Alcohal Tenders

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Ref. No #31834556 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Lab Item And Consumables - Steel Balls Robonic Clot Copagulation Analyser Robonic Pkt Of 50 Balls, Hcv Antibody Elisa Detection Test Of 96 Kits, Leishmans Stain With Buffer 500Ml, Gram S Stain Himedia, Isopropyl Swab, Glass Tube 100 X 10 Mm, Test Glass Size 12X100mm Test Tube Borossil, Flash Back Needle Holder, Typhi Dot Tests, Kb001 Hiimvic Biochemical Test Kit For Enterobacteriaceae Sp, Kb002 Hi Assorted Biochemical Test Kit For Gnb, Kb004 Histaph Kit For Identificatio Of Genus Staphylococcus, Dimension C Reactiva Protein Flex Crp 10444894, Tissue Embedding Cassette Stainless Steel Small, Tissue Embedding Cassette Stainless Steel Medium, Tissue Embedding Cassette Stainless Steel Large, Embedding Ring Plastic, Tissue Embedding Base Mould Stainless Steel Small, Tissue Embedding Base Mould Stainless Steel Medium, Tissue Embedding Base Mould Stainless Steel Large, Frosted Microscope Slide 22X75 Mm, Plastic Tissue Processing Cassettes Pkt Of 100, Coplin Jar Plastic, Acid Hydrochloric Arrenic Fire, Benedict Solution Qualitative, Drabkins Solution Diluting Solution For Haemoglobin Estimation By Cyanmet Haemoglobin Method, Kits For Estimation Of Albumin, Kits For Estimation Of Protein, Methylene Blue, Sodium Hypochlorite 4 Percent, Stain Methylene Blue, Kit For Ldl Cholesterol By Direct Estimation, Kit For Estimation Of Amylase 12 X 5 Ml, Vdrl Rapid Test Kit, Hemospot For Stool Occult Blood Pkt Of 25, Litmus Paper Strip, Ana Rapid Test Kit, Wbc Diluting Fluid, Platelet Count Diluting Fluid, Brush Cleaning Large, Brush Cleaning Small, Disposable Venous Blood Collection Needle, Sulphur Powder, Weak Iodine Solution, Wintrobe S Tube, De Ionised Water, Centrifuge Tube Conical Graduated 10 Ml In 0 Point 1 Ml, Disposable Slide Tray Plastic, Ph Strip, Ultrasound Jelly Tube Of 250Mg

Uttar Pradesh
Due Date
24 Jun, 2024
6.80 Lacs