Aluminum Counter Tenders

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Ref. No #31789120 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Optical Items - Rotation Mount For 1 25.4 Mm Optics 360 Digree Continuous Or 15 Digree Indexed Rotation M4 Tap, 1 Zero-Order Half Wave Plate Sm1 Threaded Mount 532 Nm, Fc Apc To Fc Apc Mating Sleeve Narrow Key 2.0 Mm D Hole, Fc Pc To Fc Pc Mating Sleeve Wide Key 2.2 Mm D Hole, Single Mode Patch Cable 633 780 Nm Fc Pc 3 Mm Jacket 2 M Long, Single Mode Patch Cable 488 633 Nm Fc Apc 3 Mm Jacket 2 M Long, 532 Nm F 10.90 Mm Na 0.25 Fc Apc Fiber Collimation Pkg, Sm1 Threaded Adapter For 12 Mm 0.35 Inch 8.9 Mm Long Cylindrical Components, Sm1 Threaded 30 Mm Cage Plate 0.50 Inch Thick 2 Retaining Rings M4 Tap, 633 Nm F 15.15 Mm Na 0.16 Fc Apc Collimation Pkg., 25.0 Mm Pedestal Pillar Post M6 Taps L 65 Mm, Clamping Fork 31.5 Mm bored Slot M6 1.0 Captive Screw 5 Pack, Right Angle Kinematic Mirror Mount With Tapped Cage Rod Holes 30 Mm Cage System And Sm1 Compatible M4 And M6 Mounting Holes, Kinematic Fluorescence Filter Cube For 25 Mm Fluorescence Filters 30 Mm Cage Compatible Left Turning M6 Tapped Holes, 30 Mm Cage System Iris Diaphragm 0.8 20 Mm, Precision Cage Rotation Mount With Micrometer Drive 1 Inch Optics M4 Tap, Z Axis Translation Mount 30 Mm Cage Compatible, 30 Mm Cage System Xy Translating Lens Mount For 1 Inch Optics, 10X Olympus Plan Achromat Objective 0.25 Na 10.6 Mm Wd, Fc Pc Fiber Adapter Plate With External Sm1 1.035 Inch 40 Threads Narrow Key 2.0Mm, 100 Mm 150 Mm 12.7 Mm Breadboard 45 Digree Double Density M6 Taps, Cage Assembly Rod 1 Inch Long 6 Mm 4 Pack, Cage Assembly Rod 1.5 Inch Long 6 Mm 4 Pack, Cage Assembly Rod 2 Inch Long 6 Mm 4 Pack, Cage Assembly Rod 4 Inch Long 6 Mm 4 Pack, Cage Assembly Rod 6 Inch Long 6 Mm 4 Pack, 1Inch Broadband Dielectric Mirror 400 750 Nm 10 Pack, Pivoting Quick Release 1Inch Optic Mount For 30 Mm Cage System Metric, High Power Led For Microscopy 5700 K Day Light White 3.5 W Min, High Power Driver For Solis Leds 10 A Max 14.0 V Max, Slip Ring For Sm2 Lens Tubes M4 Tap, Sm2 Lens Tube 1.5 Inch Thread Depth One Retaining Ring Included, 12.7 Mm Pedestal Post Holder Spring Loaded Hex Locking Thumbscrew L 44.7 Mm, 12.7 Mm Vacuum Compatible Optical Post M4 Setscrew M6 Tap L 30, 25 Mm X 36 Mm Longpass Dichroic Mirror 567 Nm Cut On, 25 Mm X 36 Mm 50 50 Uvfs Plate Beamsplitter Coating 350 1100 Nm T 1 Mm, Sm1 Lens Tube 0.30 Inch Thread Depth Sm1rr Retaining Ring 5 Pack, Single Crystal Diamond Nitrogen Vacancy Center Density 4.5 Ppm

Due Date
12 Jun, 2024
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