Alloy Tool Steel Tenders

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Ref. No #31212402 State Government Live   GeM Tender

Supply of Plumber Items,Rule Stainless , Scriber High carbon , Centre punch high grade , Chisel Cold flat Carbon , Hammer ball peen Wooden handle head , File flat rough Double cut with high carbon , Level spirit wooden , Plumb bob , Trowel Forged carbon with wooden handle , Screw Driver , Wooden Mallet small Wooden handle with iron head , Cutting pliers 200mm Chrome vanadium , tape , Combination set , Scribing Block Universal Cast , Hand Vice with Jaw Cast iron , File Flat Smooth with pvc handle and double cut , File Half Round Rough Carbon , File Square rough Carbon bastarad cut , File Square Smooth Mild , File Triangular Rough Carbon , File Flat Rasp Carbon , File Triangular Smooth Carbon , Chisel Cold Flat Carbon , Chisel Cross Cut Carbon , Chisel Round Nose Carbon , Chisel Diamond Point Carbon , Tap and Die set to cut British standard fine , Tap and Die set to cut British standard whitworth , Tap and Die set to cut metric threads , Spanner monkey carbon , Cutter Pipe wheel type Mild , Oil stone , Soldering Iron Copper Bit Fire heated Hatched Straight , Snip Straight Drop forged carbon , Snip bend Chromium vanadium , Try square , Inside Caliper , Caliper outside , Odd leg calliper , Tenon saw Stainless , Hand Saw Stainless , Mortise Chisel Chromium vanadium With wooden handle , Firmer Chisel Chromium vanadium With wooden handle , Mallet Medium , Safety halmet for welding , Safety Goggles welder , Brush Wire , Pliers combination, Carbon , Blow lamp brass , Washer cutter , Plumbers Laddle , Pipe vice cast iron with jaw material drop forged , Anvil Cast , Hand drill , Portable forge Cast iron , Flat smithy tong , Water closet European , Water Closet Indian , Urinal wall , Water meter , Fire Extinguisher , Four Fire bucket with one stand set , Electric pump , D E Pedestal grinder with two wheels , Double face sledge hammer with wooden handle , Pickaxe , Spade , Ring guage , PPR PVC cutter , Hydraulic pressure machine for testing leakage in GI pipe fittings Automatic kit made of mild

Jammu And Kashmir
Due Date
05 Mar, 2024
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