Aloe Oil Tenders

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Ref. No #31795695 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Drugs And Pharamceutical Products - Aleovera Gel Light Liquid Paraffin Calamine Glycerine Silicon 50Ml, Lotion Betamethasone 0Dot05perctge Pluszinc Sulphate 0Dot5perctge 50Ml, Calamine 8Perctge Vera 10Perctge Light Liquid Parafin 10Perctge Olivem 800 60Ml, Cetearyl Alcohol Butylene Glycol Cetostearyl Alcoholcleansing Lotion, Hydroquinonekojic Acid Ascorbyl Methylsilanil Pectinatealimimium Silicate Lactic Acidbott Of 15Ml, Methoxycinnamate Benzophenone 3 Butylmethoxy Dibenzolymethane Capryliccapric Triglyceride Glycerine Creamtube Of 75Mg, vera Calamine And Pramoxine Bott Of 100Ml, 1Perctge Ciclopirox Olamine Cream 30Gm, Vit C L Glutathione Intraoral Spray 50Ml, Potassium Permanganate Packet Of 50 Gm Crystal Pulv, 1Perctge Caffeine Shampoo 100Ml, 2Perctge Ketoconazole Plus1perctgezpto 75Ml Shampoo, Ketoconazole Ichthyal Pale Dpantheno Alovera 10Perctge 50Ml Shampoo, Syndet Bar With Elitab Hexamidine Diisothenate, Capryioly Glycine Polysorbate 20 Triethanolamine 100Ml, Amorolfine 5Perctge Nail Lacquer Bott Of 2Dot5ml, 5Perctge Minoxidil Plus Procapil In Aqua Base 60Ml, Cap Doxycycline 100Mg Plus Lactobacillus 5 Billion Spores, Tab Zinc 158 Mg, Tab Bilastine 10Mg Dispersible, Tab Bilastine 20Mg Dispersable, Clobetasolpropinate 0Dot05 Perctgesalicylic Acid 6Perctgeurea10perctgelactic Acid 5Perctge Oint 30Gm, Finasteride 1 Mg, Itraconazole 200 Mg Cap, Tab Nicotinamide 300Mg, Prednisolone 30Mg Tab, Prednisolone 40Mg Tab, Capsules Of Biotin Zinc Inositol Vit B6, L Arginine And Coenzyme Q10, Tranexamic Acid 250 Mg Tab, Valacyclovir 1 Gm Tab, Encapsulated Hydroquinone Niacinamide 5Perctge Lactic Acid In Cosmowax P Base 50Gm, Tetrahydracurcumin 0Dot1perctge Pramocine Hcl 1Perctge Calamine 8Perctge vera Gel 10Perctge Menthol 0Dot05perctge Camphor 0Dot1perctge Lotion Bott Of 60Ml, Lactic Acid 10Perctge Parraffin 10Perctgelus Urea 10Perctge50gm, Tab Dapsone 100Mg, Lactobacillus Sachet, Cream Terbinafine 1Perctge 30Gm, 2Perctge Salicylic Acid Face Wash Bott Of 60Ml, Glycolic Acid 1Perctge Plus Mandelic Acid 2Perctge Wash Bott Of 100Ml, Cr Kojic Acid 2Perctgeniacinamide 4Perctgesoy Isoflavones 0Dot2perctgetettrahydrocurcumin 0Dot1perctgetube Of 15Gm, Vit Ckojic Acid And Glutathion Face Washtube Of 70Gm, Sertaconazole 2Perctge Cream 15 Gm Tube, 3M Steri Strip Reinforced Skin Closures 6Mm 75Mm Box Of 50

West Bengal
Due Date
14 Jun, 2024
9.87 Lacs