Aluminium Drum Scrap Tenders

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Ref. No #25597252 State Government Live

Procurement Of Dental Instruments -Deptt Of Conservative Dentistry And Endodontics - Probes, Tweezers, Explorer, Amalgum Carrier, Mouth Mirror With Handel, Mirror Top, Motar Pestle, Glass Slab, Spirit Lamp, Dappen Dish, Cheatle Forcep, Kindney Trays, Rectangle Tray Smallsteel, Needle Holder, Scissor Suture Cutting, Scissor Gauge Cutting, Bp Handles 03 No., Crown Remover, Impression Trays0-4 Size, Cheeck Retractor, Matrix Retainder, Eye Protector, Wax Knife, Spoon Excavators, Articulating Paper Holder, Microsurgery Instrument Kit Made From Polished Stainless Steel Rhodium Coated - Instrument Cassette., Micro-Mirror Round, Mini Scalpel Blade Holder With Blades., Micro-Surgical Scalpel Handle/Steel With Blades, Periosteal, Allen Elevator Anterior, Cawood-Minnesota Retractor., Abou-Rass Angulated Apical Condensor, Abou-Rass Endo Excavator De, Micro-Explorer De., Universal Micro-Condenser/ Burnishes, Perma Sharp With Round Handle, Precision Dressing Forceps, Micro Surgicals Scissors, Ultrasonic Tips For Retrograde Preparation, 45 Degree Air Rotor Hand Pieces For Micro Surgery, Micro Explorer, Micro Tissue Forceps, Disc Shaped Curettes, Spoon Shape Curettes, Peaddiatric & Preventive Dentistry - Intra Oral Rubber Bite Block Right & Left, Dental Caries Exploring Probe, Explorer, Mouth Mirror, Tweezers, Spoon Excavators - Small, Medium And Large, Ball Burnishers, Diamond Shape Carver, Hollenback Carver, Condenser Cement, Condenser Amalgam, Periodontal Probe, Plastic Carving Instruments, Cheek Retractors, Paedo Band Pinching Pliers Right And Left, Periodontal Curette Right And Left, Universal Hand Scaler, Universal Sickle Scaler, Surgical , Wax Spatula, Lecron Carver, Wax Carver, Composite Restoration Instruments Kit Of 6 Instruments, Mta Carrier- Curved And Stright, Cement Spatula- Stainless Steel, Cement Spatula- Plastic, Paedo Extraction Forceps, Orthodontics -, Hinge Articulator S/S, Bracket Positioning Gauge Mbt, Bracket Holding Tweezer, Band Removing Pilier Posterior, Debonding Pilier Anterior, Cheatle Forceps/S, Dentulous Impression Tray, Distal End Cutter Retaining Beaks, Dontrix Gauge, De La Rosa Plier, Debonding Plier Posterior, Glass Slab, Hoe Plierstright, Ligature Tucker, Light Wire Cutter, Ligature Cutter Stight, Mouth Mirrior, Mershan Band Pusher, Microtorch, Probe, Posterior Band Removing Plier Adere, Plier Stand, Pmt Sets, Rubber Bowl, Ribbon Arch Without Groove 442, Separating Plier, Tweezer, Universal Plier, Kidney Tray Steel, Heavy Duty Wire Cutter Moun, S Type, Weingrat Plier, Torqing Plier With Key, Detailing Step Forming Plier, Buccal Tube Tweezer, Turret- Body Without Torque, Cheek Retractors Transparent Adult, Arch Wire Template, Photographic Mirror Stainless Steel High Reflective Mirror Adult- Occlusal, Buccal Lateral, Cinch Back Plier, V-Dending Plier, Mathieu Forceps, Interproximal Stripper Kit, Oral Medicine And Radiology - Mouth Mirror, Straight Probe, Probe Explorer, Stainless Steel Bowl With Stand, Tweezer, Cheatle Forceps, Enamel Coated Kidney Tray, Needle Holder, Straight Scissor Small Surgical, Curved Scissor Small Surgical, Stainless Steel Rectangular Tray With Lid Medium Size, Kidney Tray Stainless Steel Medium Size, Allis Tissue Holding Forceps, Biopsy Punch And Autoclavable, Instrument Trolley Stainless Steel, Artery Forceps, Screen, Lister’S Forceps, Bite Block, Inta-Oral Photographic Mirror Set, Cheek Retractor, Tongue Depressor, Mouth Gag, Magnifying Glass, Yellow Measuring Tape, Led Torch Light, Scissor Straight For Cutting Gauge, American Board Of Forensic Odontology Abfo . No. 2 Scale, Asudas Arizona State University Dental Anthropology System – Plaque Or Turner Scott Dental Anthropology System, Digital Vernier Caliper, Hand Held Or Stand Mounted Digital Microscope, Bp Handle No, 3 & 4, Rinn Snap X- Ray Film Holder, X Ray Film Holder 1 Set For Paralleling Technique., Periodontal Probe, Uv- Led Light /Torch, Public Health Dentistry - Extraction Forceps, Mandibular Anterior Forceps, Mandibular Premolar Forceps, Mandibular Molar Forceps, Mandibular Cowhorn Forceps, Mandibular Third Molar Forceps, Maxillary Anterior Forceps, Maxillary Bayonet Forceps, Maxillary Premolar Forceps, Maxillary Molar Forceps, Maxillary Right Cowhorn Forceps, Maxillary Left Cowhorn Forceps, Maxillary Root Forceps, Periosteal Elerators, Couplans Elevators, Cryer Left Elevator, Right Cryer Elevator, Right Apexo Elevator, Left Apexo Elevator, Scaling Instruments Perio Scaler Set -, Scaling Instruments Jacqiette Scalar, Scaling Instruments Posterior Hand Scalar, Scaling Instruments Anterior Hand Scalar, Scaling Instruments Cumine Hand Scalar, Scaling Instruments Surface Hand Scalar, Scaling Instruments Hoe Urban Hand Scalar, Scaling Instruments Hygienist Hand Scalar, Scaling Instruments Spring Field Hand Scalar, Gracey Curettes -, Filling Instruments Set Of 12 Instruments, Filling Instruments Single End Probe, Filling Instruments Spoon Excarator Small Size, Filling Instruments Ball Burnisher, Filling Instruments Plugger Plg2, Filling Instruments Plugger Plg3, Filling Instruments Plastic Filling, Filling Instruments Marginal Trimmer, Filling Instruments Enamel Hatchet, Filling Instruments Diamond Carver, Filling Instruments Hollenback Carver, Mouth Mirror Top, Cpitn Probec, Tweezers, Kidney Tray Small, Steel Instrument Tray Medium Size, Amalgam Carrier, Cement Mixing Spatula, Scissors Small In Size, Needle Holder, Cotton 8 Inch Diameter, Bp Handle, Department Of Periodontology -, Nabers Probe, Unc-15 Probe, Pressure Sensitive Probe, Marquis Color Coded Probe, Supra Gingival Scalars, Sub Gingival Scalars, Paquette Blade Handle, Krane Kaplan Pocket Marker - Set Pmgf-1, Mc Calls Universal Curettes, Gracys Curettes No-1 -18., Mini Five Curettes, Mallet, Oschenbein Chisel, Schluger Bone File-Fs-9/10 S, Bone per, Micro Needle Holder, Micro Scissors, Micro Mirror, Microsurgical Ts Pliers, , Magnifying Loups And Glass, Bone Graft Scoop, Bone Condensor, Osteotome, Glass Ionomer Filling Instruments, Kidney Trays, Cheatle Forceps, Department Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery -, Cheatle Forceps, Elevator Straight, Coupland, Apexo, Moons Probe, Mouth Mirror, Bayonet Forceps, Periosteal Elevator Molt No 9, Needle Cutter, Needle Holderstraight, Curved, Suture Cutting Needle Holder, Tissue Cutting Scissor Tissue Dissecting Scissor, Artery Forceps, Tooth Forceps /Non Tooth Forceps, Bone Rongeur, Wire Cutter, Bone File, Curette, Cow Horn Maxi/Mandible, Chisel, Osteotome, Hammer, B-Type Oxygen Cylinder Regulator, Iv Stand, Bed Back Rest, Bp Apparatus, Needle Cutter, Explorer, Williams, Who Probe, Scissor Suture Cutting Tissue Dissecting Scissor, Oxygen Key, Chisel, Hammer Mead, Tooth Extraction Forceps Peadiatric And Adult, Elevator Periosteal Molt No.9, Wax Spatula, Coupland Elevator, Warwick James Elevator, London Hospital Pattern State Elevator, Apexo Elevator, Langenbeck Small Medium, Cat Paw Retractor Small, Medium And Large, Howerth Retractor, Artery Forceps Mosquito, Desmarres Lid Retractor, Bone Rongeur, Dissection Forceps Small And Medium, Wire Cutter, Needle Holder Straight, Kocher, Dental Probe William, Who Probe, Mirror Top, Tweezer, Scissor Thread Cutting, Dressing All Size

Himachal Pradesh
Due Date
15 Oct, 2022
20.00 Lacs