Aluminium Step Ladder Tenders

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Ref. No #31910756 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Stainless Steel Single Bunk Charpai, Waste Pipe For Wash Basin, Pvc Pipe 110Mm 3 Mtr Long, Pvc Socket 110Mm, Pvc Elbow 110Mm, Pvc Tee 110Mm, Pvc S Trap 110Mm, Pvc Nahani Trap 110Mm, Pvc P Trap 110Mm, Pvc Pipe 75Mm 3 Mtr Long, Pvc Elbow 75Mm, Pvc Socekt 75Mm, Pvc Nahani Trap 75Mm, Pvc Tee 75Mm, Pvc S Trap 75Mm, Pvc P Trap 75Mm, M Seal 200 Gm Pkt, Urinal Pot Vetreous China Bowl Urinal Pot Flat Back, Cp Towel Rail 600 Mm Long 20 Mm Dia Brass Chromium Plated With Cloth Hooks, Ms Binding Wire Not Less Than 0.9Mm Dia, 600 X 450Mm Size Looking Mirror Mounted On Pvc With Pvc Shelf Assembly Including All Fittings As Specified, Cp Bib Cock Long Spout 15 Mm, Cp Bib Cock 15Mm Short Body, Cp Bib Cock 20Mm, Stop Cock L Type Chromium Plated Brass 15 Mm, Stop Cock T Type Chromium Plated Brass 15 Mm, Distemper 20 Kg Pack, Plastic Emulsion Paint, Thinner 10 Ltr, Waste Pipe For Urinal Pot, Tower Bolt 75Mm, Al Drop Set, Vitreous China Hand Wash Basin 450 Mm X 400 Mm With Assy, Puff Tank 500 Ltr Capacity Three Layer, Pvc Pillar Tap 15Mm Dia, Vitreous China Wash Hand Basin White Flat Back Size 550 X 450Mm Long, Wc Indian Type, Snow White Colour European Wc With S Or P Trap Concealed Of Size 650 X 405 X 770Mm With Sheet Cover, Ewc Seat Cover, Looking Mirror With Pvc Frame 21 Inch X 15 Inch, Wall Putty, Hdpe Water Storage Tank 1000 Ltr 3 Layer Alongwith Lid, Hdpe Water Storage Tank 500 Ltr 3 Layer Alongwith Lid, Adhesiver Solution Sh, Adhesiver Solution Sr 505, Tower Bolt 100Mm With Isi Marked, Curtain Arrangement All Other Specifications As Per Rfp, Hinges 50Mm, Hinges 100Mm, Nut Bolt And Washer 12Mm X 4 Inch, Ppr Elbow 15Mm, Ppr Elbow 20Mm, Ppr Elbow Reducer 20Mm Oblique 15Mm, Ppr Female Threaded Elbow 32Mm, Ppr Female Threaded Socket 32Mm, Ppr Pipe 20Mm Dia Med Grade, Ppr Plug 15Mm, Ppr Plug 25Mm, Ppr Socket 20Mm, Ppr Socket 32Mm, Ppr Socket 40Mm, Ppr Tank Nipple 20Mm Oblique 25Mm With Check Out Washer, Ppr Tee 20Mm, Ppr Tee Outer 32Mm, Ppr Union Outer 32Mm, Pvc Flushing Cistern 10 Ltr Capacity, Cp Stop Cock 20Mm, Taflon Tape Roll, White Cement, Acrylic Sheet 3 Feet X 4 Feet X3mm, Acrylic Sheet 4 Feet X 6 Feet X 4Mm, Bow Handle Oblique Door Handle, Ppgi Sheet 10 Feet X 3 Feet X 0.63Mm, Ppgi Sheet 12 Feet X 3 Feet X 0.63Mm, Mattress Good Quality Single, Curtain Rod Steel, Clamp And Ring Steel For Curtain, Curtain Ball, Door Stopper With Isi Marked, Hdpe Sand Bags, Hdpe Sheet 20Ft X 18Ft, Nails Assorted Half Inch, Nails Assorted 1 Inch, Nails Assorted 2 Inch, Nails Assorted 3 Inch, Paint Brush 2 Inch, Paint Brush 3 Inch, Paint Brush 4 Inch, Paint Brush 6 Inch, Paint Red Oxide, Plywood 6 Feet X 3 Feet X 10Mm, Plywood 6 Feet X 3 Feet X 6Mm, Plywood 6 Feet X 3 Feet X 12Mm, Plywood 8 Feet X 4 Feet X 12Mm, Plywood 8 Feet X 4 Feet X19mm, Pre Laminated Particle Board 8 X 4 X 19Mm, Screw Full Thread 1 Inch 75 Pices, Screw Full Thread 2 Inch 75 Pices, Screw Full Thread 3 Inch 75 Pices, Screw Full Thread 4 Inch 75 Pices, Sliding Bolt 100Mm With Isi Marked, Synthetic Enamel Paint Black Colour, Synthetic Enamel Paint Blue Colour, Synthetic Enamel Paint Brown Colour, Synthetic Enamel Paint Green Colour, Synthetic Enamel Paint Og Colour, Synthetic Enamel Paint Red Colour, Synthetic Enamel Paint White Colour, Synthetic Enamel Paint Yellow Colour, Synthetic Enamel Paint Sand Colour, Synthetic Enamel Paint Golden Colour, Ballies 4 Inch Dia 10 Long, Door Hinges Size 4 Inch Long Medium Weight Steel, Hdpe Sheet 30Ft X 30Ft, Hydraulic Door Closer, Nut And Bolt 16 X 40Mm, Nut And Bolt 16Mm X 4 Inch, Cp Steel Coat Hook With 4 Prong, Screw Black Color Half Inch Long, Screw Black Color 1 Inch Long, Self Taping Screw 1 Inch Long, Self Taping Screw 2 Inch Long, Self Taping Screw 3 Inch Long, Soap Dish Chromium Plate, Steel Screw Half Inch Size Full Thread 100 Nos, Steel Screw Half Inch Size Half Thread 100 Nos, Sunmica Sheet 8 Feet X 4 Feet X 0.3Mm, Corner Shelf Toughened Glass, Ss Jali, Cement Bags 50 Kgs, Non Skid Ceramic Tiles 300 X 300Mm, Non Skid Ceramic Tiles 600 X 600Mm, Coarse Sand, Interlocking Indoor Outdoor Chequred Tiles 11.5 Inch X 11.5 Inch, Barbed Wire, Angle Iron 50X50x6mm Thick, Gi Chain Link Fencing Single Dip 50Mmx50mm Mesh, Gi Chain Link Fencing Single Dip 75Mmx75mm Mesh, Mild Steel Bars Of Size 10 Mm, Ms Flat Iron 50 X6mm Thick, Plier Side Cutting, Iron Welding Rod 3.15Mm Thick 100 Nos Pkt, Hand Gloves Insulated With 2 Rubber, A Type 14 Feet Long Heavy Duty, Spirit Level 6 Feet Long, Ball Pin Hammer 500 Gm With Isi Mark, Blade For Tile Cutter, Bucket Gi 10 Ltrs Capacity, Drill Bits 1 Olbique 8 In Packet Of 10 Nos, Drill Bits 9 Olbique 6 In Packet Of 10 Nos, Drill Bits Metal 10 Mm In Pkt, Hacksaw Blade, Hacksaw Frame, Hand Gloves Rubber, Iron Cutter Blade, Wood Cutter Blade, Magnetic Bit 12Mm, Measuring Tape 5M As Per Is Code 8205, Phawara 11 Inch X 11.5 Inch X 8.5 Inch As Per Is Code 8201, Rope Nylon 20 Mm 100 Ft Long, Star Bit, Steel Scissors For Cutting Sheets, Water Level Pipe For Masonry Work 20Mm Each As Per Is Code 458, Digitel Clamp Meter, Ppr Jointer Oblique Welding Machine Alongwith Die Set Size 20Mm 63Mm, Crush Clips, Cgi Sheet 8 Feet X 3 Feet X 0.63Mm, Cgi Sheet 10 Feet X 3 Feet X 0.63Mm, Steel Indian Seat, Coupling Of Wash Basin, Wash Basin Steel, Mixture Wash Basin Full Size

Due Date
03 Jul, 2024
65.00 Lacs