Aluminium Wire Scrap Tenders

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Ref. No #31936226 State Government Live

Supply Of Material - Super Enameled SWG-13 (ISI Mark),Super Enameled SWG-16 (ISI Mark),Super Enameled SWG-18 (ISI Mark),Super Enameled SWG-21 (ISI Mark),Super Enameled Copper SWG-13 (ISI Mark),Super Enameled Copper SWG-12 (ISI Mark),Super Enameled Copper SWG-11 (ISI Mark), strip for LT winding for 25 KVA X-mer 7/3 - 7/3.5, strip for LT winding for 63 KVA. X-mer 8/4 - 7/4, strip for LT winding for 100 KVA/250KVA transformers 10/4 - 10/4.5,Copper strip for LT winding for 400 KVA/630KVA transformers 8/4 - 10/4.5,LT Bush rod brass-complete 12 mm,LT Bush rod brass-complete 20 mm,LT Bush rod brass-complete 25 mm,LT Bush rod brass-complete 30 mm,HT Bush rod 12 mm brass for 11/0.440 KV Transformer (complete),L.T Bush for 11/0.440 KV Transformer, 12 mm,L.T Bush for 11/0.440 KV Transformer, 20 mm,L.T Bush for 11/0.440 KV Transformer, 25 mm,L.T Bush for 11/0.440 KV Transformer, 30 mm,HT Bush 12 mm for 11/0.440 KV transformer,Butter Paper,Cotton tape 1” roll,Rubberized Cork sheet 4 mm thick 3'X3',Rubberized Cork sheet 5 mm thick 3'X3',Cork Strip 4mm,Lethoride sheet,Packing sheet 1mm & 1½mm,Glass Empire/Glass sleeves 0-4mm,Glass Empire/Glass sleeves 8-10mm,Bakelite tubes of sizes (As per sample),Packing Gutties 1”,1½”,G.I. Nuts and bolts for transformer of sizes,Insulating Varnish Dr. Beck,Old cotton Sarees/ waste,Wooden wedges size,HT Washers,LT Washers M-20,LT Washers M-25,LT Washers M-12,HT Bush clamps ( Bimetallic, Heavy Duty) ,Fevicol (1 litre Pack),Transformer oil ,Three phase, 2 HP motor ,Filter paper pack 36 inch/3 feet, Scarp (Write back),Copper (Write back), 2 Kw Heater 2.5 feet long, Stainless Steel type(U shape) tubular finned oven heating element,Thermostat rotational type,Contactor ML-2,3-phase Motor 1.5 HP,Filter Packs 2 feet Micro,Thermostat 0-110,Indicator (RYB) Big,Sproket Set 92X25X25,Sproket 25, single teeth,Chain 10 feet (Big), 1/2'',Chain 10 feet (Big), 3/4'',Chain Small 10 feet, 1/2'',Chain Small 10 feet, 3/4'',Hose pipe, 1 inch,Electronic Weighing Machine (Capacity 10kg),Electronic Weighing Machine (Capacity 200kg),Contactor ML-4,G.I Washer for transformer as per Sample,

Jammu And Kashmir
Due Date
05 Jul, 2024
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