Alumina Hydrate Tenders

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Ref. No #25597508 Central Government And Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply of Chemical And Consumables Mgcu List 2, Ethyl Cynaoacetate, Ethylenediamine, 98 Percent, Formamide, 98 Percent, Furfural, Glass Slides Normal, Graphite Powder, Guanidine Hydrochloride, H2o2, Hydrazine , 35 Percent 1 Percent, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydroxybenzotriazole Hobt 98 Percent, Iodobenzene, 98 Percent, Isatoic Anhydride, 97 Percent, Kmno4, L-Alanine, 98 Percent Pure, L-Isoleucine, 98 Percent Pure, L-Leucine, 98 Percent Pure, L-Phenylalanine, 98 Percent Pure, L- Proline, 98 Percent Pure, Magnetic Stirring Bar 3X6mm And 10X6 Mm Each 20 Pieces, Malononitrile, Methyl Acrylate, 99 Percent, Morpholine, 99 Percent, N, N- Dicyclohexylcarbodiimide, 98 Percent, N, N- Dimethylformamide Dimethyl Acetal, N, N- Dimethylformamide, 99 Percent, N-Ethylcarbodiimide Hydrochloride Edc.Hcl, 98 Percent Pure, N- Bromosuccinimide, N-Butylacrylate 98 Percent, Ni Chloride Hexa, Ni Sulphate Hexa, Nickel Ammonium Sulphate Hexa, 98 Percent, Nicotinoyl Chloride Hydrochloride, O-Phenylenediamine, 98 Percent Pure, Oxalyl Chloride, 98 Percent, Petroleum Ether Or Hexane, Ar Grade, Phenylboronic Acid, Picolinic Acid, 98 Percent, Piperidine, 99 Percent, Pipette Tip 1.0 Ml, 10 Microl, 100 Microl Each 1000 Pieces, Potassium Ferricyanide, Potassium Ferrocyanide, Propargyl Amine, 98 Percent, Propargyl Bromide, 98 Percent, P-Toluenesulfonic Acid Mono, Pyrrole-2-Carboxaldehyde, Pyrrolidine, 98 Percent, Sample Vials 2 Ml Crimp Neck, Silver Nitrate 10 Gram, Single-Neck 24 Or 29 Round Bottom Flask 50Ml, 100 Ml, 250 Ml Each 6 Pieces, Sod.T-Butoxide, 97 Percent 100 Gm, Sodium Ascorbate, 98 Percent, Sodium Azide, 98 Percent, Sodium Ethoxide, 95 Percent, Sodium Fluoride, Sulfuric Acid, Tetrabutylammonium Bromide, 98 Percent, Tetrabutylammonium Iodide, 98 Percent, Thionyl Chloride, 95 Percent, Trans-Cinnamaldehyde, Triethyl Orthoacetate, Triethylamine, 98 Percent, Separating Glass Funnel 250 Ml, 500 Ml Each 5 Pieces, 2-Ethoxy Ethanol Sq, Boat, 15 Ml Size 110 Mm X 20Mm X 18Mm, Crucible 40 Ml Height-52Mm Outer Dia-40Mm, Aniline 99 Percent Extra Pure, Barium Carbonate, Barium Hydroxide Octa Emplura, Barium Nitrate, Beaker Borosilicate Glass 25 Ml,, Bismuth-Iii Nitrate Penta Puried 100 Gm, Burette Stand With Clamp, Cadmium Acetate Di, Cadmium Sulphate Sq, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Hydroxide For Analysis Emparta Acs, Calcium Nitrate Tetra, Cerium Oxide, Chromium-Iii Oxide, Citric Acid 500G, Closed Crucible With Lid, Cobalt-Ii Nitrate Hexa, Conical Funnel Plain 60 Degree Angle Stem Funnels Dia 75Mm, Copper Nitrate Tri, Erem 110 Mm Stainless Steel, Pointed, Straight, Tweezer, Ferric Nitrate Nona, Florine Doped Indium Tin Oxide Fto Glass 25Mmx25mm, Formaldehyde Solution, Acs Reagent, 37 Wt Percent In H2o Contains 10-15 Percent Methanol As Stabilizer, Fto Glass Substrate 2.2Mm Thick L 20Mm X W15mm Resistance 6 - 9 Ohm Per Square, Gallium-Iii Nitrate 99.9 Percent Metals Basis, Graphene Nano Powder Purity Above 99 Percent, Graphene Oxide Powder, Graphite Foil Graphite Foil 1Mm Thick, 97 Percent Metals Basis 30X100cm, Hydriodic Acid Greater Of Equal To 99 Percent, Hydrofluoric Acid Acs 48-51Percent, Iron-Iii Nitrate Nona Puried 500 Gm, L - Tartaric Acid Emplura-500 Gm, Lanthanum Acetate Hi-Ar, Lead-Ii Iodide Greater Of Equal To 99 Percent Pbi2, Maganese-Ii Acetate Tetra, Manganous Chloride Er Grade, Methylammonium Iodide, Anhydrous Ch3nh2.Hi Purity Greater Or Eqaul To 99 Percent, Nitric Acid About 69 Percent Emplura, Nitrogen Gas Flow Meter Controller Rotameter 0-200 Sccm, Oxalic Acid, Poly Vinyl Alcohol Cold Water Soluble, Potassium Hydroxide Pellets 85 Percent Extra Pure, Potassium Nitrate 500 Gram, Pvdf-Hfp, Pyrrole Reagent For Nitrites, Resorcinol, Acs Reagent Sncl2.2H2o 99.0 Percent, Round Magnetic Stirrer Bar With Pivot Ring Pk Of 10 Pc, Silicon Wafer N-Type 100 Plane 3- Inch Diameter, Silicon Wafer P-Type 100 Plane 3-Inch Diameter, Sodium Carbonate, Acs Reagent Anhydrous Greater Or Equal To 99.5 Percent Powder Or Granules, Sodium Hydroxide Pellets Er Grade, Sodium Sulphate Er Grade, Stannous Chloride Er Grade, Strontium Nitrate, Sulphuric Acid Acs Reagent, 95-98 Percent, Tin-Ii Chloride Di Sncl2.2H2o Greater Of Equal To 99 Percent, Titanium Chloride, Titanium Dioxide, Titanium-Iv Oxide Emplura, Zinc Nitrate Sq 500 Gram, Zinc Sulphide 98 Percent Extra Pure, Spatula, Ethanol 500 Ml, Glass Rod For Stirring, Hydrazine 500 Ml, Nickel Nitrate 500 Gram, Beaker Borosilicate Glass 250 Ml, Beaker Borosilicate Glass 50 Ml, Beaker Borosilicate Glass 500 Ml, 1-Amino-2-Naphthol-4-Sulphonic Acid 1, 2, 4-Acid Extrapure Ar, Acs, 98 Percent, 1Kb Dna Ladder, 3, 3- Diaminobenzidine Tetrahydrochloride, 4-Nitro-O- Phenylenediamine, 96 Well Flat Bottom Elisa Plates, Aldicarb Sulfone, Ammonium Chloride, 98Percent, Anthroneextrapure Ar, 98Percent, Antibiotic Antimycotic Solution, Blood Group Test Kit, Calcium Chloride Di, Cholesterol Powder, Cuso4.5H2o, Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate, Di-Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate Anhydrous 500 Gram, Dmem Media 500 Ml, Dmso, Dns Solution 3, 5- Dinitrosalicylic Acid Solution, Eriochrome Black T Indicator, Ethanol 99.9 Percent, Ferroin Indicator, Ferrous Ammonium Sulfate, Foetal Bovine Serum, Glucose, Hepes, Hexamethylenetetramine, Hexane C6h14, Hindiii, Hydrazine Sulfate, Hydrogen Peroxide, Kh2po4 Potassium Phosphate Monobasic, Maltose, Manganese Sulfate Mono, 98 Percent, Mercury Sulfate, 98 Percent, Methyl Orange Indicator, Mgso4 Magnesium Sulphate Anhydrous Reagent Grade, Na2so4 Sodium Sulphate, Nematode Growth Media Ngm, Powder, 1Ea, Pcr Master, 2 / 117, Nematode Growth Media Ngm, Powder, 1Ea, Pcr Master Bmix 2X For 200 Reactions, Peptone Powder, Phenol Saturated, Phenolphthalein Indicator Solution, Potassium Bicarbonate Khco3, Potassium Chromate, Potassium Dihydrogen Orthophosphate Monobasic 500 Gram, Potassium Hydrogen Sulphate Or Potassium Bisulphate Pure, 99 Percent, Potassium Hydroxide, Potassium Iodide 1M Solution, Potassium Sodium Tartrate, Tetra, , Protein Marker Prestained With Multicolour Broad Range - 2 X 250 Microliter 10 Kda To 260 Kda, Reverse Transcription Cdna Synthesis Kit, Silver Sulfate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate Anhydrous, Sodium Hypo-Carbonate, Sodium Metabisulphite Extrapure Ar, 98Percent, Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous Extrapure Ar, 99.5Percent, Sodium Thiosulfate, 98 Percent, -Cyclodextrin, Base Bcd, 98Percent, Tri Reagent Trizol, Alpha-Amylase, Tween-20, 25 Ml, Methanol Extrapure Ar 1 Litre Bottle, Isopropanol 2.5 Litre, Sodium Chloride Extrapure Ar, 99.9Percent 500 Gram

Due Date
03 Oct, 2022
5.00 Lacs