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Ref. No #22631869 State Government Live

Supply Of snon Toothed-Large, Plasticapron -Dispossable, Logitech Wireless Laser Pointer With Slide Change Controller, Wash Bottle Plastic, Diamond Pencil, Dropper Bottle, Digital Timer, L Block, Perforated Tissue Capsule Stainless Steel, Scissors Medium, Staining Rack, Surgical Blade, Ph Meter, Carborandum Stone, Reagent Bottle With Lid, Rubber Teet, K3 Edta, Vials, Esrite Esr Kits Cap, Esrite Tube, Liquid Paraffin Heavy, Carbon Brush, Halogen Microscopic Bulb, Diamond Glass Marking Pencil, Plastic Dropper With Gradation Volume, Ordinary Filter Paper, Whats Man Filter Paper, Ph Indicator Paper, Bottle Brush, Lancet, s Large Untoothed, Perforated Steel Basket, Tissue Paper For Lense Cleaning, Perforated Round Steel Basin, Round Steel Basin, Tin Opener, Monkey s, Scissors, Steel Squire Basket, Steel Basin, Micropipette 50 Microlitre Fixed, Thermal Paper, Disposable Esr-Pipette, Tourniquet, Aluminium Slide Carrying Tray, Micro Tip Yellow, Extension Board 3Channel, Esrite E S R Kit, Esrite Tube, Urine Container Non Sterile Bottle, Stainless Steel s Medium, Plastic Dropper With Gradation, Plastic Filling Vials For Esrite Esr Kit, Manual Dc Counter, Filter Paper Ordinary, Lancet, Scissors- Stainless Steel Small, Straight, Pointed, s- Stainless Steel, Pointed, s- Stainless Steel, Toothed, s- Stainless Steel, Non Toothed, Knife - Stainless Steel With Plastic Handle Blade, Trolley- Heavy Stainless Steel With 2 Shelves And Side Rail, Stainless Steel Container, Aluminium Basket With Pores And Handle, Basket- Stainless Steel With Pores And Handle To Keep In Autoclave, Cylindrical Bin-Stainless Steel With Holes With Handle And Lid, Bunsen Burner, Burner Connecting Plastic Tube, Slide Storage Box - Polypropylene, Slide Storage Box- Stainless Steel, Autoclavable Trays Stainless Steel, Spare Bulb, Non Sterile Powder Free Nitrile Gloves -Medium, Plastic Dropper, Stainless Steel Tray With Lid, Sponge Holding s, s, Bab Cock s, Kocker Straight , Artery s, Mosquito s Curved, Mosquito s Straight, Towel Clip, Needle Holder, Scissors Straight Cutting, Mayo Scissors, Bp Handle, Toothed s Medium, Non Toothed s, Tongue Depressor, S.S. Bowl, Kidney Tray Large, Doyens Retractor, Wringles s, Uterine Sound, Metal Catheter, Uterine Currette, Vulsulum s, Deaver Retracter, Kelley’S Retractor, S.S. Basin Lrge, S.S. Bin, Spinal Trolley Mayostand, Instruments Trolley, Punch Biopsy s

Due Date
16 Dec, 2021
10.00 Lacs