Ammonia Liquid Tenders

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Ref. No #32203259 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Pt Reagents, Hiv Rapid Test Kit 4Th Generation, Hcv Rapid Test Kit, Hbsag Rapid Test Kit, Syphilis Rapid Kit, Typhi Dotimmunochromatographic Assay, Ra Factor Mannual Latec Test Kit, Plastic Cuvette For Stago Coagulameter Pack Of 1000, Leishman Stain For Haematological Staining With Buffer Powder, Esr Tube Western Green Pack Of 100, Glass Slide 75 X 25 Mm Thickness 1.45 Mm Pack Of 50, Dengue Ns1 Igg Igm Combo Rapid Kit, Hrp2 Rapid Kit For P Falciparum And Vivex, Disposable Tissue Processor Caseates, Ethanol Ethyl Alcohol Contain 99.9 Percent Ethanol For Histopathological Tissue, Paper Filter 51 X 51 Cm, Solution For Histopathological Staining Process, Paraffin Wax, Glass Cover Slip Size 22 X 50 Mm Thickness No 0.13-0.16Mm, Glass Cover Slip Size 22 X 40 Mm Thickness No 0.13-0.16 Mm, Xylene Xtra Pure Bott Of 500 Ml, Uristics Protein Plus Glucose Bott Of 100, Uristicks Glucose Plus Ketone Bott Of 100, Haemospot Kit For Occult Blood Rapid Test, Zn Stain Combo Pack Containing Ready To Use Reagents, Petri Dish Glass Borosil 90 Mm Diameter, Streilsed Flexible Loop 0.4Mm Diameter, 1000 Ul Medical Grade Virgin Polypropylene Universal Pipette Tips Sterile Racked, Micropipettes Tips For 1-200 Ul Unsterile, 200 Ul Medical Grade Virgin Polypropylene Universal Pipette Tips Sterile Racked, Pulv Glucose For Oral Use Pack Of 75 Gm, Aso Rapid Kit, Aptt Reagents, Ceder Wood Oil, Geimsa Stain, Retic Stain, Seamen Diluting Fluid, Wbc Diluting Fluid, Multistic 10 Sg

Andhra Pradesh
Due Date
25 Jul, 2024
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