Alluminium Conductor Cable Tenders

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Ref. No #31995499 Co-Operative Live

Supply Of General Electric Goods Items - Air Break Contactor 3TA 22 , 220 Volt ,Air Break Contactor 3TA 24 , 220 Volt , Lugs All mm Size ,Amp meter with C.I. Pedestal/Squire type 100 A ,Amp meter with C.I. Pedestal/Squire type 200 A ,Amp meter with C.I. Pedestal/Squire type 400 A ,Amp Miter C.I. 4"X4" 0 to 100 ,Amp Miter C.I. 4"X4" 0 to 150 ,Amp Miter C.I. 4"X4" 0 to 300 ,Amp Miter C.I. 4"X4" 0 to 400 ,Ampere Meter Size 6"x6" 3000/5 ,Anchor make flash type switch 15 Amp Combind ,Anchor make flash type switch 5 Amp Combind ,Angle Holder 5 Amp ,Bakalite sheet 10"X12" ,Bakalite sheet 2"X4" ,Bakalite sheet 8"X10" ,Bare copper wire 4 SWG for cane unloader ,Battery Terminal in copper ,Batton Holder 5 Amp ,BCH make coil ,BCH make Vaccum type meter/timer 110 V (30 Sec) ,Bectrol Gray ( Dr. Back make) ,Bectrol Red ( Dr. Back make) ,Bed Switch 6 Amp ,Benzene 500 ML ,Box spanner set Taparia ,Brass Holder 100x20x20 ,Brasso 100ml , griping paste ,Capacitor 10 MFD ,Capacitor 3.5 MFD ,Capacitor 4 MFD ,Capacitor 6 MFD ,Carban Brush for 1875 KVA Alternator Ket 16X32X14 ,Carban Brush for 1875 KVA Alternator Ket 50X32X19 ,Carben Brush double tail 50X32X22 Ket make 150 WD ,Carben Brush for cane unloder size 100X20X20 ,Carbon brush 38X22X95 Jyoti make ,Carbon brush 50X25X16 Jyoti make ,Carbon brush 50X40X20 Jyoti make ,Carbon brush for 18.5 kw Alternator size 12X24X30 ,Carbon brush Holder 250 M Kirloskr ,Carbon Bush 16x32x40 Jyoti make ,Carbon Bush 20x32x42 Jyoti make ,Carbon Bush 20x32x48 Jyoti make ,Carbon Bush 20x32x52 Jyoti make ,Changeover Switch type FP 32 AMP, 440 volt ,Changeover Switch 100 Amp 4 Pole ,Changeover Switch 200 Amp ,Changeover Switch 250 Amp 4 Pole ,Changeover Switch 300 Amp ,Changeover Switch 320 Amp 4 Pole ,Changeover Switch 400 Amp ,Changeover Switch 630 Amp ,Codensor 2.5 MFD ,Combination Plier 8" ,Connection Plate ,Cooler pump Submersible type ,Copper Lugs All Size ,Copper for Cane Unloader ,Cotton Tape 1/2" ,Cotton Tape 3/4" ,CRC 2-26 ,CTC ,DC CT Jyoti Make Catno 4/75/3993/10 400 Amp ,Digital Energy Miter 340 volt ,Digital Multimeter 0-10000 AC/DC ,Digital RPM Meter with Sensor ,Drum controller for box crane ,Dyno Drive 40 HP Eddy current ,Dyno Drive controller for 50HP ,Ebonite rod 2" ,Ebonite rod 3" ,Emery Tape 3/4" ,END shield 6.3 Amp ,English Electric Fuse 50 AMP ,English Electric make HRC Fuse 100 A ,English Electric make HRC Fuse 16 A ,English Electric make HRC Fuse 200 A ,English Electric make HRC Fuse 32 A ,English Electric make HRC Fuse 63 A ,Exhaust Fan 12" ,Exhaust Fan 18" ,Exhaust Fan 24" ,Extension Board 16 Amp ,Fiber Glass Sleeve 10mm ,Fiber Glass Sleeve 12mm ,Fiber Glass Sleeve 16 Amp ,Fiber Glass Sleeve 60 Amp ,Fiber Glass Sleeve 8 mm ,Film Leatherised Paper (Black) ,Fix Archng contact ,Fix contact ,Foot Switch Complete For Bag Stitching Machine ,Foot switch ,Fuse Tinned copper wire 32 Amp ,Fuse wire 10 A ,Fuse wire 100 A ,Fuse wire 35 A ,Fuse wire 63 A ,GI Bolt 10mm x 75mm ,GI Bolt 12mm x 100mm ,GI Bolt 12mm x 100mm ,GI Bolt 12mm x 36mm ,GI Bolt 12mm x 50mm ,GI Bolt 6mm x 25mm ,GI Bolt 6mm x 75mm ,GI Bolt 8mm x 200mm ,GI Bolt 8mm x 50mm ,GI Bolt 8mm x 75mm ,GI Nut 10mm ,GI Nut 12mm ,GI Nut 6 mm ,GI Nut 8mm ,GI Washer 10mm ,GI Washer 12mm ,GI Washer 8mm ,Glass Fuse 30 A ,Glass Fuse 5 A ,Glass Fuse 6 A ,Hand Held Vibration Meter ,Hand Operated techo Meter (Digital) ,HP - 03 12 Amp TWO rotor ,HP-25 40 Amp single rotor ,HRC Fuse NS Type 16 Amp ,HRC Fuse NS Type 20 Amp ,HRC Fuse NS Type 32 Amp ,HRC Fuse NS Type 6 Amp ,HRC Fuse NS Type 63 Amp ,Hylam Sheet 6mm Thick ,ICTP Main swietch 32 Amp ,ICTP Main Switch 100 Amp ,ICTP Main Switch 125 Amp ,ICTP Main Switch 16 Amp ,ICTP Main Switch 250 Amp ,ICTP Main Switch 32 Amp ,ICTP Main Switch 320 Amp ,ICTP Main Switch 400 Amp ,ICTP Main Switch 63 Amp ,Ignitor 0-400 watt ,Insulating Varnish ( Dr. Back make) ,Insulating Varnish (Other Brand) ,Insulator ,Kit kat Backlit 100 A ,Kit kat Backlit 16 A ,Kit kat Backlit 32A ,Kit kat Backlit 63 A ,Kit Kat Porcelain Base 100 A ,Kit Kat Porcelain Base 16 A ,Kit Kat Porcelain Base 32 A ,Kit Kat Porcelain Base 63 A ,Leather paper good quality ,LED Bulb 15 W Phillips/Syska ,LED Bulb 20 W Phillips/Syska ,LED Street Light 200 W Syska / Bajaj ,LED Street Light 50 W Syska / Bajaj ,LED Tube Light 100W Phillips/Syska ,LED Tube Light 50W Phillips/Syska ,LED Tube Road 20 W Phillips/Syska ,LED Tube Road 50 W Phillips/Syska ,M.C.B. 10 Amp Single Pole ,M.C.B. 16 Amp Single Pole ,M.C.B. 6 Amp single Pole ,Magger HD 500V with lead ,Motor Cooling fan (Plastic) 10 HP ,Motor Cooling fan (Plastic) 12.5 HP ,Motor Cooling fan (Plastic) 15 HP ,Motor Cooling fan (Plastic) 20 HP ,Motor Cooling fan (Plastic) 25 HP ,Motor Cooling fan (Plastic) 30 HP ,Motor Cooling fan (Plastic) 40 HP ,Motor Cooling fan (Plastic) 5 HP ,Motor Cooling fan (Plastic) 50 HP ,Motor Cooling fan (Plastic) 7.5 HP ,Moving coil type Amp Meter 0-10A ,Moving Contact ,Multi Meter Digital ,No Volt Coil 3 TA 22 220 Volt ,No Volt Coil 3 TA 24 220 Volt ,Nomex paper fire proof 5 MILES ,Nomex paper fire proof 7 MILES ,P.I. indicator anchor make ,Pendent Holder 5 Amp ,Pin type lugx 20 MW ,Pin type lugx 50 MW ,Pin-3 plug top 15 Amp ,Pin-3 plug top 5 Amp ,Pole Assembly ,Power Capacitior in 25 KVAREPCOH/Jabik/Mahar make ,Pressure switch ,PT Bulb 100 watt ,Push Button Element 1 No ,Push Button Station ,PVC Aluminum wire 2 core, 1 mm ,PVC Polycabe Make ,PVC Grandley Make ,PVC Copper Flexible wire 2 core ,PVC Copper W/Shop Flexible wire 3 core ,PVC copper wire (National/Bidut/Havells make) 1.00 MW ,PVC copper wire (National/Bidut/Havells make) 1.50 MW ,PVC copper wire (National/Bidut/Havells make) 2.0 MW ,PVC copper wire (National/Bidut/Havells make) 2.50 MW ,PVC Copper wire National make ISI marked ,PVC Copper wire Vidut make ISI marked ,PVC Flexvle 6 core copper wire 140/33 ,PVC Tape (steel Grip) Anchor make 3/4" ,Rv 455XRa 165 (MEI make ) ,SE Copper wire SWG 19 ,SE Copper wire SWG 19.5 ,SE Copper wire SWG 20 ,SE Copper wire SWG 21 ,SE Copper wire SWG 22 ,SE Copper wire SWG 23 ,SE Copper wire SWG 24 ,Sliping ,Slipring block Assembly ,Slipring Holder 150 HP Motor ,Slipring induction motor startar with resistanc box ,Slipring induction motor startar with resistenc box 150 HPX960 RPM MEI/Crompton make ,Slipring Motor Starter Resistance Box 400Amp 250 HP ,Socket 2 pin anchor ,Socket 5 pin anchor ,Spare Kit 3TA 22 ,Speedo meter Rang 0-10000 ISI Mark ,Step Down Transformer with enclose Input 240 V out Put 24 Volt ,Sunmica sheet any size ,Taflon rod 2"X12" ,Tape for Techo Meter Reading ,U type Air heater 100 watt 230 volt ,U type Air heater 2000 watt 230 volt 990mm length ,Volt Meter Squire type 4"(0-500 v) ,Volt Meter Squire type 6"(0.500 v) ,Voltmeter 0 to 500 4"X4" ,Voltmeter 0 to 500 6"X6" ,White Plastic Modular Pvc Multi-socket Electric Switch Board

Uttar Pradesh
Due Date
25 Jun, 2024
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