Aluminium Rod Tenders

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Ref. No #22458168 Central Government/Public Sector Live

Supply Of Bore Chromium Plated Cast Copper Alloy Bib Tap Fancy Type, Cp Bore Fancy Type Angle Valve, Bore Gun Metal Globe Or Gate Valve, Bore Ptmt Ball Valve With Epoxy Coated And High Density Plastice Ball, Stainless Steel Grating Doom, Stainless Steel Bore Waste Coupling, Pvc Waste Pipe, Pvc Urinal Waste Pipe, Ptmt Shower Rose With Swivel Joints Including Shower Arm, Chromium Plated Brass Shower Rose With Shower Arm, Looking Mirror Of Selected Quality Glass Of And Backing Towel Rail, Chromium Plated Water Jet, Pvc Connection Plastic Water Closet Seat, Pvc Valveless, Flush Bend Pipe Pvc, Galvanised Iron Medium, Plastic Water Tank Cover Lid With Plastic Hinges And Screws/ Threaded, Plastic Tank Cover With Plastic Hinges And Screws/Threaded Complete, Perforated Particle Board / Tiles, Pvc Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Board/ Tiles, Plain Sheet Glass Ordinary, Glass, Pin Headed/ Frosted Plain Sheet Glass, Oil Putty, Plain Sheet, Aluminum Snap Beading, Door Strip ., Door Sealing Strip Self Adhesive Type Galvanised Iron Steel Water Tubing, Bore, Stainless Steel Sink With Draining Board, Tower Bolt Of Extruded Section, Stainless Steel Latches, Cast Type Anodized, Handle Cast Type Anodized, Alloy, Anodised, Mild Steel Pressed Handle, Mild Steel Barrel Tower Bolts, Hasp And Staple, Safety Type, Aluminum Anodised With Aluminum Hinge And Bolt Complete, Aluminum Body Sliding Window Locks, Mild Steel Butt Hinge, 100Mm Long, Medium Weight, Cold Rolled, Alloy D Type Purpose Made Fancy Type Handle ., Mild Steel Barrel Peg Stay, Long Left Or Right Ms Handle Of Steel Windows With Nut And Bolt Complete, Fancy Type Stainless Steel Curtain , Stainless Steel Brackets For Hanging Steel Curtain Pipe, Stainless Steel Side Knob/End Knob Fancy Type, Stainless Steel Wire Cloth, Teak Wood Lipping, , Bwr Type Plywood Sheet, Door Closure Hydraulically Regulated Designation No 3 Universal Type, Anodised Handle Round, Mild Steel Mortice Lock, , Brass Cup Board Lock Grade I, Brass Drawer Lock Grade I, Stainless Steel Handle, Floor Aluminum Anodised Door Stopper, Stainless Steel Wood Screw With Star Headed, Gi Nails Wire, Nails Tack, Pvc Knob, Adhesive, White Cement, M Seal, Ptfe Teflon Thread Seal Tape Roll Etc

Due Date
06 Dec, 2021
14.00 Lacs