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Ref. No #25118873 Corporations/Associations/Others Live

Supply Stationary Items - packet koner gross wt. 80 gms.,U shape pin (100 pcs pack) koner,stamp ink blue/red 500 ml. (golden),stamp ink blue/red 30 ml. (golden),carbon blue one side kores sapphire (210x330) mm,carbon black double side kores (210x330) mm,corbon black one side kores '145 No. (210x330) mm,gonddani 150 ml camel,gonddani 700 ml camel,febistick medium,less 18" koner,pin kushan with megnet omega,paper wieght (glass) big size,suja plastic griP,white paper 13x16 rim orient 500 sheet,paper linedaar 13x16 rim orient 500 sheet,green paper legal size JK 80 gm.,stam pad (blue/red) medium Golden ( 110x70) mm,peshi ped jambudeeP 24 No.,Four folder ped jambudeeP 128 No.,conference ped jambudeep 003 (80 pages),Plastic folder L-Shape Jambudeep with gmc mono,index file jampudeep,spring file JambudeeP 315 No.,ring file fambudeep big size,spanj pot Omega,ragister linedar orient page '4 no. 13x'16 red gatta jambudeep with nagar nigam mono ,ragister linedar orient page '6 no. 13x'16 red gatta jambudeep with nagar nigam mono ,ragister linedar orient page '8 no. 13x'16 red gatta jambudeep with nagar nigam mono ,ragister linedar orient page '10 no. 13x'16 red gatta jambudeep with nagar nigam mono ,strip file jambudeep,steplar medium kangroo (24x6),steplar small kangroo No. 10,steplar pin big Kores (24x6),steplar pin small Kores no. 10,big pen stend with 4 Pen suPirior,paper roll of pen stand suPirior,pen of pen stand red & blue suPirior,fax roll 15 m. Citizen,Slip ped 003 no. Jambudeep (160 Pages),achiver pen refill (Addgel),addgel pen, achiver,uniball pen (black,red,green,blue) uniball eye,ballpen cello (fine grip),sketch pen (Rorito),white board marker Camel,parmanent marker (Rorito),C.D. marker (Cello),white bord 2'x3' Omega,Eraser Apsara non dust small,pencil Apsara Platinum Packet,sharpner Apsara,scale plastic small natraj 6",scale plastic big natraj 12",Celotep 1.5" white Wonder 100 Mtr,Celotep l" white Wonder 100 Mtr,Celotep big 2" Wonder 100 Mtr,envelop file size with lamination 12x16 jambudeep,envelop with lamination 8x10 jambudeep,envelop with lamination 10x12 jambudeep,envelop khaki '11x5 Swarnmahal,envelop white 9x4 Swarnmahal,envelop white '11x5 Swarnmahal,envelop white 6x3.5 Swarnmahal,punch machine medium 480 No. Kangaroo,punch machine 600 No. Kangaroo,hig h lighter febercastel,whitener pen Cello,calculator medium 512 No. Casio,blank c.d. Sony,c.d. cover supirior,dvd Sony,account ledger 100 page Jambudeep,table top big supirior,kenchi medium size supirior gl 2185 kangaroo,steno dayri 200 Page No. 1,steno pencil Apsara,use and throw ball pen Fungl, account ledger 200 page Jambudeep,flage big supirior,flage small supirior size (16x25x3) mm,stepler big kangaroo hp 45,small pen stand with 4 pen,Lamination envelope size 10"x14" folder,stamp pad big red and blue Golden 1(60x97),stick self adhesive notes size(3"x3"),stick self adhesive notes size(3"x4"),document bag ragine 20 Leave,plastic bag botton,Noting diary spiral binding j6 jambudeep,sooja with wooden grip,table bell,electric bell (cona), To Store Department. File No.18/22X1/

Madhya Pradesh
Due Date
22 Aug, 2022
8.47 Lacs