Aluminum Cable Scrap Tenders

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Ref. No #31931506 State Government Live

Supply Of Allied Material And Tand P Items LT Bush Rods (M-12),LT Bush Rods (M-20),"LT Bush Rods (M-30) ,L.V. Bush Rods M-30/M-40 ",HT Bush Rods (11 Kv),LV Bushings (12mm),LV Bushings (20mm),"LV Bushings (32/30 mm) ,",HT Bushing (11 Kv),Film Paper,Lethoride Paper/Khakhi Paper,Press Boards,Gutties,Rubber Washer of Different Sizes,HT Washers,LT Washers M-12,LT Washers M-20,LT Washers M-30/M-40,Cork Sheets (1000mmx500mmx5mm),Rubberized Cork strip(40mmx5mm),Bakelite Tubes,Cotton Tape,Nawar Tape,M.Seal,Glass Sleeves,Insulation Gum,Wooden Wedges,Craft Paper,Packing Sheets, Gutka,Nuts & Bolts,H.T. Bush Clamps,Copper Brazing Rod, Brazing Rod,H.T / L.T Oil Seals-12,H.T / L.T Oil Seals-20,H.T / L.T Oil Seals-30/40,Cotton Waste (Old Cotton Sarres/Cloth),M.S Washers for L.T Connections ,Plugs of different sizes ¾” 1¼” 1” ½” ,Flux,Grey Paint,Turpentine oil ,Varnish ,Welding Rods (8mm & 10mm),Oven Heating/Elements Coils,3½ Multi Stands Cu (10 mm ) ,Thinner,Crepe Tape,Oxygen Cylinder (Refill),Megger (500Volt, 5000 MW),Oxygen Regulator,Oxygen Cylinder Nozzle ,Oxygen Pipe for Gas Cutter,Clamp for Oxygen Pipe,C Clamp 18”,Hydraulic Transformer Lifting Trolley,Trolley for Loading/Unloading ,Clamp Meter,Welding Helmet,Welding with Holder ,Cutter Pliers ,Screw Driver (all sorts) ,Ratchet Wrench with Socket Set compete,Pipe Wrench 12”,Pipe Wrench 18”,Bolt Cutter 12”,Bolt Cutter 18”,Spanner 15/21 MM ,Spanner 38/48 MM ,Oven Thermostat (0-300 Amp),Contractor 63 Amp ISI ,10KA of Reputed make, Wire 16 mm.,Filter Plant High Pressure supply Hose 25 MM (1”), 35 bar/500 PSI ,Filter Tank Pipe Rubber,Wooden Frames for Winding of HT /LT,Exhaust Fans for Workshop 24”Heavy Duties,Pedestal Fans for Workshop (Heavy Duty),Out Side Clipper for Winding Machines ,Inside Clipper for Winding Machines ,Heavy Duty Drill Machine (1050 Watt),Scissors (large size for cutting papers),Test Cell of oil Testing Machine (60KV) (500 ML/ Acrylic Test Cell) with removable & adjustable electrodes ,HT/LT Winding Machines Bearing ,HT/LT Winding Machines Bearing VEE-Belts,HT/LT Winding Machines Bearing Gear-Box,HT/LT Winding Machines Bearing Foot-Switch,HT/LT Winding Machines Bearing Counters,1 HP Pump Motor Centrifugal ,Change Over Switch 400 Amp,MCCB 4 Pole 100 Amp(25KA),Scale Steel 1 meter,Scale Steel 12 Inch,EOT Crane Switch ,Angle Grinder (850 Watts),Air Blower Macine (900 Watts),Digital Micrometer 0 to 25 mm,LPG 19 Kg (Refill) ,Laminated Core of all Sorts,Multi Stand 3 Core Copper 10 sqmm,Testing Clips,Saw Dust,Dust Sand

Jammu And Kashmir
Due Date
02 Jul, 2024
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