Aluminium Mug Tenders

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Ref. No #31786477 State Government Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Cleaning Material - Glass Duster Or Glass Cloth Made Of Cotton, Wet Mop Set, Scrubbing Pad, Wet Mop Holder, Wet Mop With Cotton, Eze Clean Plus 75Cm Dry Mop Set, Bathroom Wiper Set -Fw-800, Stainless Steel Glass Wiper Squeeze Squeegee Blade With Durable High Quality Rubber, Floor Squeeze Double Rubber With Handle Floor Wiper Set, Garbage Bag, Room Fresner, Hand Wash Liquid, Bathroom Cleaner, Hit Spary 320Ml Liquid Red, Vim Dish Washing Liquid Gel 500 Ml, Wheel Powder 1Kg, Air Freshner 200Ml Lia, Sani Subes 200Gms Colour, Odonil Air Freshner 50Gm, Nepthalene Ball 1000Gma Grade Crystal White, Scotch Brite 3M Size, Fearther Brush Heavy Duty, Wooden Brush, Lemon Duster Large, Eze Clean Puls 75Cm Blue Dry Mop Refil, Plastic Spray Bottle With Trigger 500 Ml, Cotton Floor Cleaning Duster, Soft Broom 300 Gm, Hard Broom 500 Gm, Caustic Soda 1Kg Pkt, Dust Pan Or Supadi Plastic, Kitchen Wiper Silicon Rubber 8 Inch, Chock Up Pump Large Size, Toilet Brush Double Hockey, Pine Phynol 5 Ltr Concentreated Yellow, Scrapper Ez 150 Mm, Square Pedal Bin 15 Ltr Office Use Pedal, Plastic 1 Ltr, Wet Dry Sign Board, V Screen Urinal Pad, T Brush Floor 1.5 Ft Both Side Holder, Bio Doc Washroom Cleaner 5 Ltr Can, Wheel Bin 120 Ltr, Dustbin 80 Ltr With Lid, Window Washer 35 Cm, Telescope Rod 10 Mtr Ts 100, Floor Wiper 75 Cms, Yellow Wiper2 Ft Original Taj, Roff Professional Tile Floor And Ceramic Cleaner Transparent 5 Ltr Can

Due Date
11 Jun, 2024
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