Aluminum Alloy Tube Tenders

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Ref. No #25611896 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply of Shreem, Self Adhesive App Membrane 3 Mm Thick, Helical Door Spring 300 Mm, Ss Curtain Rod, Gi E Ibow 15Mm, Corner Glass 300Mm With Abs Brackets 300X600mm, Cp Shower Rose 6, Sinks Waste Outlet 40Mm, Kitchen Plate Rack 24X31x10 Ss, Sinks Waste Outlet 32Mm, Float Valve 20 Mm, Soap Dish 500X125x4mm, Stop Cock Cp 15Mm, Pillar Cock Cp 15Mm, Sink Cock Long Body 15Mm, Bib Cock Long Body Metal Casting Water Tap, Bib Cock And Stop Valve 15Mm, Cp Wall Mixer 15Mm, Bib Cock Brass Cp 15 Mm, 2 Way Bib Cock With Flange, Pvc Mirror Cabinet 350X450mm, Shower Rose Cp 125Mm, Neck Long Pillar Cock 15Mm, Cp Soap Dish 6, Angular Stop Cock 15 Mm, Soap Dish Cp, Steel Gi Pipe 20Mm, Steel Gi Pipe 15Mm, Bathroom Or Toilet Mirror 3Mm, Seat Cover For Ewc Black, Centre Hole Basin Mixer, Cp 2 Way Bib Tap Half Turn, Bib Tap And Stop Valve Cast Copper 15Mm, Looking Mirror 600X800mm With Beveled Edge, Cp Towel Rail 600 Mm, Float Valve 15 Mm, Cp 2 Way Stop Tap 15 Mm, Shower Rose Cp 15Mm With 200 Mm Long Arm, Ptmt Bib Cock Long Body 15 Mm, Pvc Waste Pipe 32 Mm, Water Storage Tank 1000 Ltrs, Health Faucet 1 Mtr Long, Cp Health Faucet With Cp Flexible Pipe 1Point5m Long, Cp Waste Coupling 32 Mm, Bathroom Water Shower 100Mm, Wash Basin Vitreous Size 500X400mm, Type C Tapping Screw 32 Mm, Pvc Pillar Tap 15 Mm, Gi Bend 20 Mm, Flushing Cistern Capacity 10 Ltrs, Cp Bib Cock Long Heavy Body 15Mm, Gi Bend 15 Mm, Water Storage Tank 500 Ltrs, Gi Tee 20 Mm, Stop Cock Pvc 15Mm, Tower Bolt 150Mm, Gi Pipe 25 Mm, Door Stopper 150 Mm, Cp Stock Cock 15 Mm, Wash Hand Basin, Door Stopper 100Mm Long, Cp Waste Coupling 40 Mm, Tower Bolt Almn 100 Mm, Ms Hinges 100Mm, Cp Wall Mixer Telephonic With L Bend Pipe And Flange 15Mm, Cp Sink Mixer With Swivel Spout 15Mm, Gate Valve 20 Mm, Gate Valve 50 Mm, Corner Glass Self 9Point5 Prayag, Waste Fittings For Size 32 Mm For Wash Basin, Pvc Connection Pipe 15X450mm, Pvc Pipe 15Mm Dia, Gi Socket 15 Mm, Kitchen Sink Ss 45X20x8, Glass Corner 12, Wall Mixer Cp 15Mm, Seat Cover For Ewc White, Tank Nipple 15 Mm Dia, Waste Coupling 40Mm Cp, Pvc Angular Stop Cock 15Mm, Glass Shelf 600 Mm, Cp Grating 125Mm, , Emd Detail, 2 / 80, Bstop Cock Brass Concealed 20Mm, Towel Ring Cast Brass For, Towel Rail, Stop Cock Brass Concealed 15Mm, Float Valve Pvc 15Mm With Rod Ball, Shower Rose Cp 75Mm, Cp Shower Arm 12 Prayag, Tank Nipple 20 Mm Dia, Waste Pipe 3840Mm 80Cm, Wc Orissa Pattern Of Size 440X580mm, Flash Strip 100Mm, Ball Cock Brass 20Mm, Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence, 2400X1200x 12Mm Bwr Plywood, 8X4x6mm Bwr Plywood, Plywood 8X4x4mm, Plywood Bwr 8X4x8mm, Ss Wire Mess 15 Mtr, Plywood 8X4x19 Mm, Gi Wire Mess, Mirror For Table Dressing Gents 5Point5 Mm Thick Size 366X1820 Mm, Nails Wire 80Mm, Ms Screw 50Mm, Nails Of Size 2Point5, Wire Nail 25 Mm Shank Size 2Mm, Wire Nails 60 Mm, Ceramic Tiles Vetrified 600X600x10mm, Cp Towel Rail 900Mm, Kerb Stone Pcc Size 300X300x150mm, Lid Water Tank 300500Ltrs, Looking Mirror 450X600mm With Pvc Frame, 600X600x7 To 8Mm Non Skid Ceramic Tiles, Hydraolic Door Closer, 450X300x6 To 5Mm Thick Glazed Tiles, Hygienic Jet Spray For Ewc 1Point5 Mtr Long, Fosted Glass 4Mm, Pvc Bib Tap 15Mm, Cp Towel Rack 24 Prayag Cp Twel Rail Prayag, Bib Tap 15Mm Brass, Looking Mirror 600 X 600 Mm With Frame, Toilet Seat Cover Cat No 725 Prayag, Cp Paper Roll, Ms Spring Hings, Waste Coupling 32Mm, 400X400x7to 8Mm Non Skid Ceramic Tiles, Rcc Jali 900X600xx50mm, Prepainted Galvanized Sheet 0Point5mm Thick Corrugated Sem Corrugated, Rcc Jali 600X600xx50mm, Chequred Cement Concrete Tiles, European Pattern Toilet Seat, Gi Union 15Mm, Floor Drain Tapes, Oil Bound Distemper, Cement Base Paint, Machine Pressed Precast Colour Paver Block 60Mm, Precast Manhole Cover And Frame, Machine Pressed Precast Colour Paver Block 80Mm

Due Date
30 Sep, 2022
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