Aluminium Winding Wire Tenders

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Supply Of Material -P.P Reel Insulator -Must Be Of Virgin Plastic Material. Polypropylene Or Equivalent With Break Down Voltage Of 15 Kv, Strain Insulator-Must Of Poly Polypropylene Plastic Rated For 15Kv Uv Stabilized, Corner Post Gi- 8 Ft., Gi-2, 14 Guage Thickness, Painted Having Diametrically Opposite Holes Of Size 6 Mm At Required Interval Of Fencing Installation, Intermediate Post T Angle Post 8 Feet Painted 25Mmx25mmx3mm Having Holes Of Size 6 Mm At Required Intervels Of Fencing Instllation, Supporting Post 6 Feet Gi 1 Inch 14 Guage Thickness Painted, Stay T Angle 2 Feet Painted 25 Mmx25mm X 3Mm, 12 Swg Ht 12 Guage 2.5 Mm Dia High Tensile With Sink Coating For Use As Conducting Strain Insulator, 14 Swg Binding -High Quality Zinc Coating For Binding Reel Insulators, Tighing Support Post With Corner Post, Tightner-Permanant Tighter Made Of Special Alloy Designed For Kv, Uv Stabilized, Joint Clamp With Nut And Bolt- Supply Of Joint Clamp With Nuts And Bolt Gi Galavanized Coating For Fastening Conducting Around Posts, Hot Dipped Galvanised , Earth Rod-Copper Plated Earth Rod 14 Mm -3 Ft. Length, Earthing Compound 8 Kg, Tension Spring Spring Steel Cable Of Making Compresion Loads, Galvanised 15Cm Length, Withstand 400Kg , Gate Handle-Steel Rope With Handle And Spring Assembly. Handle Made Of Polyethylene, Lead Out Cable For Fence System Double Insulated Gi Cable Inner Core 2 Sq.Mm. Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Core, Capable Of With, Standing 15Kv Should Be Provided To Prevent Bimetal Salt Formation At Connections, Single Core 2.5 Mm Sq. Cable-2.5 Mm² Single Core Copper Cable For Connecting The Solar Panel To The Tubular Battery Through Charge Control Unit With Required Terminal Sockets, Nut And Bolt, Washer, Lightining Diverter -15Kv-50Kv Rod Gap Arrester, Must Be Capable Of Diverting Stray Lightning And Adjustable For Spark Gaps Adequate Earthing To Be Provided, 100 Watt Solar Panel- 100 Watt/ 12 Volt And Above Poly Crystalline With 10 Year Warranty Having Iec/Mnre Certification, Charge Control Unit-20 A 12/24 V Pwm Charge Controller Unit Of Standard Make Suitable To Control The Charging Of The Tubular Battery Energizer With 10 Kv Output Safety Standards To Be Followed Are Bis 302-2-76 Iec60335-2-76. Switch-High, Medium And Low Power Setting. Fence Alarm System Covering Area Of 1.5 Km, Solar Panel Supporting Stand With Metal Box Painted For Battery And Energiser - 18 Guage Thickness Metal Boxlockable - Painted. Gi-Sheet, Painted Should Be Capable Of Housing Batterry, Charge Controller And Energizer And Fixed With Required Clamps And Nut And Bolt On Solar Panel Support Stand Made Of Gi Pipe Of 50Mm Diameter And B Class Type With Suitable Arrangement For Holding The Panel Warning Sign-Polyethylene Plastic With Satuatory Warning With Sign, Tubular Battery 12 V, 100Ah- 12 V, 100 Ah C10 Rating With Full 5 Year Replacement Warranty Tower Battery For Energising The Energiser, Digital Volt Meter- Must Display Fence Voltage Digitally Upto 15Kv . Made Of Non Shocking Plastic, Tool Kit Consisting Of Tighterner Rod, Double Headed Spanner, High Tensile Cutter And Cutting Plier For Installation Of New 5 Line Solar Power Fence

Due Date
29 Apr, 2024
7.58 Lacs