Aluminum Partition Wall Tenders

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Ref. No #25610737 State Government Live   GeM Tender

Replacement Of Handle, Replacement Of Locks Tala, Replacement Of Hard Board Top, Replacement Of New Drawer Of Single Compartment, Replacement Of Sun Mica Top, Replacement Of Complete Drawer Box With Three Compartment, Adjustment Of Drawers, Minor Repair Of Table, Providing Of Keys, Opening Of Drawers, Telescopic Channel Fix In Keyboard Shelf Tray, New Keyboard Shelf With Telescopic Channel, Ney Keyboard Shelf Pvc With Channel, Stool In Standard Size, Cupboard, Book Shelf, Multi Lock Master Lock, Making Table Hole, Providing And Fixing Of 6Mm Commercial Ply, Fixing Of Lock To Modular Workstation Drawer, Replacement Of New Woeden Seat Canned With Polish And Fitting, Replacement Of New Wooden Back With Polish And Fitting, Replacement Of New Arms, Replacement Of Rubber Shoes, Replacement Of Caps, Minor Repair Of Chair, Painting Of Steel Chair, Canning, Replacement Of Steel Base, Replacement Of New Shelves, Repair Of Locking System, Minor Repairs, Adjustment Of Shelves, Opening Of Almirah, Repair Of Locks, New Godrej Lock, Hazel Lock, Providing And Fixing Of 19Mm Commercial Board, Repair Of Revolving Chair, Replacement Of Wheels, Repalcement Of Hydraulic Shocker, Overhauling And Greasing, Revolving Chair Welding Per Point, Replacement Of Spring, New Handle Pvc, New Base Pvc, New Base Metal Chrome Plate, New Spring, Repair Of Dor Closure, Oiling And Greasing, Replacement Of Big Rod, Replacement Of Small Rod, Fixing Of New Door Closure, Door Closure Fitting Charges, Kabja, Hazel Lock, Brass Glass Door Handle, Door Stopper, Replacement Of Toughened Door Floor Spring Machine, Providing And Fixing Godrej Night Latch Lock, Providing Of 65 Mm Pad Lock Harison Or Equivalent, Sofa Set, Visitor Chair, Executive Revolving Chair, Computer Chair, Conference Hall Chair, Wooden Table Big, Table Medium, Table Small, Wooden Cushion Chair, Sofa Set Per Seat, Side Rack, Centre Table Or Corner Table, Wooden Almirah, Wooden Door Each Side, Wooden Or Paneling Or Ceiling Or Floor, Steel Almirah Big, Steel Allmirah Small, Steel Table Big, Making Wooden Almirah Of Isi Board, Making Of Iron , Making Of channel 16Gz , Providing And Fixing Of Fall Ceiling, Painting Of Doors, Painting Of , Providing And Fixing Of Marbo Granite Tiles, Providing And Fixing Of Vertrified Tiles, Making Of Channeling Of Fall Ceiling, Making Of Jal Or Girding Of Fall Ceiling, Paneling With Teak Isi Board, Making Of With Isi Teak Board, Vinyl Flooring Standard Quality, Wooden Flooring, Floor Breading, Wooden Breading, Name Plate Fixing, Photo Frame Or Board Fixing On Wooden Panel Or , Photo Frame Or Board Fixing On Cementing , Cleaning Of Window Glass, Steel Towel Stand, Providing And Fixing New Curtain Or Blind Withh Rod And Other Charges, Fixng Of Old Curtain Or Blind, Providing And Fixing New Roller Blind With Rod And Other Charges, Providing And Fixing New Zebra Blind With Rod And Other Charges, Good Quality Coat Stand, White Chair Cover With Material Charges, New Table Glass 8Mm, Providing And Fixing Of 5Mm Glass In Aluminium Window, Providing And Fixing Sun Control Film In Windows, Set Top Box Stand Or Telephone Stand

Due Date
05 Oct, 2022
5.40 Lacs