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Ref. No #25068109 Central Government/Public Sector Live

Supply of Single Fiber Fusion Splicer Machine Description And Specifications :- 1 Type- Single Fiber Fusion Splicer 2 Splicing Method- Arc Splicing 3 Splicing Mode- Auto 4 Mode- Core To Core Pas-Profile 5 Ip Protection- Minimum Ip 64 6 Applicable Fibers- Single Mode Sm, Multi Mode Mm 7 Fiber Count-1 8 Minimum Fiber Cleave Length-8 Millimeter 9 Maximum Fiber Cleave Length-16 Millimeter 10 Protection Sleeve Length-60 Millimeter 11 Average Splice Loss For Single Mode Sm Fiber Db- 0.02 Decibel 12 Average Splice Loss For Multi Mode Mm Fiber Db- 0.02 Decibel 13 Average Splice Loss For Dispersion-Shifted Ds Fiber Db- 0.04 Decibel 14 Average Splice Loss For Non-Zero Dispersion -Shifted Nzds Fiber Db- 0.04 Decibel 15 Return Loss For Joined Fiber-60 Decibel 16 Electrode Life In Splices- 3000 Atleast 17 Tension Test / Pull Test Attachment Included In The Scope Of Supply-Yes 18 Tensile Load- Alteast 2 Newton 19 Fiber Image Magnification For Viewing X Or Y Axis Separately Max- Atleast S00x 20 Fiber Image Magnification For Viewing X And Y Axes Simultaneously- Atleast 360X 21 Type Of Display- Tochscreen Color Lcd 22 Display Size- 5.0 To 5.9 Inches 23 Storage Capacity In Terms Of Splice Results- Atleast 10000 24 Internal Storage Capacitygb- Atleast 8 25 Connectivity Interface-Uss 26 Power Source- Rechargeable Battery 27 Battery Chemistry- Li-Ion 28 Suitable Adapter To Be Supplied To Make The Equipment Work On 230 V %B1 10 %, 50 Hz- Yes 29 Carry Case Included In The Scope Of Supply-Yes 30 List Of Items And Quantity Of Each Item Included In The Offer- All Standard Accessories 31 Camera- Cmos Camera 32 Warranty On Equipment-2 Year Minimum 33 Warranty On Probe Electrode-12 Month Minimum Single Mode Otdr Machine -01 No Specifications And Special Conditions :- 1 Fiber Compatibility- Single Mode 2 Central Wavelength Nm- 1310 & 1550 For Single Mode 3 Wavelength Tolerance %B1-Atleast 20 Nanometer 4 Dynamic [email protected] Max Wavelength-32 Decibel 5 Event Dead Zone - Maximum-0.8 Meter 6 Attenuation Dead Zone - Maximum-5 Meter 7 Maximum Display Distance Range-256 Kilometer 8 Pulse Width Range-3 To 20000 For Single Mode/Live Fiber Testing 9 Distance Measurement Accuracy %B1-6 Meter 10 Reflection Detection Accuracy %B1-%B1 4 Db For Single Mode Or Better 11 Linearity Db/Db %B1 - 0.05 12 Sampling Points- At Least 250000 13 Measurement Time- User Selectable -4F Display- Colour Display, Lcd, Tft, Daylight Readable Display, Touch Screen, Backlit Display 15 Display Size- Atleast 5 Inch 16 Connectivity Interface-Usb 17 Internal Storage Otdr Traces- At Least 50000 18 External Storage / Memory Stick Slot Provided- 19 Integrated Stabilized Light Source- Yes 20 Light Source Wave Length- Same As Otdr 21 Modulation- Cw, 270 Hz, 1 Khz, 2 Khz 22 Optical Output Power- - 6 Dbm For Single Mode 23 Optical Output Port- On Otdr Port 24F Power Source- Internal / Removable- Rechargeable Battery 25 Battery Capacity Mah- Atleast 6000- Li-Polymer 26 Wave Length Range Vfl/Vsl- 650 Nm %B1 20 Nm 27 Output Function Vfl/Vsl- Cw 28 Maximum Optical Output Power Peak Vfl/Vsl - Dbm- - 3 Dbm Or More 29 Laser Safety Of Vfl/Vsl As Per Iec 60825-1 Latest Or Equivalent International Standard- Class 3R 30 Built-In Power Meter- Yes 31 Power Meter Input Port- On Otdr Port 32 Wavelength Range-1200 Nm To 1700 Nm 33 Accessories Inclusive In The Scope Of Supply - Dc Vehicle Battery-Charging Adaptor, Carry Case 34 Warranty-2 Years Minimum 35 Certification 36 Conformance To Safety Requirements As Per Iec 61010- 1 Latest Or Equivalent International Standard-Yes 37 Conformance To Emc Requirements As Per Iec 61326-1 Latest Or Equivalent International Standard- Yes

Due Date
16 Aug, 2022
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