Aluminium Cone Tenders

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Ref. No #25548990 Central Government And Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply of Geotechnology Lab, Laboratory Cbr Apparatus - Electric Operated With 10 Kn Proving Ring With Nabl Traceability Certificate, Field Cbr Test Apparatus - With Proving Ringand Dial Gauge With Nabl Traceability Certificate, Automatic Soil Compactor With Nabl Traceability Certificate, Sieve Shaker- Gyratory- For 20Cm Dia Sieves With Digital Timer With Nabl Traceability Certificate, Penetrometer - Automatic With Timer, Liquid Limit Device - Hand Operated, Plastic Limit Apparatus, Shrinkage Limit Set With Mercury, Grain Size Analysis Apparatus Pipette Method, High Speed Soil Stirrer, Proctor Compaction Test Aparatus Standard, Proctor Compaction Test Aparatus Modified, Field Density Test App-Core Cutter Method, Field Density Test App-Sand Replacement Method Small, Field Density Test App-Sand Replacement Method Medium, Field Density Test App-Sand Replacement Method Large, Rapid Moisture Meter-0 - 25 Percentage With Pressure Gauge With Nabl Traceability Certificate, Load Frame For Triaxial Shear Test Digital Readout Touch Panel With Nabl Traceability Certificate, Direct Shear Apparatus- Motorised - Multi Speed - Electronic Digital Touch Panel With Nabl Traceability Certificate, Consolidatio N Apparatus- Three Gang- Electronic- With Usb Port And Battery Backup Facility With Nabl Traceability Certificate, Extractor Frame Hydraulic, Soil Permeability Apparatus For Constant Head Test, Soil Permeability Apparatus For Variable Head Test, Hot Air Oven- Digital- 45X45x45 Cm- 250 Degree Celcius- Inner S.S. Chamber With Nabl Traceability Certificate, Water Still Ss 304 Compact 4 Ltr. Per Hour, Round Hot Plate-C.I. Top- Energy Regulator- 20 Cm, Relative Density Apparatus, Plate Load Test Apparatus, Two Pan Balance - 10 Kg With Nabl Traceability Certificate, Digital Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus- For 38 Mm Dia Specimen - For Cd Uu Cu Test Touch Panel With Nabl Traceability Certificate, Precision Electronic Weighing Balance- 220 Gm X, Emd Detail, 2 / 56, B0.0001 Gm, 0.1 Mg -External Calibration- With Nabl, Traceability Certificate, Stop Watch - Digital, Sampling Auger- Blade Type-100 Mm, Sampling Auger- Blade Type-150 Mm, Glass Thermometer, Soil Hydrometer With Hydrometer Jar, Fine Sieve Set - 20Cm Dia Set With Nabl Traceability Certificate, Moisture Can- 50Mm X 50Mm- 120 Gm, Coarse Sieve Set - 45Cm Dia Set With Nabl Traceability Certificate, Pipette Borosilicate Glass - 5 Ml., Pipette Borosilicate Glass - 25 Ml, Beakers, Measuring Cylinder-, Glass Rod -, Evaporating Basin - Porcelain Dish, Specific Gravity Bottle -, G.I.Tray, Scoop For Concrete-, Spatula, Lid And Pan, Fine Sieve, Specific Gravity Test Apparatus, Concrete Pan Mixer, All In One Computer System With Ups And Printer All In One, Almirahs, Extension Board, Table, Steel Rack, Hand Pallet Truck, Water Pipe, Copper Sulphate, Alumina Powder, Rubber Hand Gloves, Cpvc Safety Aprons, Plastic Water Bucket, Plastic Tubler Mug, Drill Bit Set For Wall, First Aid Kit, Enamel Tray For Oven, Pen Drive 6, Electric Balance, Lab Dropper Bottle, 1.7 Mm Sieve, Vacuum Cleaner, Digital Vernier Caliper, Hammer, Screw Driver Set, Adjustable Wrech, Adjustable Spanner

Due Date
29 Sep, 2022
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