Aluminum Ladle Tenders

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Ref. No #31992782 State Government Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Bain Marie, Gas Bhatti Big Size 18 Inch, Gas Bhatti Medium Size 13 Inch, Chapati Bhatti Big Size, Steel Drum Capacity 25 Kg, Steel Drum Capacity 10 Kg, Tub Steel Big Size 50 Number, Tub Medium Size 44 Number, Top Big Size Heavy 50 Number, Top Big Size Heavy 36 Number, Iron Kadahi Big Size 29, Iron Kadahi Medium Size 20, Parat Spl Quality Big Size 34 Number, Parat Spl Quality Big Size 30 Number, Tea Container 15 Ltr. Pnb, Tea Container 05 Ltr. Pnb, Pressure Cooker Hawkins 22 Ltr, Pressure Cooker Hawkins 10 Ltr, Hot Case Stainless 5000Ml, Hot Case Stainless 2500 Ml, Haman Dasta Set Big Size, Lighter Jumbo Size, Rice Spoon Steel, Steel Knife, Stainless Steel Loddle For Serving, Stainless Steel Bucket Heavy, Koncha Big Size, Chimta Big Size, Chhauuat Jharan Big Size, Tea Chhani, Iron Jharna Big Size, Steel Jug Heavy, Chakla Wooden, Bellan Wooden, Chopping Board Big Size, Saucepan For Tea Big Size, Atta Chalni Big Size, Gas Bhatti 20 Size, Kamper Milton 10 Ltr, Kamper Milton 15 Ltr, Kamper Milton 20 Ltr, Degchi Brass 16 Inch With Lid, Degchi Brass 24 Inch, Bucket Gi 2 Gallon Capacity, Tub Aluminium With Lid 32 Inch, Knives For Kitchen, Tawa Iron, Chakla Belan Set Marble Table, Chimta Iron, Karchhi Large, Parat Aluminium Steel 40 Number, Jharna Iron, Masaladani, Karchi Iron Small, Atta Chalni, Hot Case And Steel Container 10 Ltr Capacity., Tea Container 10 Ltr., Serving Spoon 18 Inch, Dustbin Big Size, Plastic Drum 100 Ltr Capacity, Vegetable Rack 4 Slab, Thermal Insulation Tiffin Carrier, Dinner Set, Cutlery Set, Tea Cup Set, Steel Glass, Basin Washing Portable

Himachal Pradesh
Due Date
10 Jul, 2024
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