Aluminium Cone Tenders

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Ref. No #31900537 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Biology Lab Items - Acetic Acid, 2 To 4 Percent Acetocarmine Stain, Acetone, Benedicts Reagent, Biuret Reagent, Boric Acid, Calcium Nitrate, Chromatographic Strips Paper Whatman No 1, 3 Percent Cobalt Chloride Solution, Detergent Or Soap For Pollen Grain Experiment, Distilled Water, Ethanol, Ethyl Alcohol, Fehlings Solution A And B, Glacial Acetic Acid, Glycerine, Haematoxylin Stain, N 10 Hydrochloric Acid, Millons Reagent, Nitric Acid Concentrated, Petroleum Ether, Potassium Chloride, Potassium Hydroxide, Robert Reagent Hno3 Plus Mgso4, Smiths Reagent, Sodium Hydroxide Phenol Red, Sodium Hypobromide, Sucrose, Sudan Dye, Sulphosalicylic Acid, Sulphuric Acid Concentrated, Safranin, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide, Enzyme Cellulase Ribonuclease Lipases, Methyl Alcohol, Dicot Stem Sunflower, Monocot Stem Maize, Dicot Root Gram, Monocot Root Maize, Onion Root Tip To Study Mitosis, Beaker 50 Ml, Beakers 100 Ml, Beakers 250 Ml, Beakers 500 Ml, Cavity Glass Slides, Conical Flask 100 Ml, Conical Flask 250 Ml, Conical Flask 50 Ml, Conical Flask 500 Ml, Cover Slip Square, Gas Jar With Lid, Glass Droppers, Glass Rods, Glass Tubings Bent At 90 Degree, Glass Tubings Bent Twice At 90 Degree, Measuring Cylinder 100 Ml, Measuring Cylinder 250 Ml, Measuring Cylinder 500 Ml, Petridish 3 Inch, Petridish 5 Inch, Pipette 10 Ml, Plain Glass Slides, Split Cork, Stirrer, Storage Jar 5 Lit, Test Tubes 15 X 125 Mm, Watch Glass, Glass Stopper, Stop Watch, Weight Balance Machine, A Closed Vessel With One Opening, Alpins, Foil, Blotting Paper, Cutter Or Knife, Forceps Stainless Steel, Dissecting Needle With Handle, Drawing Board Pins, Dissection Box, Filter Paper Ordinary, Hand Gloves, Iron Nails For Quadrant Making, Hammer, Meter Scale, Half Meter Scale, Paint Brush Fine, Platinum Loop For Smear Preparation, Cotton Thread, Nylon Thread, Strong Thread, Surgical Gloves, Hook, Agaricus, Any Angiospermic Plant, Ascaris, Bony Fish, Cockroach, Earthworm, Fern, Frog, Hydra, Leech, Monocot And Dicot Plant, Moss Funaria, Obelia, Octopus, Pila, Pinus Male And Female , Scorpion, Sepia, Spirogyra, Spongilla, Starfish, Sycon, Tapeworm

Due Date
02 Jul, 2024
1.43 Lacs