To Verify Parameters Of Steam Sterilization, Chemical Indicator Integrator For Steam Sterilizer Class 5, Biological Indicator Rapid Readout H2o2, Chemical Indicator Self Adherent Tape For H2o2 Sterilization Class-I, Chemical Indicator Class Iv To Verify All Parameters Of Plasma Sterilization, Sticker With Hydrogen Peroxide H2o2 Chemical Indicator, Sterilant Agent Hmsa 140 H2o2 Cartridge, Print Papers H2o2, Combine Pm Kit H2o2 F1and F2, Flat Rolls For Eto Autoclave 10 Cm X 200 Mtr, Flat Rolls For Eto Autoclave 20 Cm X 200 Mtr, Flat Rolls For Eto Autoclave 40 Cm X 200 Mtr, Wrapping Sheet Sms 35 Gsm 100 Cm X 100 Cm, Ink Cartridge For 3 Line Labeller , 3 Line Labeller For Documentation Sticker, Medical Instrument Lubricant Non Silicon Based For Metal, Chemical Indicator Strips 250Perpack, Packing Paper Tyvek 100Mm X 80Mtr, Packing Paper Tyvek 200Mm X 80Mtr, Packing Paper Tyvek 300Mm X 80Mtr

Due Date
02 Aug, 2024
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