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Supply Of Av Fistula Surgery Instruments And Thoracotomy Set Cardiovascular And Thoracic Surgery Instruments-Castro Viejo Needle Holder - Titanium : 7 inch ,Castro Viejo Needle Holder - Titanium: 8 inch ,De Bakey vascular clamp-angled - Medium ,De Bakey vascular clamp-straight- Medium ,De Bakey vascular s-fine tip 6 inch ,Bulldog clamp - Small ,Bulldog clamp- Medium ,Bulldog clamp - Large ,Adson Tissue s- Medium ,Toothed s- Medium ,Towel clip- Medium ,Sponge holder- Medium ,Right angle s-blunt tip - short ,Right angle s - long ,Right angle s-fine tip- Medium ,Nerve hook- Medium ,Mastoid retractor- Medium ,Mosquito s-Curved - Medium ,Mosquito s-Straight - Medium ,Artery s- Medium ,Langenbeck retractor - Small ,Langenbeck retractor- Medium , s - Medium ,Bard parker knife handle-BP handle No.4 ,Bard parker knife handle-BP handle No.7 ,Satinsky curved vascular clamp - Small ,Steel bowl- Medium ,Kidney tray- Medium ,Crile wood /Adson needle holder 7 inch ,Mini Ryder needle holder 7 inch ,Ryder Tc Needle holder 6 inch ,Potts Scissors-60 degree -6 inch ,Reverse potts scissors 6 inch ,Spring Potts Scissors-45o 6inch ,Spring Potts Scissors-60o 6inch ,Metzenbaum scissors -6 inch ,Mayo Scissors 6 inch ,Tenotomy Scissors 5 inch ,Vascular probe-steel 1mm ,Vascular probe-steel 1.5mm ,Straight Scissors 7inch ,Lung holding s-Duval 15mm x 200mm ,Lung holding s 10 inch ,Needle holder fine Tip Tc- 9 inch ,Needle holder fine Tip - 8inch ,Davidson Scapula retractor-adult ,on wire lung retractor 40mm x 250mm ,Malleable retractor 30mm x 40mm ,Satinsky clamp 9 inch ,Bone cutter (Rib cutter) 25cm ,Bone nibbler - Medium ,Chest retractor Morse four blade-adult - Large ,Chest retractor Morse four blade-adult- Medium ,Rib retractor Finochietto-adult - Large ,Rib retractor - Paediatric ,Langenbeck retractor- Medium ,Sternal wire needle holder - 7 inch ,Wire cutter - 8 inch ,Sternal wire twister - 6 inch ,Kidney tray- Medium ,Spoon- Medium ,Gallipot (steel bowl) - size 8 ,Nerve hook with blunt tip- Medium ,Sponge holder - 10 inch ,Mosquito s-curved - 5 inch ,Mosquito s-straight - 5 inch ,Artery s - curved - 6 inch ,Artery s - straight 6 inch ,Babcocks s 6 inch ,Right angled s 9 inch ,Mayo curved scissors - 7 inch ,Mayo straight scissors - 7 inch ,Metzenbaum scissors -curved - 7 inch ,Metzenbaum scissors -curved - 8 inch ,Kocher s - curved - 8 inch ,Kelly retractor - 9 inch ,Kelly retractor - 7 inch ,Right angled s - 7 inch ,BP Handle No.7 ,BP Handle No.4 ,BP Handle No.3 ,Suction Tip No.2 ,Morris Retractor - 8 inch ,Mayo Haeger Needle Holder - 8 inch ,Toothed s - 5 inch ,Non Toothed s with fine tip - 5 inch ,Towel clip - 5 inch , tissue s - 6 inch ,Right angled s 6 inch ,Tubing clamp 8 inch ,Vascular s 2mm tip 7 inch ,De Backey vascular clamp-straight 7 inch ,De Backey vascular clamp-angled 6 inch ,Sponge Basin- Medium ,Vascular s 6 inch ,Vascular s 7 inch ,Balfour retractor with doyens- Medium ,Roberts long artery s 8 inch ,Periosteum elevator- Medium ,Snugger rod 5 inch ,Russian s- Medium ,Rib Raspatory-Right- Medium ,Rib Raspatory-Left- Medium ,Rib approximator- Medium ,Bone holder- Medium ,Needle holder criles 6 inch ,Bulldog clamp- curved 2.5 inch ,Bulldog clamp- curved 3.5 inch ,Bulldog clamp- curved 1.5 inch ,Steel Drum - Large ,Cheatle s- Medium ,Autoclavable instrument tray- Medium ,Mastoid retractor- Medium ,Mastoid retractor - Large ,Langenbeck retractor - Large ,Tracheal hook- Medium

Due Date
13 Jun, 2024
6.00 Lacs