Ammeter Shunt Tenders

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Ref. No #31714430 State Government Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Mmv Equipments - Allen Key Set Of Twelve Pieces, Calliper Inside With Spring, Callipers Outside With Spring, Center Punch, Dividers With Spring, Electrician Screw Driver, Hammer Ball Peen With Handle, Hands File For Second Cut Flat, Philips Screw Driver Set Of 5 Pieces, Pliers Combination, Screw Driver Blade, Scriber, Spanner De Set Of 12 Pieces, Spanner Ring Set Of 12, Spanners Socket With Speed Handle Tbar Ratchet And Universal Set Of 28 Pieces With Box, Steel Rule, Steel Tool Box With Lock And Key Folding Type, Wire Cutter And Stripper, Adjustable Spanner Pipe Wrench, Ac Alternator Slip Ring Puller, Air Blow Gun With Standard Accessories, Dc With External , Air Ratchet, Air Impact Wrench, Anvil With Stand, Auto Electrical Test Bench, Battery Charger, Blow Lamp, Belt Tensioner Gauge, Car Jet Washer With Standard Accessories, Chain Pulley Block Capacity With Tripod Stand, Chisel Flat, Circlip Pliers Expanding And Contracting, Cleaning Tray, Compression Testing Gauge, Copper Bit Soldering Iron, Cylinder Bore Gauge Capacity, Depth Micrometer, Dial Gauge Type 1 Gr A Complete With Clamping Devices And With Magnetic Stand, Different Type Of Engine Bearing Model, Different Type Of Piston Model, Drift Punch Copper, Drill Twist Various Sizes, Electric Soldering Iron, Electric Testing Screw Driver, Engineers Square, Engineers Stethoscope, Feeler Gauge 20 Blades Metric, File Flat Bastard, File Half Round Second Cut, File Square Second Cut, File Square Round, File Triangular Second Cut, Files Assorted Sizes And Types Including Safe Edge File Twenty Nos, Flat File Second Cut, Flat File Bastard, Fuel Feed Pump For Diesel, Fuel Injection Pump Diesel Inline, Fuel Injection Pump Ve Pump Distributor Fuel Rotary Pump Dpc Pumps Along With Special Tools And Accessories, Grease Gun, Growler, Hacksaw Frame, Hammer Ball Peen, Hammer Chipping, Hammer Copper With Handle, Hammer Mallet, Hammer Plastic, Hand Operated Crimping Toolwire, Hand Vice, Hollow Punch Set Of Seven Pieces, Injector Multi Hole Type Pintle Type, Insulated Screw Driver, Magneto Spanner Set With 8 Spanners, Magnifying Glass, Multimeter Digital, Oil Can, Automotive Oil Pump For Dismantling And Assembling, Outside Micrometer, Philips Screw Driver Set Of 5 Pieces Pozidrivandtorx Drive, Piston Ring Compressor, Piston Ring Groove Cleaner, Pliers Flat Nose, Pliers Round Nose, Pliers Side Cutting, Portable Electric Drill Machine, Prick Punch, Punch Letter 4Mm Number, Radiator Pressure Cap, Scraper Triangular, Scriber With Scribing Black Universal, Set Of Stock And Dies Metric, Sheet Metal Gauge, Spanner T Flocks For Screwing Up And Upscrewing Inaccessible, Spanner Adjustable, Spark Plug Spanner 14Mm X18mm X Size, Starter Motor Axial Type Pre Engagement Type And Coaxial Type, Steel Measuring Tape In A Case, Steel Rule 15 Cm Inch And Metric, Straight Edge Gauge 2 Ft, Stud Extractor Set Of 3, Stud Remover With Socket Handle, Surface Gauge With Dial Test Indicator Plunger Type, Tachometer Counting Type, Thermostat, Thread Pitch Gauge Metric, Turbocharger Cut Sectional View, Tyre Pressure Gauge With Holding Nipple, Universal Puller For Removing Pulleys Bearings, V Block 75 Multiplied By 38 Mm Size Pair With Clamps, Vacuum Gauge, Valve Lifter, Valve Spring Compressor Universal, Vernier Calliper, Vice Grip Pliers, Automotive Water Pump For Dismantling And Assembling, Wire Gauge Metric, Work Bench, Alternator Assembly Used For Lmv, Carburetor Solex Mikuny For Dismantling And Assembling, Chain Pulley Block 3 Ton Capacity With Tripod Stand, Cut Section Model Of Mock Layout Of A Motor Car Electrical System Working Model, Cut Section Models Of Shock Absorbers, Cut Section Of Cross Ply And Radial Tyres, Cut Section Working Model Of Automatic Transmission Gear Box, Cut Section Working Model Of Centrifugal Clutch Assembly, Cut Section Working Model Of Diaphragm Clutch Assembly, Cut Section Working Model Of Single Plate Clutch Assembly, Demonstration Board Of Electronic Ignition System Ignition Coil, Disk Brake In Working Condition With Caliper Assembly With All Parts, Drum Brake Assembly In Working Condition, Front Axle Rzeeppa Joint With Stand For Dismantling And Assembly, Full Floating Axle And Semi Floating Axle Assembly, Functionalexperiment Model Of Different Type Of Sensors, Synchronous Gear Box With Stand For Dismantling And Assembly, Tandem Master Cylinder With Booster, Tubed Tyre Of Car Trucks And Motorcycle, Tubeless Tyre Of Cars And Trucks, Tyreand Split Rim Wheel Assembly, Working Model Of Power Windows, Diesel Engine Running Condition Stationary Type Single Cylinder, Multi Scan Tool To Scan Engine Abs And Ebd At Srs Body Control And Immobilizer, Spring Tension Tester, Trolley Type Portable Air Compressor, Working Condition Of Diesel Engine Crdi Four Stroke Engine Assembly With Fault Simulation Board, Cut Section Of 4 Or 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine In Moving Condition To Show Movement Of Internal Parts, Air Bag Simulator, Air Conditioning Service Unit Car, Mpfi Petrol Engine With Swiveling Stand Along With Special Tools For Dismantling And Assembling, Petrol Engine Two Stroke Motor Cyclescooter Along With Special Tools And Accessories Optional If Not Available In Market Video Demonstration May Be Used To Explain Working, Transfer Case With Stand For Dismantling And Assembly, Tube Tyre Vulcanizing Machine, Ultrasonic Injection Cleaning Equipment, Wheel Alignment Machine Computerized Three Dimensional Optional, Working Computerized Three Dimensional Optional, Working Condition Of Petrol Mpfi Engine Assembly With Fault Simulation Board

Due Date
27 May, 2024
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